Grimm Review: Intersecting Adversaries

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"Season of the Hexenbiest" finally brought Nick’s line of focus to the man just below his Grimm world: Renard.

Of course, this is still Grimm we’re talking about, and Nick is still in the dark when it comes Renard’s royal blood. But Nick won’t let up until he knows exactly what kind of man Renard is because Renard is the person Nick can place blame on for his continually caving personal life.

Adalind Returns

Renard isn’t without leverage of his own, however, as he found Nick’s trailer, and while the key itself isn’t there – since Nick has the good sense to hide what people are searching for – there’s still a lot there that is essential to Nick being a Grimm. If the trailer were to vanish, Nick’s effectiveness could be severely hampered.

Even with all the potential fun Renard and Nick provide, Adalind’s return might have been the best part of tonight’s episode. Until now, we’ve only been introduced to vague antagonists while Nick easily demolishes whoever is dispatched to kill him, but Adalind is true a menace to everyone. Plus, Adalind also comes to town with a giant dose of fun.

Adalind is out for blood, and she’s not afraid to go through everyone to get there. Grimm has done a superb job through over the course of the series of putting Adalind in everyone’s social circle, and she pulls just about every one of those strings tonight. She easily plays Nick and Renard against each other all while badgering Juliette about the trailer. She even takes down Nick’s best ally: Hank.

For all the damage Adalind does accomplish, she still didn’t get to Nick’s trump card: Monroe. If Monroe hasn’t earned his honorary Grimm badge yet, he certainly did tonight. Monroe stuck his neck out numerous times, from serving as bait to Adalind’s entourage... being awkwardly evasive and vague as Juliette came to him for information... and having no problems with letting Nick bunk with him. Monroe’s relatively secret partnership with Nick may finally be coming out in the open, though, as Juliette let slip to Renard that he is a friend of Nick’s.

Speaking of Juliette, I’ve gone back to having mild disdain for her. I’m just not enjoying the direction her character is going anymore, mostly because Juliette and her story are getting incredibly old. While this installment offered some clues that she might be slowly regaining her memory, we’re now in episode 12 of 22, and she’s finally now admitting there are some feelings there for Renard. It’s dull, and the sooner things heat up for this storyline the better off her character will be.

At least Nick finally decided he deserved better than the couch and moved out. I just wish he had kicked Juliette to the curb instead of himself.

And just like that, Grimm is done for the year! With only 10 episodes left, what are you hoping to see in Grimm in 2013? Let us know in the comments and head over to our Grimm quotes to read some of tonight’s best lines!


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speaking of kicking Juliette to the curb does anyone know who's house it is, i think nick moved in with Juliette but im not sure.


Finally, upon watching Adalind like her lips and fully SAVOR the havoc she is wreaking among her enemies, I just had to sigh, unhappily, at the contrast with Juliette. What a thankless role! The character is a DOWNER! She has not been permitted to be happy, funny, intelligent, lustful, or the slightest bit understanding of Nick and his profession. I swear...the best that can be said based on what I've seen is that she has a lovely home and sounds lovely when speaking Spanish. She's obsessed with a gorgeous guy who is equally obsessed with her. God forbid she actually be shown as ENJOYING it! Frankly, if I didn't have an emotional connection to a guy staying at my house and Renard had kissed me on the front doorstep, I'd have hauled him over that threshold and not let him out for the rest of the night! Maybe the show in general needs to have a better sense of humor. Adalind is laughing all the way to the bank, and she lights up the screen whenever she is on.


What an awesome episode!! i've wanted Juliette gone since the first season, but now i'm demanding it b/c i can deal with a girlfriend who doesn't know, but not an obnoxious moron without common sense.. as for Renard, I've always liked him since the beginning...I know what the series is leading you to believe, but i just do NOT believe he's a bad guy, even though all the proof is right there... maybe he was bad in the beginning, but it just seems to me when he talking with Nick, he just seems to genuinely care...maybe not at first, but i really think it'll come out he's on team Grimm, if not all along, then he is now...don't know why but i'm just so sure of it..


@Simone - This series is helmed by a guy who produced BUFFY, ANGEL and PROFIT. *Nothing* is as simple as "good" or "bad", black or white. Renard's action of ordering Marie killed may have been "bad" in your eyes. But, what if Renard is trying to prevent his family, the Royals, from collecting all 7 keys in order to rule the world? Just a what if...sometimes the devil you know is preferable to the devil you don't. I don't know if you watched any of those shows. But, all it takes is one really Big Bad for the local baddie (Renard) to become a trusted ally. I'm reminded of how Spike started on BUFFY. Also, Faith, Buffy's nemesis- turned-Angel-ally-turned-fellow-Buffy-compatriot-again over the run of both shows.


I LOVED this episode! What happened to Claire Coffey? She's much better as a human beyotch than she ever was as a Hexenbiest. She seemed rather timid around her mom & Renard in the first season. But, now...I guess being "all in" with the Royals boosted her self-confidence. It sets up a very interesting premise for Nick, too. While his mission as a Grimm is to keep Wesen under control, he does not hesitate in killing them. But, a human is different, and it's fascinating watching him walk that tightrope. He would be guilty of premeditated murder if he just slit Adalind's throat, and I don't believe Monroe or Hank would support him if she wasn't threatening someone he cared for. Adalind reminds me of Tweety Bird in her jail cell. She taunts everyone, secure in the fact that they can't touch her while under police custody. Renard, Nick & Co. are the cats that want to pounce the minute she is released.


Great review! I loved how the episode started with Hank getting put out of commission, leaving Nick to rely on Monroe, and man, was Monroe ever awesome. While I don't get how people halfway across the world know that Monroe is Nick's wesen ally (and try to kill him), but people in Portland don't, it's fun to watch. Adalind is a FANTASTIC villain, even better than she was in the first season. Juliette. I hate when people (especially women) are portrayed as clueless, hapless, confused, making dumb choices when there's evidence to the contrary - and Juliette is all of the above. A few episodes, fine - but half the season? Come on. She goes into a coma after Adalind's cat scratched her, EVERYONE has alluded to that having something to do with it, and she pours her life out to this person over coffee? Renard. I can't wait to see how this is gonna work. For one, he did try to get Marie killed and has been messing with Juliette, but he has sheltered Nick (for whatever agenda). This is not a simple for-or-against outcome. And if they have a common adversary, it may be even more complicated.


@Simone - It may well turn out as you suggest, that Nick will eventually have to kill Renard and the other Royals. Unfortunately, many of Renard's actions thus far are being colored by our frankly limited view of his relationships with other characters, such as Adalind and his family. Personally, I think there's a lot more to be discovered about Renard. For instance, he's a bastard of the Royal family, and he's half hexenbiest, but he's also, of all professions, a police officer. And not just any police officer, he's a prominent police captain, who is to all human appearances a respected leader and good cop. We know for a fact that being a cop has affected Nick's actions as a Grimm. How might it have affected Renard? To put it concisely, we just don't know that much.


Juliette just needs to go. I have never really liked her and her character is increasingly becoming worse. She was a bit of a jerk to Nick on this episode and he has done nothing but try to help her and deal with her issues.


ugh.... the 'continuous' plot of this series moves on at such a slow pace. I guess thats part of why I keep watching - I keep waiting on the part of this season where they resolve the 'spell' or whatever on Renard and Juliette. Now I kind of have stopped caring about it, although I am a little aggravated that I have to wait until sometime next year now for another episode. must be a well written show if it drives me this nuts and I come back for more.


@Dreamrose Somehow I don't think that spin you are trying on Renard's behalf is going to work on Nick any more than it works on me. The only reason that Renard was not successful in killing Marie is because Monroe agreed to protect her at the hospital. All Renard's actions show that he wants power and is trying to control Nick to get that power. By the end of the series, Nick and his allies will be taking out Renard and his family.

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Juliette: I'm really getting sick of being left in the dark all the time.
Monroe: The dark does have its bright side.

I think the time for being careful is over Nick.