Hart of Dixie Review: Simply Adorable

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I am officially retitling this episode to "Adorable." Tonight featured all of the mushy and adorable scenes that make you go "aww" and "oh my goodness how sweet." By the end, I had a stupid smile on my face because it was so darn cute.

In "Achy Breaky Hearts," we had lovers breaking up, reconciling and then breaking up again. From Brick and Emily ending their love affair to Wade realizing he has real feelings for Zoe, this episode pulled on the heartstrings. Hard.

Zoe & Lemon Strategize

For the most part, the episode centered around Lavon and Ruby. Their relationship was the center of the motivation for Lemon's actions and for most of Zoe's actions. Lemon was dead set on breaking them up in for her own benefit and recruited Zoe to help. Some of me hated that Lemon was going back to her "old" devious ways and the other part of me loved that she is fighting for what she wants. Then, there was Zoe who is so clueless.

Girl, come on. 

I think it's also VERY selfish of Lavon to ask Ruby to stay in the small town of Bluebell for him. If you truly love someone, you have to let him/her go, especially if that's the best thing for them. Ruby is meant for bigger and better things than Bluebell and as much as I love her character on the show, she simply should be elsewhere. Lavon said, "jobs come and go." Well, maybe in your small town - but this is a down economy where gigs are hard to find.

I died in the scene when Lemon brought a cake for Lavon and he was confessing all of those things to her. It was by far my favorite moment of theirs this whole entire series. Jaime King did such a brilliant job; you could just see the pain and longing Lemon felt for Lavon. When she finally made the decision to help him get Ruby back, it was in that moment when saw just how much Lemon has changed and matured.

Remember when everyone hated Lemon and wanted her gone? Look at her now. I knew from day one she'd be the one character that would grow more than anyone else. (Can I just say how much I loved Zoe and Lemon partnering up? Now they just need to become best friends!)

Elsewhere, Brick and Emily are adorable and I am terribly sad that they broke up! Poor Brick. I truly feel sorry for him. He was finally happy and excited to be in a relationship and then they end it. I didn't see that coming, honestly. *Sniff*

Then there was Magnolia, who I will admit I love more and more as each episode progresses, putting aside her stubbornness for her father's happiness. Her and Brick are both growing and learning how to live without Lemon in the household and I want more of this in each episode.

That little boy who was making friends with Wade has to be the most adorable little I've ever seen. His personality, his accent and his cute little chubby body had me smiling and constantly laughing. Can we bring him back? I would love nothing more than to see more of his cute talents on Dixie

Normally, I think the Wade and Zoe dynamic is one of the most boring parts of the series, but tonight was not the case. Wade FINALLY realized that he has more than just "friends with benefits" feelings towards Zoe. When he told Zoe that George didn't care they were sleeping together, my heart broke for him. Zoe, once again, is clueless. Get it together, woman!

Wade is better than George and he is the one that should end up with Zoe. Why? They are opposites and it'll be so interesting for them and their dynamic will spark. Zoe and George are boring. Sorry, but Wade and Zoe are my endgame. I am starting to believe that Wade feels the same way. 

Now Wade just needs to grow a pair and fight for his woman! 


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Now yes she definitely needs to be brought to reality because life simply doesn't work the way she has been carrying on. Things were fine as long as Wade remained in that bubble with her, but now things have gotten very real for him and he is getting hurt. And the more she remains clueless as to what is going on around her the worse it gets. I still don't think she set out to intentionally hurt or use anyone. I think she is in deep denial about how Wade feels for her. She wants to believe that he is the good time guy who just wants sex because that makes it all ok. He probably even wanted to be that guy. The problem is that he has real feelings for her that prevent him from being that. The more he is with her the deeper he seems to be falling which is the exact opposite of the "sexual frustration" thing he proposed in the finale. My main issue with her seems to be that she is in denial that her relationship with Wade has evolved and changed and most of it due to her actions. And as it has evolved Wade gets mixed signals.


For me I don't think Zoe is really torn. I think she has both George and Wade in separate areas of her life/mind. When she is with Wade I don't think she gives George a thought. And then we have those random moments when she is reminded of those aligning stars or whatever it is when she is encountered with George. And then she seems to forget about Wade and focuses on George. At least 90% of the time she seems to be kept within the ZW bubble. Even a lot of her interactions with George remain friendly and you don't get that sense of longing. The first time they interacted after the Halloween episode was at the Rammer Jammer in 207 and there was nothing there but friendship. The same in 203.


Iam very disappointed in Zoey mainly because she NEVER to faces any consequences for her actions. I can understand her lingering feelings for George and for plot purposes she can't express her feelings for Wade. At this point of the game the girl should be TORN between W/G after all she has been sleeping Wade for over 3 month.


@MM It was definitely intentional on the writers' part and there for the viewers to make that connection. I'm not mad at Zoe for that moment because she can't help her reaction. Wade just was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was a necessary evil though. That was the first really honest reaction that Zoe has seen from him in regards to his feelings for her. Usually he masks everything with sarcasm, jokes, and barbs. This time he was unable to hide how he was feeling. And she finally got to see behind all of that and hopefully she gets that she has the power to really hurt him.


@tap76 Yes, that exactly it! I don't think she's aware of it, but it was just so close to her own situation that I'm sure it was done on purpose by the writers.
I think the reason I was so sad at the end of this episode wasn't just because of how Zoe unintentionally hurt Wade - I do belive it was unintentional, but I'm still ticked off - but because it re-inforced how he's felt his whole life


I think the whole conversation that Zoe was having with Lavon was foreshadowing and symbolic of her relationship with Wade. Even at the very beginning of the episode she called herself Ruby. So they set that all up. I'm still not sure that Zoe is aware on any level that what her relationship with Wade so closely resembled what Lavon was going through. If it did we should have seen something like that on her face. There was a lot of symbolism going on in this episode. The Rev. going to Wade, but then when George showed up he passed Wade over for George. The phone call from Zoe to Wade and then asking for George. All of that reinforces Wade feeling like a placeholder.


Random thought... Anyone else think Zoe's vehement "NO" after Lavon said Ruby was just using him until something better came along was some sort of subconcious parallel to her situation with Wade? Just me then? Ok.


For me by them not showing how this impacted George and instead showing us that he can be the better man and a great friend just plays into the whole "Golden boy" perfect George from last season who has no flaws and isn't relatable. I guess again blame the writing, but I think they missed a prime opportunity in showing us the human side of George again. I do appreciate that George is a great friend to Wade. But without the angst of knowing how he came to terms with things, it then makes me doubt the depth of his feelings for Zoe. There is also the fact that the man just won't be alone for any length of time. He's gone from Lemon to Zoe to dating. Now he feels a connection with Tansy so he is going to chase that. Dude needs to slow down and find a hobby and actually deal with the emotions of ending things with Lemon and then I guess Zoe as well.


Just another thought on George and his somewhat acceptance of Zoe and Wade's relationship and the lack of them showing us how he came to this. As already mentioned we saw how George dealt with the fallout last season of Lemon/Lavon. George was devastated and even in the NO he came back and punched Lavon. There will never be any doubt in my mind that George was hurting and George really loved Lemon despite their problems. Even this season we also got how that all affected George and Brick and we had that emotional scene between them as the came to terms with how their relationship has changed and what they are missing. I don't know why we aren't being shown this as far as George knowing and coming to terms with WZ.


Mo..In love, kinda of, or whatever...his actions make no sense. He's rejected by the woman he claims to be madly in love with (his soulmate) but you wouldn't know it by his actions (his dating). George fell madly in love with Zoey after she jumped into his truck...now he has a connection with Tanzy after being in her trailer. This actions make me wonder if he ever had an REAL feeling for Zoey. The writers are leaving out too many important details. How do you go from being madly in love with someone and within one episode you are okay with her dating/sleeping with someone else. When Wade thought Zoey was sleeping with Judson (last season) he was upset. Where is George emotions? His guy should be upset.

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Conor: Why you avoiding George Tucker?
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Wade: Uh... Um... A cookie.

Magnolia: Did you just text me?
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