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Nice review!

I cannot wait for next week's episode. Personally after hearing than the colorado kid is Audrey's son (well Sarah's) it makes sense! I mean Audrey pushed away Nathan when she realised she's probably gonna disappear, so it's logical that she wanted her son to be away from her and in a good family so he can grow up happy. Plus, in the 9th episode called "Sarah" the synopsis tells us than Nathan and Duke travel back in 1955... What if Nathan is the Colorado Kid father? My mind would explod.


Nathan dead will be quite fine by me but I know it is not gonna happen.Lucas Bryant has lovely eyes but that's about it. Ben Mckenzie did the brooder better on the OC! I don't know what Nathan is closed up about and quite frankly I don't care. More interested in the triubles, Duke, Audrey even Jordan than I am in Nathan. I've already detached myself from this TV triangle because it is predictably going to go the way all syfy triangles go. With the least appealing pair but the lead male. I don't think the writers have the guts to buck the trend.


Bravo Haven!! I was lamenting recently that very few shows surprise me anymore as I have been watching far too many for far too long and that causes the mind to start seeing patterns & thinking like the writers. I now eat humble pie as I did not see this particular Tommy angle coming, though I agree with the reviewer and GeneralRapunzel...there's a red herring or two in there somewhere! Just seeing Nathan shot & dying/dead was heartbreaking even when we know he won't stay that way :) Let's hope Audrey wakes the hell up & spends her "last days" with the love of her many lives...seriously woman, grab Nathan & don't let go!


duke and audrey should never happen hope....


I agree - Haven is knocking my socks off too. Good thing that it's nearing winter and I don't them for my Uggs, eh?

I also think it may be a bit too early for the reveal of the bolt gun killer. There are six episodes left after all. However, maybe the bolt gun killer saw the grave Tommy was digging and has blackmailed him into being his accomplice. Because that was definitely a white guy who killed the girl for her scalp at the ATM (I rewatched the scene from the previous episode just to be sure). But this is Haven, so your idea that either Tommy's or the real killer's trouble caused them to switch bodies could very well be true. Maybe Tommy switched bodies with that guy Grady for just the ATM murder and then killed him just in case. I don't know.

I don't think Tommy expected Audrey and Duke to arrive at the cabin and was going to shoot the girl and frame her for the murder of Nathan. Obviously I don't think Nathan will die. He better not. I want a happy ending for Naudrey!!! ;-)

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