Haven Review: Death Becomes Her

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"Magic Hour (Part Two)" didn't quite have the same finesse that part one enjoyed, but we needed to find out what happened last week, didn't we?

Audrey seemed to grow up a little since her trip to Colorado and I don't think she'll be taking things for granted any more. What else went down?

Audrey Fights for Nathan

We figured out why Moira was so angry at her sister. Because at age 34, Noelle looked like a teenager and Moira looked like her mother. I was shocked to find out the reason Moira hated her sister was because the last time the Troubles came around Noelle was eight and didn't save their dad. I never would have guessed her to be 34.

Okay, I'm being silly, but Moira's attitude was so utterly annoying that I almost clapped when Audrey finally pulled her gun and threatened to kill her so her Trouble might kick in. It was absolutely brilliant! Too bad it didn't work.

Can you imagine living all those years, treating your sister with disrespect and using her Trouble for your own gain only to find out that she had saved your life? Noelle loved her sister so much she would rather have her hatred than lose her, and rather let her think she let her dad die than have Moira be in her debt for saving him. Talk about love.

It was like a kaleidoscopic of lifesaving going on in that house. Moira got her power, she saved both her sister and Nathan as Audrey made a tearful confession Nathan. As beautiful as it was to hear from her lips, it was painful to see the reactions from Duke and Jordan as they witnessed Audrey pour her heart out to the man she had always loved.

I love how well Haven remembers when Jordan needs her gloves and when she doesn't. When she touched Duke earlier in the episode, he was writhing in pain, but when she touched Audrey it was okay because of her immunity to the Troubles. Little things like that make the continuity work so well.

I was on to something last week when I said Tommy wasn't himself. He was Troubled. When he got into a fight with Duke, he got cut and his blood disappeared into Duke. I knew that whole story about staying in town was bogus. The Teagues figured out the bolt-gun killer would be going after Audrey to get more information on The Colorado Kid, but since he was killed in the end, there were few answers gained from Tommy's presence in Haven.

Tommy showed up, ruffled feathers, needlessly killed women to build a missing person from body parts and then killed Nathan, but little else. Nobody found that half built head that I recall. Someone is in for a shock when they find that.

The Teagues did finally relent and decide it was time to stop keeping secrets from Audrey, so we'll see how that plays into things going forward, as well. They have a lifetime of information share, and two incarnations of Audrey to spill in three weeks. 

Oh, I forgot the all important love and devotion speech from Audrey to Nathan. If Tommy hadn't killed him, she wouldn't have been able to say those words out loud. I wonder when she'll be able to say them to Nathan when he's still breathing. Audrey's a pretty amazing woman. Giving up her time to speak with him so that he could talk with Jordan was selfless. I hope putting off that talk doesn't come back to haunt her.

Speaking of haunting, what was that house Vince saw on the hill out in the water beyond the Grey Gull? Is that where the father of The Colorado Kid lives or lived? Could it be a mere coincidence that he saw it at the same time he told Audrey that she never named the father? Or is that where Tommy ended up since they didn't find the body. Is the Frankenhead in there? So many questions!

In the comments, we've been talking about the possibility of a time warp making Nathan the father of Sarah's child. Maybe the house on the hill was bleeding through from another time. Audrey has decided to use the time before The Hunter arrives to search for her son. It will be interesting to see how many people get in on the hunt and what resources she can tap into for information as to where he might be. I'll point again at those Teagues brothers. 

What did you think of the conclusion of The Magic Hour?  Haven  has been renewed for a fourth season, so we can rest easy knowing that whatever mind blowing finale they have coming, we will have more to explore next year. Will it be a new incarnation of the Sarah/Lucy/Audrey line? The possibilities are endless!


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I'm Audrey/Duke too!!
Like I said in a previous post, there's a lot I like about Nathan and his dynamic with Audrey and I'm mostly certain they'll end up together, and really, that's not so bad, but there's an easiness between duke and Audrey that just screams chemistry!
I'm also mostly certain that tommy is still alive, there's just too much information we need from him.
There seems to be a lot of speculation that Nathan is the father of the Colorado kid and that's something I'm against( for the record, I wouldn't want duke be the father either). If I were betting, I'd still go with one of the teagues or someone we haven't met yet.


Pamela you are not the only one. I find the Nathan and Audrey pairing, predictable and we've seen it all before. Even the way it is being written with the supposed obstacles is old hat. i don't know when writers will dare to be different and bold and go for the not so obvious pairing. Besides, I find the chemistry between Balfour and Rose much more electric than Bryant and Rose. Lucas Bryant comes to life with Kate kelton. Nathan should stay with Jordan. Anyway, at this point I don't care anymore. It's the same trick, different show.


great episode! but, am i the only one who thinks that audrey and duke are the better couple?! nathan always has a stick up his you know what, i just have never liked his character. just my opinion on the matter. wonderful news about the renewal :)


The whole sister storyline bothered me because I think it hit too close to home for me as I think mine has forgiven me for a misperceived wrong....anyway...I think what Vince saw was the barn that Audrey saw in her dreams and that Tommy was looking for. I theorize he was trying to recreate a Audrey frankenmonster to access the barn or something (he was weirdly upset when whichever Teague referred to the Colorado Kid as a drifter) I don't think he is actually dead..1 because we didn't see the actual boat right before the blow up and 2. we don't know what Tommy's trouble actually was. How about Dwight's tattoo? It could just be he is Guard but he doesn't like Duke (and not in that little brother way that Nathan does). I am curious if maybe Tommy and Audrey technically have the same mission and James was supposed to stop the cycle of the troubles but died before he could which was an outlier of destiny. I wonder if fate has put both Nathan and Duke in Audrey's path to actually have James be born again.


It seems part 2's are never as good as part one's but this wasn't bad. actually wish Tommy had got more time with the Teagues they are annoying with their reluctance to divulge info, wouldn't be surprised if they are also troubled and are centuries old. Tommy cared about or cares about the colorado kid a lot so i think its arla cogan his wife because i don't think she was mentioned for no reasoson.
i hope there is more to the declaration of love than the viewers knowing audrey loves nathan and watching them avoid the issue till the end ( that's boring and has been done to death). i think audrey is related to either nathan or duke or both. max hansen nathan's father was surprisingly niice to audrey in the last episode of season 1 though everyone else hated him(that's interesting)


I have this theory that the "late" Chief Wournos is the Colorado kid. We know that he & Lucy worked together to help the troubled, in the same way Nathan & Audrey are working together. Chronologically, he could be Sarah's son, which would make him 55-60 years old at the time of his death in season 1. The similarities to Nathan can also be explained by virtue of the fact that the Chief was his father (albeit, his adopted father). Also, if you recall, when the Chief died, the rocks he turned into continued to move after Vince & Dave collected them. The only thing disputing this theory is that we saw the Chief's ghost in the season 2 finale. But, can the Chief come back to life when the rocks assemble?


Hooray! Haven renewed for Season 4! What we learned in this episode. Audrey/Nathan: I knew it all along that she loved him, had ALWAYS loved him and WILL ALWAYS love him, seeing Duke's face as he realized what he already knew was touching. Seeing Jordan touch Audrey's arm showed a connection that they both share for Nathan. I agree it took Nathan dyeing for Audrey to reveal her TRUE feelings for him, you could see the agony/desperation that she felt at the possibility of not bringing him back. Audrey/Duke: We got to see Duke come to understand their relationship and to see Audrey's pain at having pushed Nathan away. The Teague Brothers: I want to ring their necks! I am getting tired of them holding back information about Audrey! Very frustrating! Tommy: I don't believe he's dead, no body. Questions: what was Tommy's trouble? Will Andrea keep pushing Nathan away or will she FINALLY tell him she loves him? When will the Teague brothers spill what they know?nand what's up with the house on the hill that Vince saw? LOVE HAVEN!!!


Oh my god, I just saw spoiler pictures and NATHAN is definitely the Colorado Kid's father. On the picture, we see them together in 1955 on a romantic date...


Tommy wanted to see the barn ...which apparently only appears to Audrey. But back when the other Audrey was there in Haven, she saw something so traumatic it took her memories. She saw it but Duke didn't. I think she saw what Tommy is looking for.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

BRILLIANT episode. So many new questions, so many great scenes. I am beginning to think that Vince and Dave will turn out to be some sort of antagonistic figures - they seemed more amused than frightened by Tommy's torture and its the second time Vince mentioned killing(the first time was in S1 finale when he confronted Nathan's real father and he was scared shitless). Also the last Vince's line about "Everything being the way it's supposed to be" was hell of a creepy one.

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Jordan: It usually takes some sort of emotional trauma to do that. What are you going to do?
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