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Really good episode! All they have to do is give Kono a meaty role and she'll eat it up, she was just AWESOME! Nice to see Danno's role as the nagging wife dialed back a little as sometimes it's a bit much. If he were my partner, I'd have had Kono kick his ass a long time ago. Chin is consistantly good at what he does as is Steve. Well done team, well done...


Just Awesome :)

Grace Park was amazing. I'm really proud, she obtained an episode which show us how much she's badass and at the same time sensitive. That's why I love this character so much. Her fighting with the bad guy was awesome. She was determinate, strong and wild at the same time, I really loved this look almost animal. Perfect just Perfect ...
Kono has proved she wasn't a rookie, and that she belonged to this team.

I loved : the expression of Chin's face, his disquiet was so intense. Steve was tough, dedicated and determined as always he's the man for the job. Danny with his usual humour.The vulnerability of Doris&Mary was touching.The last scene was a heart-wrenching.

I felt like it I was watching a episode from season 1 and for that it deserves 5 stars

Sorry for my bad english :)


Wonderful episode. Fully action packed and emotional. Acted well by all the cast. I give it 5 stars.


Awesome episode!!!!


Best episode of the season by far. I'd given up on the show and friends urged me to watch this episode. Much more like the show I fell in love with. Steve was back to the Steve I know and love and not the horrible character we've seen lately. Steve is so much better away from Danny. Danny drags the show down and his character is usless. The writers are so desparately pushing the McDanno that its ruining the characters. Let Steve have a proper relationship with Cath and stop the childish nonsense we've had so far where Steve has to give equal attention to both. Kono was awesome. Always love Chin. Please keep up this quality and the show will get even more viewers to come back. 9 million viewers shows there is hope for the show after all.


this was a great episode, i have to agree that it does have a season 1 feel about it hopefully that means we will see some progress in the kono danny front. 9/10


sorry people, but i happen to LOVE "McDanno".....those 2 are my MAIN reason for watching the show.....i once again, missed the last few mintues of the wouldn't be the same without danny.....and i would like to see MORE of his daughter.....and LESS of catherine.



I agree, Jim, this was much darker material than we are used to seeing on H5-0, but it was very good! Added an edge to the show that we don't usually get. I'm all for more of this in the future! You never really said why you only gave this episode a 3.5 - I would give it a 4.5 at least! All Core Four were on their game, the Doris story was moved along, and of course, BAMF Kono is easy to root for! This season is really shaping up to be the best one yet! Onward and upward, H5-0!


I enjoyed this episode, though I thought the death of the hacker kid was a bit too bleak for the show, I still loved that his autistic little brother helped solve the case, and got a badge from Kono at the end (that was the best thing I've seen Kono do so far in this show). I loved the look on Steve's face when his mother and his sister reunited and were crying...that was such a loving look, and heaven knows Alex O is such a gorgeous man, any screen time they give to him is time well spent. And I agree with the person who commented at how well Daniel Dae Kim reacted in this episode. You really could almost hear him thinking that he couldn't bear to lose another woman in his life. He's a marvelous actor.


Mrs alex o'loughlin and Lena, sorry that you feel my rating was too low. Sometimes I under-judge an episode (I've over judged too).. So I appreciate the feedback.

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