Hawaii Five-0 Review: Borrowed Time

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"I Ka Wa Mamua:In A Time Past

It seems like it’s been forever since we've a solid Danny-centered episode. So I was thrilled when this hour open in 2001 in New Jersey, as I knew we were going to see pre-Hawaii Danny in his element. 

And we weren't disappointed. 

Right off the bat, part of that element was the always lovely Sydney Tamiia Poitier playing his partner Officer Tillwell. I had a pretty strong suspicion that she wasn't going to survive the encounter during the opening; then you add in the acting talents of Terrance Howard as the criminal they are up against and things grew grim very quickly.  

Danny's Toughest Case

From there, we returned to modern day. When Five-0 started looking into the bombs and terrorist cell, I couldn’t figure out why Danny was so emotional about it. Then again, it’s Danny; we’ve seen him go on rant about fishing. 

I’m sure I wasn’t alone in my anticipation of the conclusion of Danny’s story. Of course, none of us was surprised how things turned out after Danny’s ominous comment from our Hawaii Five-0 quotes section:

Danny: Borrowed Time [sigh]
Steve: What's that?
Danny: I have to remember that all of this, the last 10 years with my daughter is all borrowed time.

Sure enough, when Danny finished telling the story, his former partner had been shot and killed during events in the warehouse. But there were two things that did surprise me. 

  1. Poitier’s character first name was named Grace: There is no way it's an accident that Danny’s then unborn daughter is now named Grace. Honestly, I can’t imagine how often Danny thinks about his former partner when he looks at Grace or says her name. I can only hope he has a lot more happy memories to offset her death.

  2. Her death took place on September 11, 2001: For Danny, that dark day in our history has two events attached to it. It’s no wonder he was so emotional about the terrorist, he’s attached the anger and pain of his partner’s death to it. Well played, Mr. Lenkov, you did an awesome job of weaving in just enough of a visual element that we all could make the connection.

If figuring out those two things wasn't enough of a tug at the heart strings, watching Danny and Grace at the father/daughter dance was very cute. I was glad that Danno’s 100% guarantee turned out to be true. As he said, there are only a few of these moments. 

The only thing that distracted from the emotional roller-coaster that Danny took us on was when the last suspect, Anshiri took off and running from Steven and Danny. For being trapped on an island, suspects in Hawaii Five-0 seem to run from the police an awful lot. In fact, it’s often enough that I’m finally introducing the unofficial H50 drinking game I've previously said we need. 

H5O Foot Chase Drinking Game Rules: 

Start the episode with a drink of your choice.

  • For each vehicle (car, motorcycle, etc.) that a Five-O member leaps over - take a drink
    (If they hood-slide in the process, take another drink)
  • Each bystander that is knocked down, take a drink
  • For each cart (flower, food, etc) knocked over, take a drink
  • If a Five-O member tackles the suspect to end the chase take a drink
  • If Steve says “Book Em’ Danno” – finish the drink.

Overall I’m giving the episode 4.2 smiling daughters for a great glimpse into Danny’s past and a well done nod to 9/11.

What do you think? Do you want to see more of Danny’s past? Should we add more to the Foot Chase Drinking Game? 


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I thought this was the best episode so,far this season. We learned what makes Danny Danny. Funny that Danny had/has 2 partners who love to drive his car!! The guest stars weren't overplayed, even the trash family Kardashian kid was good. Both Terence and TI made excellent drug lords. Flashback episodes can be confusing but this one flowed perfectly. Kudos to the writers for keeping the 9/11 scene sacred - I'm a 9/11 survivor and it was handled beautifully. What a beautiful testament to his former partner that Danny named his daughter for her. Chin and Kono were actually present and had input and even teased Danny! Max even contributed! Both Alex and Scott acted their hearts out - its amazing what can be said, or not, just through looks. Bravo to everyone involved in this episode, actors, writers, for creating an excellent show. Hopefully this caliber of writing will remain for evermore. This is the show that I fell in love with. Keep up the good work! Love, love, loved it!!


Alisa, I caught that too, but my comment on Grace driving Danny's car in NJ didn't survive my editing process :P


Enjoyed the show. I, too, like the Danny centric episodes. Loved the opening scene with Danno & Grace shopping. Also liked that it was Max that mentioned the store to Danny on the recommendation of his (Max's) niece. The closing scene was excellent as well, I thought Danny danced very well in spite of the rest of Five-o's comments. As far as the Steve/Danny bomb scene, it was great. I liked that they showed the way that Steve really does care for Danny. Were those unshed tears in the eyes of "Super Seal" as he watched Danno walk away?


i LOVE danny...and i LOVE the back and forth between danny and steve....YES, he's been in hawaii awhile now, and MOST would think it's time to STOP complaining about the island and such.....it was fun to realize, that this wasn't the first danny's first partner who always drives HIS car....lol. alisa


it was a SUPER eppy....i LOVED IT....even though, i missed the last few minutes.....as for both FIVE-0 & BONES have 911 eppies the same night: you have to remember, FIVE-0 is a week behind ....due to the storm on halloween....that is WHY we had halloween eppy, last week. alisa


we need to see more of danny's past from his days on the new jersey police force/hawaii five-o current job. kudos to a great episode welldone &finely executed!! alex,dan grace&scott &michelle&sydney&christine!!great job !!take a bow!! we need to see what other secrets doris has in her secret skeleton closet that are lurking in dark hiding places11


All in all, a great episode. I am not sure what the ratings looks like, but I do hope they can keep up this quality. Next week looks interesting. Looking forward to Mary's return and seeing what kind of mess Kono seems to be in...should be good.


I really enjoyed this episode. It was Scott's night to shine and he really did. I thought Alex, Grace and Daniel also played their roles very, very well this time. These flashback episodes aren't my favorite, so I wouldn't want that format a lot, but what I thought was really key to the success of this one was that the character story took precedent over the procedural. They didnt abandon the crime story, but it wasn't primary - this may be the better balance for the show. Now, if they spread the character stuff out to the other three, I would be thrilled. But, I thought what we did get of the Ohana (while time-limited) felt very genuine and substantial. Max was interesting, too and plays a key role. Catherine? Honestly (and this is just my opinion), Ive gone from interested to confused to disinterested to annoyed. I guess as long as they dont add her to the team and keep her time minimal (like Max), I can deal with her. I have a feeling that is not where this is going, though. All in all, a great episode. I am not sure what the ratings looks like, but I do hope they can keep up this quality. Next week looks interesting. Looking forward to Mary's return and seeing what kind of mess Kono seems to be in...should be good.


I loved this episode, although I found it a little odd that both Hawaii 5-0 and Bones had September 11 episodes on the same night in November. Both of them handled the subject very well. I can understand Danny's rant about his daughter growing up in a world where you can't get on an airplane without being searched. And out of all the members of 5-0, I would expect Danny to be the most emotional about terrorists, even before knowing his connection to September 11. For Steve it was his job, for Danny he was near the tragedy. The only part of this episode that bugged me was Catherine. While I find her a major improvement over last season's Lori, I agree with everyone else on here that he job/role in this show makes no sense. They could have easily have gotten that information without her. Plus we never actually see her work anymore. She's either lounging at the pool/with Steve or helping 5-0.


I liked this show very much. It was different and also made you cry. I least made me cry. Danny and Grace dancing was a delight.

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Danny: So the question is, did he work alone or with someone?
Steve: No, terrorist don't work alone, they work in cells. That way if one guy goes down, his buddy comes in and finishes the job.
Danny: You just said the T word.
Steve: Does this look like the end of something to you? Because to me this is just the beginning.

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