Hawaii Five-0 Review: Borrowed Time

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"I Ka Wa Mamua:In A Time Past

It seems like it’s been forever since we've a solid Danny-centered episode. So I was thrilled when this hour open in 2001 in New Jersey, as I knew we were going to see pre-Hawaii Danny in his element. 

And we weren't disappointed. 

Right off the bat, part of that element was the always lovely Sydney Tamiia Poitier playing his partner Officer Tillwell. I had a pretty strong suspicion that she wasn't going to survive the encounter during the opening; then you add in the acting talents of Terrance Howard as the criminal they are up against and things grew grim very quickly.  

Danny's Toughest Case

From there, we returned to modern day. When Five-0 started looking into the bombs and terrorist cell, I couldn’t figure out why Danny was so emotional about it. Then again, it’s Danny; we’ve seen him go on rant about fishing. 

I’m sure I wasn’t alone in my anticipation of the conclusion of Danny’s story. Of course, none of us was surprised how things turned out after Danny’s ominous comment from our Hawaii Five-0 quotes section:

Danny: Borrowed Time [sigh]
Steve: What's that?
Danny: I have to remember that all of this, the last 10 years with my daughter is all borrowed time.

Sure enough, when Danny finished telling the story, his former partner had been shot and killed during events in the warehouse. But there were two things that did surprise me. 

  1. Poitier’s character first name was named Grace: There is no way it's an accident that Danny’s then unborn daughter is now named Grace. Honestly, I can’t imagine how often Danny thinks about his former partner when he looks at Grace or says her name. I can only hope he has a lot more happy memories to offset her death.

  2. Her death took place on September 11, 2001: For Danny, that dark day in our history has two events attached to it. It’s no wonder he was so emotional about the terrorist, he’s attached the anger and pain of his partner’s death to it. Well played, Mr. Lenkov, you did an awesome job of weaving in just enough of a visual element that we all could make the connection.

If figuring out those two things wasn't enough of a tug at the heart strings, watching Danny and Grace at the father/daughter dance was very cute. I was glad that Danno’s 100% guarantee turned out to be true. As he said, there are only a few of these moments. 

The only thing that distracted from the emotional roller-coaster that Danny took us on was when the last suspect, Anshiri took off and running from Steven and Danny. For being trapped on an island, suspects in Hawaii Five-0 seem to run from the police an awful lot. In fact, it’s often enough that I’m finally introducing the unofficial H50 drinking game I've previously said we need. 

H5O Foot Chase Drinking Game Rules: 

Start the episode with a drink of your choice.

  • For each vehicle (car, motorcycle, etc.) that a Five-O member leaps over - take a drink
    (If they hood-slide in the process, take another drink)
  • Each bystander that is knocked down, take a drink
  • For each cart (flower, food, etc) knocked over, take a drink
  • If a Five-O member tackles the suspect to end the chase take a drink
  • If Steve says “Book Em’ Danno” – finish the drink.

Overall I’m giving the episode 4.2 smiling daughters for a great glimpse into Danny’s past and a well done nod to 9/11.

What do you think? Do you want to see more of Danny’s past? Should we add more to the Foot Chase Drinking Game? 


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Liked this ep a lot. At first, I thought the "flashback within a flashback" would be confusing, but it wasn't, and I liked that they fast-forwarded through the scenes we already saw when things returned to real time. The only detractors for me were: 1. Danny's polemic on the constant terrorist threat; not that it wasn't true, but I think a lot of people share that opinion so he was preaching to the choir.
2. Terence Howard? REALLY?!?!?! Not that he's not a good actor, but I thought the role was a little young for him.


Another great epi for this season. This season has been very strong; it is a shame the Revolution seems to be syphoning viewers. I don't think people hate Danny. He's a natural born whiner, as well as a guy with some troubles in his past. McG has a rather equally troubled past. But Danno's personality just makes it easy to make fun of him, which is part of the fun of the character. McG made fun of him in this epi, about the dress and the Chewbacca chest. I loved that exchange! But McG takes Danno seriously too, and loves him. It was really emotional to see their connection as McG refused to abandon his Danno no matter what. I do wish they hadn't killed off Terence Howard though. I would love to see him again. They kill off a lot of famous people on this show!


I loved this episode, I really thought danny had weird hair in the past though. But overall it was amazing, now if only they could make an episode that showed his divorce with Rachel.


Thank you 50, awesome ep, best this season by far and one of my favorites ever.I'm going to watch again as soon as classes are over this morning. want to watch the scene in the store, was that girl hitting on Dannny? Absolutely loved the scene between Steve and Danny after the bomb was disarmed, you can say a lot without saying a word. Love it, love it love it, hope some of the viewers who have left get a chance to see this ep, maybe it will bring some back.


correction...Danny found out that he had a baby on the way, not born on that day. Sorry, did not say it right.


@McDanno.....well said, I feel the same. However, I don't think that is going to stop the same people, complaining about the same thing over and over, but I liked that you pointed out what this character has been through. I liked this episode very much. Danny's past is what makes him Danny. I loved the emotions both Scott and Alex have in the scenes they play, very well acted. Thank you Peter Lenkov and the writers for giving reference to 9/11 without exploiting it. We now know what Danny, being a former NJ cop, was doing on that day, and that it was the day he found out about his daughter being born. This character has gone through a lot, and is why he shows so much emotion and worry about the people he cares about. Grace is growing up fast, and both the scenes in the store and at the dance were just adorable, really tugs at the heart strings. Love this show more and more.


I like the episode Danny is my favorite and this was good I knew his partner Grace was going to die poor Danny had to watch her die to make things worst it was on 911 and we know now Grace got her name. I liked dance between Danny and Grace at father and daughter dance it was really cute


Ok. I got something to say for all you Danny haters out there who think he's just a nagging wife. Let's examine this poor guy's life shall we. First, his best friend dies in an undertow trying to save him. Then on 9/11, he's interrogated & tortured & watches his own partner get shot & killed. Then he has to move Hawaii to b w/ his daughter after a nasty divorce (which consisted of 2 custody agruments). Next Danny loses his friend Mecca.Then Danny's only brother goes into hiding. By the end of season 1, Danny becomes exposed to sarine & almost dies. In addition, he thinks he's reconciling w/ Rachel but it turns out the baby's Stan's! Next, he fails to save the woman who saved his life, Jenna Kaye & almost loses Steve's. Danny also helps deliver his ex wife's baby that isn't his. Then Danny has to save Grace when she's kidnapped by his expartner who killed a friend of his. At the end of season 1, he's captured by feds! To top it all off, he's almost killed by a bomb. If it were me I wouldn't be able to handle life half as good as he does so I am totally fine with a little nagging.


I enjoyed this episode quite a lot, we got a good share around of action and emotion. The story jumping was done well, wasn't too hard to follow. Love the idea of the drinking game Jim! Next Five-0 marathon I'm playing that for sure. I think the season is going great, it has high expectations and a lot of people are expecting way too much. Nonetheless it is still a fantastic show and I think people need to stop complaining about little things which can be overlooked in a 40 minute production. It's a shame the ratings are still low, there really isn't another show like it on TV.

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