Hawaii Five-0 Review: Halloween Do Over

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The delayed broadcasting of a Halloween-themed episode has the potential of being just like that coworker who shows up wearing a Santa hat in January: it's awkward.

Thankfully, this was not the case here, as Hawaii Five-0 learned something from last year’s less than stellar Halloween offering and aired an installment that took place around Halloween, but didn't use the holiday itself as a scary point. For that, they had the creepiest grandson and grandmother relationship. Ever

McGarrett's Halloween Investigation

Seriously, am I the only one who was more creeped out by the relationship of Seth and his grandmother than the killings of Seth?!? Helen went from sweet, sleepy, old woman to cop-shooting-psychopath in the space of time it takes to finish a cup of tea. 

Which actually lead to my biggest disappointment: we did not learn anything about why Seth was performing the ritual murders or why his grandmother was willing to kill herself instead of turning him in. There was such potential for it in the scene where Seth came home and Helen was sipping tea over the body of Lucas. All we needed was a little dialog giving us “the big reveal” of why he was doing it all.

Sadly, nothing. Okay, Helen gave us "clean up your mess." But I’m not really counting that. 

Then, on the other hand, Steve shooting Seth without shouting "stop" or "hold it right there" worked well as a climatic ending to the story. However, given how many knuckleheads Five-0 chases on foot, it seems unlikely he wouldn't have given any sort of warning before shooting his creepy ass.

As for the brief nod to the holiday in question, it's always a bonus when we get to see Grace, who I swear has doubled in size since last Halloween. Then we had Catherine and Steve watching Child’s Play while trying to make out on the couch. This scene alone earned big points because we so very rarely get to witness the team “at play. Seeing Steve act like he's in high school is always fun. 

In conclusion, the episode earns four "spin the bottles" for a good nod to Halloween, but it fell a little short on insight into the motives of the villains. 

What did you think? Did Grace make the cutest bee ever? Should Danny just give up on Halloween? 


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The story had some faults, not one of the best, but was still entertaining. I like Catherine, and she is being used as she should be. I'm sure there are more things coming in future episodes with Catherine helping Steve out.
I did miss Kono and Chin. I don't think that they are ignoring her, or phasing her out. I know there is only so much time, but I would like to see the long awaited story of Adam and Kono continued. Loved the evil Granny, played beautifully by Lee Merriweather. Grace was adorable as a bee, she is growing pretty fast, which is a problem with child actors, she is looking older than 10 years old. Loved Catherine and her together. Kamekono dressed up as a seal was hilarious.


Boring and repetitive. The show is putting me to sleep.
Taking Kono out of her bikini, even in the opening credits, is a huge mistake.
She is the only thing keeping the show together and her role gets smaller? Very poor writers.
This show will die soon. I hope Grace Park finds something better :)


Good entertaining story but the characters continue to be underdeveloped and are becoming less compelling each week. Danny has officially no purpose at all now except for hints of a relationship between him and Steve, which gets more childish and cringe worthy each week. Grace displays more maturity than her father.
I used to love all the characters but they're all pretty much shallow caricatures now with no depth whatsoever. Far too much wasted potential. They need to make these characters interesting again or ratings will never recover. Get rid of Danny or at least try and give him something to do and give Chin some decent screen time and please allow Steve to act like a kick ass Navy SEAL again and stop turning him into a idiot around Danno.


Yikes, some of the scenes still got me before I was able to close my fingers over my eyes. Scary, creepy, bloody is not my cup of tea, but I loved watching all the fluffy, funny, banter parts in between. Enjoyed watching the team together and Chin rocked his new haircut, so cute is he ; ). As for the story lines and unanswered plot lines, "the imagination has no limitation" and in my head I filled in all the blanks which probably ended up far creepier than need be. Looking forward to next week.


I thought I would not have to comment again about the writing and the casting after last season's end. But alas. This week the show started cute and then dived. The show should be about a 'case' with the personal relationships secondary, IMO. I like Catherine but she is on the screen too much to the detriment of Chin and Kono. Sound familiar? More importantly, her role is bordering on artificial. We get it that she is McG's FWB. I want more core 4 interactions and good story telling. In Season 1 (sorry to repeat old arguments) McG was kick-ass and Danny was the professional cop. The writers have repeatedly blown opportunities. A story with Kono as a trainee needing mentoring. Chin acting out his sadness and mourning. McG's emotional battles with mommy dearest. A plot that takes more than 10 minutes to tell and solve because the personal stuff takes up too much time. When Cath was a recurring character they could place her in a story to good effect without detracting from the whole. Now they 'force' her into in every episode whether it is warranted or not, and she has more screen time than Max who actually has a legitimate function. I will stick with the show because I like the characters (and still am remembering my love of season 1) But honestly this show should be in the top 10 if there were good writers, good plots and better use of the original character storylines. Whoever is running the show is doing H50 a disservice. Too bad.


(cont.)...As for the story, It was not one of my favorites, although I did like Lee Merriweather's portrayal. I agree that they should have explained more of how and why. I think despite this episode, the writers have layed the foundation of a great season ahead. I know the ratings are down, and that the addition of another show on another network pulled some people away, but no one is running away with the timeslot.


The character of Catherine is being brought along just as she should be. Yes we did not see Kono or Chin as much, but we will in other episodes. Catherine is Steve's girlfriend, she is going to be there with him. I love that she is the female that points things out to Grace. Everytime, we have Kono not in a whole lot of scenes, then someone brings up that they are replacing her. This started in the first season, how many seasons does she have to do before people stop thinking she wants to leave, or they are phasing her out? I want more Kono and Chin, but Steve is the Major character, and Danny is his partner. I'm tired of defending Danny, I think he's great. (Cont.)


Very disappointed in this episode. The torture scene crossed the line and as the review said, we got no answers as to why the killings and how they were linked to the satanic rituals. Once again, Cath was forced into the show and got more screen time than Chin or Kono. Steve and Cath are adults, why do they try to make them look like horny teenagers trying to sneak in a make out session while Mom is away? It might have been okay if they had any chemistry between them. Just flat and boring watching the two together. No wonder Steve was watching Chucky rather than making out with his FWB. Boring! Totally unbelievable throwing in that scene with Cath and Grace. Now she is a confidant that Grace would be comfortable with. Sure haven't seen it before. Also, in 2 plus years we haven't gotten a Grace/Kono or Grace/Chin scene and the Grace/Steve scenes have been when Danno was in danger/hospital. Cath should be returned as a recurring booty call, because the character doesn't deserve to be a regular. Sex and favors isn't interesting to watch every week. Not a strong character to be putting in every ep. Just bring her in for the occasional favor or booty call. Stick with the core 4 and improve the writing and get the show back to the fun, entertaining popcorn show it was in season 1. Ditch the soap opera elements and use the chemistry of the team. Also, the team, especially Danny, brings out the human side of Steve.


I likethe show and agree with some of you and other I don't. I liked the last sean when Steve and Danny were sitting together. I liked Cath telling Grace about fathers that can't be around all the time.


i LOVE the show....and i LOVE danny....and thought last night's eppy was GREAT...liked catherine spending time with grace....it shows that danny trusts her with HIS daughter....and i DON'T want to see ANYONE leave....scott and alex are GREAT together. alisa

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