Homeland Review: Come 'n Get Me, Chopper

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Over the past few episodes, for the first time, Homeland has begun to wear a bit thin on me.

 "I'll Fly Away" certainly had both its interesting and its entertaining moments, but it also grew tiresome much more than I ever thought Homeland would at its height last year.

I'm sure other people have mentioned it, and Saturday Night Live sure made its opinion clear a couple weeks ago, but Carrie's shtick really got to a tipping point this week. That was never more evident than on that dark and scary road in the middle of nowhere.

Brody Near a Breakdown

Sure, she might have been correct in thinking that leaving those three minions of Nazir out in the open probably wasn't a smart idea, and taking the three of them down right then and there may have severely crippled Nazir's plans for the near future, but watching her freak out about the whole thing couldn't have been more difficult to watch.

Whining and complaining that the whole mission had been blown, deciding to go out on foot to see what was going on, and then screaming and yelling as the helicopter flew away all added up to a Carrie Mathison that I had a really hard time feeling sorry for when everything seemed to fall apart at the seams.

Now that just raises this question. Is being slightly annoyed by the protagonist necessarily worse than if Carrie continued to be awesome week after week, season after season?  I'm of the opinion that too much of the same thing gets boring, so if my love of Carrie begins to dwindle, maybe that change of pace actually holds my interest more.

It's not like she wasn't completely awesome a few scenes earlier when she did everything she could to keep one of Brody's bridges from burning. The man was on his last leg, and just as she has done time and time again, Carrie worked her magic to get him to get back to work for the CIA.

Telling him that she envisioned their future where Brody played the hero and all of the bad stuff he did before that was forgotten was genius, but it was this give and take that made me smile;

Brody: Will you visit me in prison?
Carrie: I'll probably be in the cell next to you?

It's still so unclear how much of Carrie's game with Brody is an act and how much is her actually having feelings for the guy, but that all night sex sesh seemed to make her CIA brethren lean towards the latter.

Which led to the coolest moment of the episode as Saul so calmly asked her about her motives with Brody at the motel. He was hostile, he wasn't stern, he was just asking, and he was just cool.

Another impressive moment was at the very end. Homeland could have gone for the shocking. They could have gave us another twist, where the person Brody met after being swept away on the helicopter was some mole or a high ranking U.S. official that would have made us all gasp. But no, after a long, dark drive up and walk to Brody's face that gave us all a chance to make numerous guesses of who it may or may not have been, it turned out to be the obvious choice.

Abu Nazir showing up to see Brody wasn't shocking, but it was a great moment. This is the guy that in one way or another, almost everything on this show has been about. It was subtle, but that was a huge appearance, and it was done well.

Something that wasn't done well, as opposed to how I felt about it last week, was Dana's story line. That thing went back to being completely awful as I just waited for the camera to cut every time, she, Mike, or Jessica were on screen.

So all in all, "I'll Fly Away" wasn't one of my favorite hours of Homeland, but that's still a very good episode compared to most shows on television. We're grading on a curve here, people.

What did you think of it?  Is Carrie Mathison still your favorite CIA agent? What did you think of Brody getting flown away on the chopper? And do you care about Dana and the hit-and-run?


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Carrie and Brody continue to rock!!
Dana, Mike and Jessica annoy me, enough of that storyline.


I am constantly irritated by Carrie's instability which seems counter the idea of efficient cool agents in charge of a counry's security.Mmm! Gawd help us if agents like her actually exist.The wife doesn't seem to know whats going on or choses to ignore almost everything. Running around in the pitch black and screaming at a helicopter when Carrie doesn't want to blow cover was rather weird. Don't really care what happens to iritating daughter and why hasnt she told anybody her dad is a Muslim..that would have shocked me if I was a teenager and would be difficult to contain. It was so dark in the last scene I couldn't see who the man was..then it would be cos thebaddies disdnt even see Carrierie running around like a lunatic. Still my favourite though


I gave it 1 star out of 5 stars. I didnt like this eps! too much drama, I couldnt stand for it


@hank.....he said "Nicholas"


what did nazir say to brodie at the very end of the episode?


Damian Lewis and Claire Danes freaking ROCK, in my book. Carrie loves Brody' that is obvious, and the things we do, and say, all in the name of love. I`m just having a hard time buying the Dana storyline, and her performances. I loved the hotel sex, and the guys listening was classic. The ending was nice as well, imho. Game changer? Yes! It says these *uckers mean business, because the head man is on American soil. This show, I love it! Damian Lewis is a Brit!


I thought that Carrie's anxiety over what was happening between Brody and the terrorists by the car was not overplayed.... she loves him, after all, I believe, and so naturally could barely contain her fear. Admittedly, this emotion clouds her professional judgment... which apparently requires a stone-cold ability to put humans in harm's way. (Yes, a greater good may require that, at times.) However, once again Carrie's maverick ways garnered important information for the CIA, as they photographed the terrorists plus learned of Brody's departure by helicopter. Maybe Carrie should really screw up sometime... that would be more believable than her instincts always working. Meanwhile, sensitive teenager Dana was hit in the face with reality.... well-played.


I agree with your lukewarm reception of this episode, Dan! What disappoints me is how this season seems to be merely a repetition of the last. (question of loyalty, Carrie-Brody affair, Carrie-damage, meanwhile the terrorists remain) S01 was exciting because of the mystery surrounding Brody, but now it seems that the series will only continue switching Brody's loyalty. After a while, it seems boring. And after SNL, the overacting and underacting in parts are a lot more obvious.


think homeland is a great show. very good acting from all Its on sunday night here in the UK.Think the second series Is has good has the first.If not better


Of course Dana is annoying. She's a teenager. But the storyline has shown us, she is more than a whining brat, she thinks and cares. There is finally a softness and vulnerability to her. Plus, it's a relief she's stopped wearing her Dad blinkers, and is starting to grasp how complex their lives are.
I loved the moral contrast of the hit and run storyline.
Carrie is manic, borderline genius, easily misinterpreted as slightly nuts. But I'd hate it if she always got it right, was the hero. Sometimes I shake my head at what Carrie does, and how she looks. But, that's what I love about her, she keeps me guessing.
I don't know if she's playing with Brody, or she see's herself as his moral compass, his saviour.
Saul - my theory is he's the CIA Earth Mother. We need him to love Carrie. We need him against all the other arrogant spies in suits.
Best show on TV. Compelling must see viewing. But then again, I'm addicted to Homeland.

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