Homeland Review: Company Cleanup

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It was Peter Quinn who donned the eponymous "Two Hats" during this hour of Homeland, and that bright, shiny, and new one fit him perfectly.

Beginning with his first appearance on the show, I questioned this analyst with an attitude.  I was concerned that the cool, good looking jerk was dirty, and that like in so many seasons of television before this, it would be revealed as so later on in the season.

Brody Dinner

The further and further Homeland's second season went on, it became more and more unlikely that Peter Quinn was going to end up on the wrong side of the law, or even doing something to hinder the success of Carrie, Saul, and the gang.

But we knew it had to be something.  The character wasn't introduced just to look good and butt heads with Carrie every once in a while.  Like us, Saul knew there was something up with him as well, so during this hour he made sure Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum helped him find out what it was.

While I found Saul's technique with Quinn's baby mama to be surprisingly hilarious - I couldn't stop laughing at the awkward and blank stare he had on as the cop asked him who he really worked for - I loved that it led to him bringing the discussion up with David later on.  Both Saul's untimely questioning, and David's succinct answers were a joy to watch.

I assumed that once we found out, Quinn's job would have something to do with watching over Brody, but I didn't specifically guess that he was the cleaner.  That result I was happy with, and watching him pull his gun back and come up with an excuse after Brody saw him as the limo driver, made it all THAT much more enjoyable.

So Quinn is on schedule to take out Brody as soon as Nazir is taken care of.  What does that mean for this series?  Is Brody back on the chopping block for getting the axe?  Or does this just tell us that Nazir may never be captured/killed?  Can Homeland survive without Nicholas Brody?  Can the show sustain its great pacing if they keep him around?  Will we all call BS if they continue to come up with reasons to keep him alive?  

Similarly great this week, though, were the flashbacks from Brody's meeting with Nazir.  I loved the way that they told that story.  Watching it live would have probably been good as well, but getting Brody's version of it - and seeing which parts he may have left out - was something we haven't seen in a while from Homeland.

What wasn't great was the showdown at the Hamburger joint.  In no way do I assume to know much about terrorists or spies, but I've watched enough shows like this to immediately assume that Nazir wasn't going to be anywhere near that meet.  Why would he have needed to be there?  That didn't make sense to me.

At least that was interesting to watch go down.  What wasn't interesting was everything involving Chris and Dana.  Between his annoying comments and her depression, I just wanted the scene to switch everything they came on.  If she rolls her eyes one more time, I might throw a fit.

All in all, it was another good but not great episode of Homeland this week.  What did you all think though?  Was it your favorite of the season, or did it lack something that first few had?  What was the best moment?  And what was the worst part about "Two Hats?"


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I dont know how is it possible to imagine this show without Brody??? He and Carrie are the BEST! I love their chemistry and that you never know what is sincere and what is not, at the same time, it is obvious that they have feelings for each other.
Enough of Brody´s family though, they are annoying and boring. The wife is the worst.


Love the connection between Brody and Carrie, makes the series for me. Can't stand any more of Dana moaning. She needs a good slap upside the head!
If they kill Brody, I won't watch anymore.


Why does everyone pick on Dana? She is annoyingly whiny, I'll grant; but this episode reminded me of just what a badly written character Chris is. He has zero depth and, in this episode, came across as ridiculously clueless. We're being rushed out of our house and into hiding, but - Look! A big-screen tv in every room! How cool is that?! I mean, he isn't 5; he's a teenager (or late pre-teen?). Grrr.


However, Carries embarrassing, irrational neurotic behaviour needs to improve as I am fed up trying to see the screen through a cushion.


The worst part in 2 hats was Carrie screaming and running around like a lunatic as the helicopter took off. Very weird as she is always on about breaking cover. Surely if they had seen her blonde hair flying around she could have got Brody killed.The other was the rather long listening in scene where Carrie and Brodie were having sex. Enough already were my cries as it went on and on and on. Rolling eyes daughter is also a little wearing and this storyline is beginning to feel like padding. We all know what happens in politics so its not interesting or new to show coverups. I can't help wanting to shake Brody's wife too. Why doesn't she seem to take anything in (apart from daughters dilema)its like Oh well, I'll just go back to making cup cakes. Whatever she finds out about Brody she rationalises with 'we are trying to work things out' Don't get me wrong there are many other complexities in the storyline if you don't think about it too much, and I still enjoy it. However, Carrie irritated me so much this week by her total disregard of everybody around her it just seemed rather far fetched. Its difficult to relate to a series that has more or less kept to a very solid realistic context then swerves off into 'Nah that wouldn't happen' territory. Hope the embarrasing, irrational neurosis doesn't continue as I'm fed up trying to see the screen through a cushion


Will Brody kill anyone? It seems, if you look the sneak peek of "Breaking hearts", that he's suffocating someone, maybe Walden? Or this is toot crazy? I think that Abuz Nazir turn himself again, and he'es lying again, and being very carefully with Carrie, who knows him so well... excuse my english!


Yeah, I agree with some other posts. Morena Baccarin needs to expand her acting chops more, but for now, that's how the wrote her character. Season 3, I bet she gets more involved. And I also agree that the back and forth between Carrie & Brody is getting old, even more reason to kill off Brody.


The writers/producers can take this series to a whole new level. A lot of different angles to keep it exciting. Terror cells shift; they die, and there will be new threats. Maybe it's just me, but I think it is inevitable they will have to kill off Brody. If not this season, probably next. And they probably should. They can still use Damian Lewis in other ways, have him come back to Carrie, similar to what they do in "Dexter" with Dexter’s father, showing up to help at certain times (or with flashbacks, etc). He can still have a role, and I think it has to shift at some point. His wife has checked out with Mike; his kids are frustrated with him. Will he sacrifice his own life for Carrie, for his family?


Carrie is using Brody. If he is killed there will be no tears from her.....she is the consummate professional.


Why is the CIA going to be killing one of it's own officers, who is following orders issued by the proper CIA authorities? Why on Earth would they kill Quinn, considering that he's just doing his job?

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