How I Met Your Mother Review: Dog Days of Autumn

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Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, we had to endure an additional week before tonight's new episode of How I Met Your Mother.

My wait was made even longer, having sat in line for over three hours to gas up my car tonight. By the first commercial break, though, it was clear that "The Autumn of Breakups" was well worth the wait and deserving of some snaps. Maybe even a snap, circle, snap.  

As one of the biggest fans of Marshall and Lily, the high standard to which I hold their performances up to has rendered me open to disappointment for the much of this season. Here, however, the power couple finally flexed its comedic clout and returned to top form in what had to be one of the best opening five minutes in the show's history.

After witnessing their various slaps and snaps, I thought to myself: somewhere in the world Blaine Edwards and Antoine Merriweather must be bursting with pride. 

Barney's New Wingman

The scenes where Marshall channeled his inner goddess, while under Lily's tutelage, were the best moments the talented Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan have produced this season. Marshall's advice on 30-something women was quite possibly some of his funniest lines ever, as noted in tonight's best How I Met Your Mother quotes

With so much focus put on Ted and Robin's past relationship, Barney sort of took a back seat to the main storyline, but that didn't stop he and his new wingman Brover from helping to steer the episode to greatness. NPH doled out a host of pooch-inspired puns while also hilariously displaying a manic affection for his new four-legged friend.

We also got a bit of a nod to the bigger picture as he bestowed Robin with the title of Best Wingman Ever after she did her best Jo Polniaczek voice and left him to have a drink with Brover's owner. 

For a guy who probably envisioned his wedding day as much as most girls, Ted's impromptu decision to ask Victoria to marry him seemed a little out of character. I was also surprised how succinct or nonexistent his speech was. Ted is definitely the kind of guy to use a woman's full name when asking for their hand in marriage.

While the immediate "yes" from Victoria wasn't a shocker, my head which was still cocked to the side from Ted's proposal, shifted from right to left as Victoria immediately stipulated that Ted cut ties with Robin. In contrast, the eventual breakup scene at MacLaren's was tremendous and utilized some classic Carter and Craig camera work.

I have admitted to being less than fond of Ashley Williams's character this season, but the emotion was tenable as she bid adieu to Ted and expressed her hope that he end up with Robin someday. 

The last little bit we got about how, despite Ted's wishes, Robin will eventually find out about her role in the breakup must have sent Mother theorists into a tizzy. Based on the concern Robin showed all night long for Barney's well being, I am still confident the banker and the broadcaster will end up together. This means Nick's goose is all but cooked, but while I am confident Nick will eventually get the Ron Popeil "Set It and Forget It" treatment from Robin. I must say I rather enjoyed his various catchphrase attempts. 

Lily reminded us all tonight that Oprah wasn't built in a day. It's clear we still have some ground to cover before meeting Ted's wife, but if this episode was a sign of things to come, I have a feeling I won't be the only one telling the writers to take their sweet time.  

What did you all think? 


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I thought this episode was kinda bad, actually. For one, the Ted-Victoria-Robin storyline was almost exactly out of the "Friends" handbook; Ross-Emily-Rachel. Two, it's all being unnecessarily dragged out. If it was the autumn of break-ups, why were Ted and Victoria the only ones to break up in that episode? Even Marshall and Lily seemed a bit forced to me. The only thing I really enjoyed was Barney and Brover. @BenReilly - he was definitely referring to Robin. Robin didn't even need a prompt; she instantly pretended to be a lesbian so that Barney could get laid.


This season has been a huge disappointment for me and Im sure for others as well. We were told in the Very First Episode that Robin is not the mother yet every season theres some kind of back and fourth about it. Its lazy storytelling. If it wasnt for Marshall and Barney this episode wouldnt have even been watchable. And whoever the Mother ends up being Im sure Ill be disappointed because Ted has HORRIBLE taste in women.


god, this show needs a breathe of fresh air... if you would've told me what the storylines of this episode were before yesterday, I think I could've written the script word for word... lazy, unfunny, lazy, racist, uninspired, and LAZY! i am this close to washing my hands of this show... this close... solid performances from colbie and NPH save the day once again from being a steaming pile of you-know-what...


I liked some parts of this episode, like how Barney carried most of the good moments of this episode. And the way Robin recognized that Barney had a problem, and she wanted to help was great. But Lily and Marshalls awful In Living Color snaps thing was below what both of them are capable of funnywise. And the worse thing about this episode and the last season is Ted's obsession with Robin. Or maybe I should say the writer's obsession with the whole Ted/Robin relationship, but if they wanted it so bad they should have made her the mother instead of Aunt Robin. Because I have grown tired of this whole Ted not even Robin problem. I mean she has moved on, because she said no she wasn't in love with Ted. The only thing that keeps me going is that we know that because of the 8th season premiere Robin hasn't run off with Ted, and he has finally met the one. For being the main character of this show I have grown to dislike him to the point of rolling my eyes at everything he does.


Unfunny. I'm so disappointed


It's just gotten painful to watch.
To bad...i want so much for it to be good.


I absolutely adored marshall and lily in this episode. However, I am just plain sick and tired of the ted/robin thing. I groaned at my TV when this came up. Can't the show just move on seeing as all the fans already have?


All I want to know is what kind of dog is Brover? He is really cute!


This episode is amazing! It's the episode I've been waiting for since the season premiere. I loved:
- Marshall's inner goddess
- Marshall and Lily. Period.
- Brover/Barney = Broney?
- Victoria's heart breaking attempt not to cry at the bar. What I hated:
The fact that Ted is an awful human being. He's still in love with Robin. No matter how much he denies it, he is. He wouldn't have made Marshall and Lily promise not to tell Robin. It'll probably come out before Barney and Robin's wedding. And that's why Robin is about to leave the wedding during the premiere.


Barney was calling Brover the best Wingman ever not Robin, because even with being taken away and back to his owner, Brover is still getting Barney booty.

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How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

Ted: Why wouldn't she just come right out and say what she wants?
Marshall: Men! It's like if there weren't pickle jars to open and spiders to kill and computers to back up, what would be their point?
Lily: MmHm.

Ted: Victoria is happy we're taking things slow.
Marshall: Oh oh honey sweetie baby. No thirty-two year old woman is happy taking things slow. Trust me, Victoria has got friends from high school posting pictures of second babies on Facebook and you think girlfriend's all like, oh lets just bone a bunch so I'm another year older and still single? Bitch please!