How I Met Your Mother Review: No Backsies

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I had to give Marshall the benefit of the doubt tonight, as my own stamp of approval has been called into question in recent weeks.

In the end, sadly, I had very little love for "The Stamp Tramp." This comment may solicit some "how dare you's" - but I'll wager that the "what is (was) that" comments outweigh the positive reactions.

Forget about the "old Marshall Eriksen stamp of approval," I just want the old Marshall Eriksen back. Jason Segel looks to be in the best shape he has been in in years, but a few extra pounds aren't the only thing missing there. Marshall is terrified of hot dog costumes? Also, while there has always been some poetic license taken when it has come to Marshall's work environment, tonight's antics were just absurd. 

Marshall's boss made a comment about a female employee's appearance... at a law firm. Really?!?

Marshall's Big Case

I'm a big Joe Manganiello fan, but the material he was handed on his return was as hard to swallow as those muffin tops he stuffed into his pockets at his interview. Then there was his ridiculously unethical charade. Perhaps the only redeeming moment was when he called Honeywell "Bilbo." 

Ted was accused of piggy-backing stamps, but I was more turned off by his recycling of jokes. The line about LeBron not being that good has been done and then some on the show, but as an added kick in the nuts the creators decided  "The Decision" was still a relevant enough story that they could base Barney's entire storyline around it.

Then there was Ted's attempt to keep his secret identity as some mystery pirate radio host under wraps. I did not feel the slightest urge to Pump Up the Volume

The concept of Barney searching for a new club to frequent was sound, but the whole recruiting side of it could have been plenty funny without the LeBron scenario hanging over. Those were also some of the lamest strip club names I have ever heard. I expected better from what I know is an extremely talented and creative writing staff. 

Tonight's saving grace was Robin. I liked her fast talking scenes as Barney's agent and how she laughed about getting kicked out of the strip club for being "too handsy." She provided a few bright spots this evening - like her nickname for Barney, Stincinnati, Brohio. Her best line came while speaking to Vito at The Melon Patch and is noted in this week's best How I Met your Mother quotes

I was so disinterested in the episode that I almost didn't catch Ted's line about Marshall's big case and how he'll "get to that later." When Ted?! No one is taking the hook, line or sinker with the bait you've been throwing at us. Also, so much for my hopes of a big Barney and Robin payoff kiss. What we instead got was Neil Patrick Harris awkwardly kissing Cobie Smulders while doing a terrible job acting as if he were drunk. 

We deserve better from this show because we know it's in there. There is a reason we fans are still watching this show after so many years. I hope they just don't forget that and finish on a high note. 

What did you think?


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i liked it . this show will always make me laugh


Actually now it gets just painful to watch... it's like watching someone's health deteriorating... they need to do better or stop, that's it...


I think the HIMYM story had run its course and dragging it out further will be a sad thing to do for such a excellent story and cast of actors. I agree with the reviewer's comment about Barney's drunk acting. It was so uncharacteristic of NPH to fail like that. On the bright side this story actually had that edge of mystery about Marshal's case and gang hanging out in the bar just like old times so I did actually enjoyed this ep. but I can understand everyone's frustration that the general standard of HIMYM has not being met on this season


Time to reveal the Mother and let them all ride off into the sunset...8 seasons is MORE than enough. This show is sinking faster than the Titanic. Put it out of its misery and let them end it on a (relatively) high note!!!


It feels like the writers have nothing to tell us, and try irrelevant storylines to get us busy until they find something good to show...
This show is sinking, it's the worst season so far... I hope they're gonna do better soon...


Horrible episode. And with every episode HIMYM just continues to prove one thing - they have NO ide what to do with EITHER none. Remember the time Robin had a job and there were gags about that? Or Lily and her shopaholic behaviour? Marshall being funny and adorable? Ted being sweet and funny? Barney being legendary? Yeah, I loved those guys, not the lame doppelgagners I am seeing now.


I must agree with this review. While there were a couple good moments (from ROBIN, of all people), this episode just seemed like a waste. Ted's whole storyline was pointless except for a well-timed spit take, Barney and Robin's kiss was a let down...just a waste. I think the lack of spark on the show comes from the writing quality being much duller than it used to be, more so than the cast. The actors are more popular, but I didn't feel like they're less invested in their's almost vice versa, the writing doesn't require much from them. I think if they gave Marshall more interesting things to say and do, then Segel would freakin' own it (like last week's episode as the corporate team coach). That was way more interesting than stamp tramping.


Did no one else catch that Barney's old strip club was called the Lusty Leprechaun in the previous episodes and the Lusty Leopard in this episode? That bothered me more than anything else throughout the whole episode.


not a very good episode made all the worse will all the short jokes, that scene had me checking how long was left of the episode. 2/10

C f ohara

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between the cast. Look up the clip of the gang on the Megan Mullaly show where Segel and NPH sing the confrontation song from Les Miserables. They were a bunch of relative unknowns save NPH but you could see the energy they shared. I just think some of that spark is gone and it is showing this season at times. But as I have said before, while I may be critical at times (which comes with the job)I am not even close to giving up on my beloved show.

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Bottom line Vito a lot of strip clubs are into my client. If you want The Melon Patch to be in the mix we're gonna need bigger melons and smaller patches. Otherwise your establishment is not where Barney Stinson is going to pitch his tent.


I have nothing but the utmost respect for you skanks.