Jeffrey Donovan Previews Return of Burn Notice, Teases "Personal" Season 7

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Burn Notice is back! Okay, it will be back in a few hours, when Michael Westen and company return to begin the end run of Season 6 in "Means & Ends."

What can fans expect from this run of episodes? What about a seventh season?

TV Fanatic jumped on the phone with fellow reporters to chat with Jeffrey Donovan about what's to come, gathering intel from the actor that includes a character more focused on revenge than ever before...

Michael Westen in Action

"This last part of [Burn Notice Season 6] focuses on Nate’s death, finding that killer and bringing him to justice," teased Donovan. "You’ll see a more of a hell bent Michael... And then at the end of the season, you know, it’s a bit of a cliffhanger."

No, we don't know. Give us more!

"There’s a huge event that happens between Michael and Fiona that will propel Season 7 - which if all goes as planned, will be a very different kind of Burn Notice because of the trajectory, but no less kind of dangerous for Michael... I think it’ll be more personal next year than it will be professional."

As for the rest of this year, viewers can expect the relationship that Michael has with Gray and Card "to turn Michael down a path that leads even Sam to question Michael’s integrity. And I think that’s what the fans are going to really be interested in: How dark will Michael go?

While fans ponder that big question, Donovan said he foresees Season 7 being the final one for Burn Notice, while adding Season 6 will conclude with a "huge betrayal."

Let the guessing games begin and visit TV Fanatic the moment "Means & Ends" wraps up for a detailed review!

UPDATE: USA has confirmed a 13-episode seventh season!

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Leave it alone


I think the decision is he took Riley's CIA job, he was ordering around those CIA officers for a reason


The big betrayal I see is Michael becoming the new Anson


The huge betrayal, I predict from tonight's previews, will be Sam turning on Michael......... I don't think Fiona will be pregnant.....I can't imagine her being pregnant.......


Fiona will preggo....


Hopefully the last. It's dragged on too long.


I wish Burn Notice could go on forever, however, I think if the 7th season is going to be the last, Matt Nix is definitely going to be a heartbreaker, and Michael will probably be killed. That is my prediction! I love the show and can't wait for tomorrow's show!

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