Kristen Bell to Appear on Gossip Girl Finale

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After six seasons and more than 100 episodes, Kristen Bell will finally be seen as well as heard on Gossip Girl. The star, who voices the show's titular, as-yet-unseen character, will appear on the December 17 finale.

Though Bell has provided the voice of Gossip Girl for every single installment, it remains to be seen if she'll actually be playing the mysterious and all-knowing blogger with a penchant for terrible, snarky plays on words.

The 32-year-old, pregnant actress did Tweet earlier today about her final voiceover session for the show, writing, "The saddest day I've had in a while... Last day on #gossipgirl Ill miss you, you snarky bitch!"

No mention of her cameo, however.

Kristen Bell Image

Gossip Girl's final episode will begin with an hour-long special retrospective at 8 p.m. EST, featuring interviews with the cast and crew looking back on the CW series' six seasons. Then it's on to the final farewell.

The identity of Gossip Girl will be revealed in the finale, titled, "New York, I Love You XOXOX."

Think she's Kristen? Or is her guest appearance unrelated (which would be equally funny)?

Share your predictions for the Gossip Girl finale in the comment section below!

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Another insider scoop: GG is male! Remember a boy whose love child of whom? Yes, he's the one in the hood at the end of season 5. But then there's another twist. Btw, the weddings will really happen. One in present and one in flash forward.


Heard from an insider of the show: Kristen Bell will be the publisher of Dan's newest book in the flash forward scene. Very short scene she had, and few lines, but it will make audience think this is the real GG (because of what she will say to Dan) and not the one they will reveal in ep.10. I don't know if thats verified though.


@lulz that's a terrible endin >.> That's like a mind fudge wondering if it was all real or not >.> that's like sayin it was a book based on a show which had a writer who wrote a story based about his life (Dan) which was actually all written by a a writer all a long >.> which was all based from a book written by a writer >.>? The eff?


She's a writer, writing a book. The show will pan out to KB sitting at her desk.


They can bring whoever they want in the show, it doesn't change anything,season 5 was a massacre and it ruined the show forever.


she should be the gg, just pls. make her have a good story line...


it would be AMAZING if she was to play a completely unrelated speaking character, but i doubt it. they will PROBABLY write her in as GG, being an otherwise ambiguous character, for both the shock factor and the fact that i don't think the writers have consistently had a particular character in mind for the past 5-6 years and haven't written it as such. there are little to no clues over the seasons because there hasn't been a definite GG - she is everyone, everyone is her.


I DK. As much as i feel this show is not going in the right direction at the moment, I feel like we're going to get completely blindsided by the upcoming episodes including the finale. I am i the only one who feels like we really have no clue of whats to come even tho all these "leaked " photos have come out? I think that following this next ep. we are all in for the GG ride of our lives....


I think the perfect ending would be that one of the regular cast members be revealed as 'gossip girl' but the ending show Kristen sauntering a way and just half turning to wink with a finale "you know you love me.. xoxo" and go on her merry way.. won't happen but it'd be great!!


i hope that bell is not gg. i know in previous posts the writers say its someone we would have never expected and i hope they didnt mean it was her. i will be super angry