Kristen Bell to Appear on Gossip Girl Finale

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After six seasons and more than 100 episodes, Kristen Bell will finally be seen as well as heard on Gossip Girl. The star, who voices the show's titular, as-yet-unseen character, will appear on the December 17 finale.

Though Bell has provided the voice of Gossip Girl for every single installment, it remains to be seen if she'll actually be playing the mysterious and all-knowing blogger with a penchant for terrible, snarky plays on words.

The 32-year-old, pregnant actress did Tweet earlier today about her final voiceover session for the show, writing, "The saddest day I've had in a while... Last day on #gossipgirl Ill miss you, you snarky bitch!"

No mention of her cameo, however.

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Gossip Girl's final episode will begin with an hour-long special retrospective at 8 p.m. EST, featuring interviews with the cast and crew looking back on the CW series' six seasons. Then it's on to the final farewell.

The identity of Gossip Girl will be revealed in the finale, titled, "New York, I Love You XOXOX."

Think she's Kristen? Or is her guest appearance unrelated (which would be equally funny)?

Share your predictions for the Gossip Girl finale in the comment section below!

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Really hoping she isn't Gossip Girl, because I'd hate to hear a lame backstory since anything is really possible. I do hope it's one of the characters we've met, like Sage the Bitch or even Dorotha would qualify. :)

Drea xoxo

i say she should be GG and serena's lost sister from her dad and eric knew and fed her the information.......


yay! now thats a good news for gossip girl!!


I love Kristen Bell, big Veronica Mars fan, but I've stopped caring who Gossip Girl is. Its probably just going to be thrown in there with a bunch of half baked plot resolutions. This last episode, has made me cynical about the finale.


Great as Kirsten Bell will appear at the end of the GG, and it would be great if she was CG and not only to speak for the GG. However, I think that some other person is GG! Then, of course, two key issues remain to be resolved in the end - first why this person became GG, and another why in most cases the main target of GG was Serena? In addition to the identity of GG and these two questions must finally be solved!


i think itll end with it showing her watching someone or showing kristen log in gossip girl or something. she will blog a quick something... then credits...then depression on my part becuz gossip girl is over :(


For all that is mighty, let her be Gossip Girl!


Yes! So happy she'll be on the series finale. Bittersweet but I've loved Kristen Bell since her Veronica Mars days.


noooo so it is one hr retrospect and only one hr finale ! WTH! :(


If she really is GG, then I can't wait to hear the backstory on why. This bitch has been screwing me around for years.

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