Leverage Review: Too Big To Con

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Our favorite team returned tonight, taking on the mega-store to try and save the mom-and-pop businesses in "The Low Low Price Job."

You had to love Brigid Brannagh as the tough as nails executive who only wants to climb the company ladder. She did a great job of holding her own against Nate and the squad for a couple of rounds, but in the end we knew that Nate would figure out a way to beat her, didn't we?

Of course, Nate just did what he does best: he let her beat herself, really. Given how clever and quick she was, I wondered if Nate was going to try and recruit her to Team Leverage. It certainly seems that if she could be shown how to use her powers for good instead of evil, she would be a powerful ally. 

The Big Box Caper

Even when he wasn't sure if they could beat the company, I really liked that Nate stepped up and took the job to beat at least one store because it was important to Eliot. I can count on one hand the number of cases Eliot has brought to the table, so it didn't take much to know it was going to be good. 

And we weren't disappointed, given how much information we learned about Eliot, when we finally got to meet Tabitha (Willa Ford), who was previously revealed by TNT back in June as a possible love interest for the member.

I adored how Eliot took Martin under his protection as a surrogate father and tried to help him and protect him as a way to make amends for the falling out he had with his own dad. I wish we could have gotten a little more at the end of the episode with Eliot going to find his own father, it just felt so incomplete. 

Of course, Eliot wouldn't be the Hitter we know and love if he didn't have at least one person to hit. For this job, that became Bryan, the manager who was a bully. I don’t know about you, but I was ready to feed Bryan to the soda machine if Eliot didn't. 

Ironically, I had a boss just like Bryan when I was in my late teens working at a super-chain store that promised the lowest prices. Does that environment just attract ass-hat bullies, or do you think they are everywhere and I've gotten better at avoiding them?

I’m really looking forward to next week to see if Tabitha is back and to see what effect she has on Eliot. I think it’s going to be an interesting winter season! I’m giving this episode 4.3 mega-size pretzel packs for a fun return episode. How about you?


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i loved last nights Ep Nov27 they was all so amazing And CK did an amazing job hope to see more of his past and his dad & thk u so much for shaing this awesome artiale hope we hear a renewal soon


I thought it was a totally amazing episode!! The sensitive side of Eliot beong show was great, as well as his caring side! You could see the pain on his face as he talked about his daddy and the very end made you want to hold and comfort him. The way the whole team had to constantly be on their toes to try and bring the store down was awesome! Gotta love big tv's being on sale for only $99, wish I could find that kind of a deal! Everyone was just fantastic in this episode and to be honest from start to finish it was AMAZINGLY entertaining!! WE ARE WAITING FOR A SEASON 6!!!!!!


Loved the Nov 27th episode of LEVERAGE and am anxiously awaitng the next four new episodes!! and RENEWAL news for Season 6 too!!


Loved this episode! Seeing the team back together was awesome. Loved that Eliot found the client and related so much to his coworker. Eliot backstory is always welcome. The show did what it does best--take on the big bad for the little guy who can't. One of the things that makes Leverage so great is just that--the idea that there just might be someone out there who can exact justice even if we can't. The episode was done with much thought and has been in development for years. Having known several people who have worked for one of those stores, lots of the ways employees were treated were right on the mark. For those who question the validity of details, this is tv...entertainment. As such, the point is to be entertained, including some suspension of disbelief and just enjoying the story being told. And of course, the amazing talent of Christian Kane shines through all the way to the end. Without a word, he draws us in and breaks our hearts.


I loved this ep! A back story for Eliot...and I think it was great. Big box stores kill small business and they either do not have full time positions or they work the staff just below the hours required to provide benefits. I always try to buy local. Have you looked at the empty buildings in your community and thought about how they used to be mom and pop's? If bigger is better why does Lowes and Home Depot always need to send me to the local mom and pop store for parts? Awesome episode. I look forward to more and TNT needs to commit to a season 6!!!!


I just loved the episode as well. Thanks for the great write up


Loved the episode. I like the chemistry between Hardison and Eliot. I am looking forward to the other four episodes but I really want to know when we are getting news of a renewal. With such a strong fan base how can we not have a season 6?


I was looking forward to this episode SO much when I figured out they were taking down "Walmart" and it did NOT disappoint! Those arguing fine details- it is a television show NO show is exactly real life down to letter. It was amazing to see how many "details" they DID work in to show the Walmart in the store. I laughed right through because even though you could guess exactly what the team was going to do- you couldn't see the executive's response coming all the time and the frustration by the team as she matched wits with them was hilarious. The emotional rollercoaster with Eliot's backstory brought a beautiful heart pounding element that was refreshing. I absolutely loved the episode start to finish. It was perfect.


I really loved this episode, it had so much depth and emotion in it, and it was AWESOME to see our favorite team back together. Yes, it might have been heavy handed to some, but the writers of Leverage did a good job at balancing out the truth between big retail stores and mom and pop shops. All of this stuff is true, so they did a good job at explaining it....UNFORTUNATELY, Willa Ford's character probably won't be a continuing character. John R said in the podcast that it was just one of Eliot's dates but it is just one that we see. Eliot is "never lonely"


I have mixed feeling about Walmart, but overall I agree that the episode was heavy handed, and I found myself feeling sorry for the villian. Although the NYT recently did had an article called How Costco Became the Anti-Wal-Mart if you want to see the flip side of big boxes... As a side note, I really hate the season spliting trend that's going on in television right now. It disrupts the pacing and sets up multiple cliffhangers that I care less and less about as time goes on.

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