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Is it me, or did Nashville really turn up the heat this week? I'm still fanning myself from the scorching opening scene in "We Live In Two Different Worlds."

Another Wednesday with a Hank Senior song for a title and another week of Rayna and Deacon trying to fight their sexual tension. If that dream was evidence of anything, Rayna isn't doing such a great job of suppressing her lingering feelings after all of these years.

In the past few weeks, I'd felt a little bad for Teddy, but I'd say after tonight it's clear that everyone on this show has some dirty laundry.

Rayna Campaigns for Teddy

Kimberly Williams Paisley, wife of real life country star Brad Paisley, guest starred as Peggy. She and Teddy have a history and while it definitely includes a romantic past, I still think there's more to it.

By now we know that Teddy has had some financial problems and wasn't okay with letting a bank run a credit check on him. He burned some papers in a fire. Now he had a secret rendezvous with someone who is more than an ex. Rayna knows they have a romantic history, but if that's all it was, Teddy wouldn't need to have meet ups begging Peggy to keep their secret.

It seems to me that here are two people who love each other but are no longer in love with each other. Teddy and Rayna's marriage feels like more of a business partnership at this point. I know they have two daughters, but having parents who are dishonest with each other and unhappy isn't ideal either. Do you think there's anything these two can do to improve things at home? Will firing Deacon and keeping Teddy's secret be enough?

Juliette's life, on the other hand, is hardly a secret. One night she shoplifted a bottle of nail polish and the next thing we knew there were four million views of that video on the Internet. To be fair, Juliette is becoming famous in a different time than Rayna did. There was no social media back when Rayna was starting out. Today if a pop star so much as breathes the wrong way, the whole world knows about it instantaneously.

I'm not defending what Juliette did, don't get me wrong. But as the weeks go by, I see her less as a bitchy pop princess and more as a girl who has had some major issues. When her manager told her to hang out with some friends, you just knew she was going to say that she didn't have any. 

I don't have friends. I have people who wanna be seen with me. | permalink

We finally found out why she did what she did. She shoplifted because it was a childhood habit and it was something that made her feel like she didn't need anyone else to take care of her. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that this has a lot to do with her relationship with her mother. 

I'm finding myself more compelled with Rayna and Juliette's stories than Scarlett and Gunnar's. I wish Scarlett would step things up. Her boyfriend is jealous and was pretty nasty to her in front of the other people at dinner. She is seriously so nice that it hurts. Glad to see Gunnar go out and get himself some this week. It's better than just pining after Scarlett. 

What did everyone think of this week's Nashville? What do you think Teddy and Peggy's secret is? Will Rayna really fire Deacon?


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I agree with Terrie about Juliette. She really blamed her fame on her shoplifting in that interview?? I watch the show for Gunnar and Scarlett. I just wish Scarlett would stand up to Avery and stop letting him make her feel like she can't do anything.


Something just struck me last night as i listened to the duet between Scarlett and Gunnar from the 1st episode. Cant believe i didnt see it sooner. The song was a poem originally written by Scarlett, so is it based on her experiences? So who is the man she is writing about? Not her boyfriend obviously.


I think Julliete and Deacon are using eachother. Since Deacon can't have Rayna he turns to Juliette. Julliete doesn't have any friends so she turns to Deacon.

Sarah silva

I liked this episode. The show is getting better. I am glad I stuck with it.
I thought Charles 'Chip' Easton was good looking when he was on Who's Line but I find him really sexy on this show!
I think that Teddy had an affair with Peggy and she got pregnant and he has been paying child support and that is why he did not want the credit check and why he burned some papers. If that is the case then I do not feel bad for him at all. Rayna may still have feelings for Deacon but she has not acted on them.
Scarlett needs to dump Avery.
If Juliette was telling her manager the truth then I feel bad for her and she is a sad, lonley troubled girl.


Do Teddy & Peggy have a kid we dont know about yet?


Major issues indeed, and that Mom is at the bottom of them all! Need to get her out of the house or let her really mess things up. I mean what's up with just having her around? Dullsville. Though Hayden is a far better actress than I ever thought possible and that smile she's concocted can get just about anyone to do what she wants...and then some! Scarlett on the other hand is allowing that boyfriend of hers to walk all over her and if she's going to pine in her car when she spots Gunnar on a date, then get with the program girl and give your envious fella the good ole country boot! She's got more talent than all of them put together but she's going to need some kind of reawakening if she's ever going to take advantage of it.
What IS going to happen now that deacon is no longer in the Rayna band...or will she change her mind? her husband and her father are the last thing she needs. When bad teams up with bad, nothing good ever comes of it. Teddy's got plenty to hide and "Daddy" sure isn't going to help when it isn't to his advantage. Who needs enemies with friends like that? And finally, more singing please-especially from the up-and-coming-though-she-doesn't-even-know-it star...Miss Scarlett! Y'all get on with it and make a little more music to go with all those problems. Isn't that what country music is all about?


"But as the weeks go by, I see her less as a bitchy pop princess and more as a girl who has had some major issues." Yes she has issues but she's still a bitch pop princess who thinks the world owes her because she has a drug addict mother. She needs to put on her big girl panties and grow up and start taking responsibility for her own actions. She did what she did for the attention. She saw those girls watching her........ Scarlett needs to kick her boyfriend to the curb........
Deacon and Rayna should be together......
Teddy and his affair, if that's what it was, WILL come to's called a drama for a reason......


I find myself liking juliette a little more each week. when shes not being all bitchy and spoiled i feel for her. could anybbody else feel the vibes flying off the tv everytime teddy and deacon were in the same room? i cant wait for that explosion. gunner is hot! cant help myself. i feel so bad for scaarlett. averys being an ass and she doesnt deserve it. she literally fell into this situation and didnt even want it cause she was supposed to b there supporting avery. i like this show more then i thought i would


I cant say enough at how impressed I am with Hayden Pantierre in this role. I have been pleasantly surprised at her acting ability in this show. She was ok in Heroes, but she is really doing a great of job of playing a young woman thrown into the star light and all the bells and whistles that come with that.

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