NBC to Place Revolution on Four-Month Hiatus

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NBC is placing its freshman hit Revolution on four-month hiatus after its midseason finale Monday, November 26. It's a risky move, in no uncertain terms, but one the Peacock thinks will pay off.

"We're aware of how rare the miracles of these hits can happen," NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke tells TV Guide. "We wanted to put it in the most protected time slot possible."

"We believe people will wait for it, and we want to make sure we give Revolution every chance possible to be the hit that we think it can be."

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That means after two more episodes, Revolution won't be back until March 25. That will allow NBC to air originals, uninterrupted, into the summer, while keeping the show directly after The Voice.

Season 4 of the hit singing competition kicks off that very same night.

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yeah theres no way im going to watch this in march. see ya! who runs the stuff at nbc?!


I f**king hate tv networks. This is a stupid move. thinking that it's the voice that is the reason for it's success. It may help it but I don't watch most of these stupid reality shows. I want to watch compelling fiction.
Now i have to wait until spring for more of this show. I don't think so.
winter is for staying in watching tv spring summer is for enjoying the sunlight. you just killed what could have been a great long running show NBC! CBS better not do this to Elementary or Vegas the two other "major Network" shows that I like this season? (does season even apply anymore?).


How many times do they have to do the same thing, and get the same result, before they stop doing it? how many shows have died from "Hiatus"? Thats the end of revolution! guaranteed! I might as well stop watching now...
Besides, with kids sports schedules, people stop watching TV in early MAY now, so running it into the summer? HOW DUMB IS THAT? We'll be at camp and since Digital TV started we dont even HAVE a TV at the camp so thanks NBC for ruining another good show, and playing it at a time when many people cant even watch it.


Very dumb choice I think.
The ratings of this are already going down (I stoped watching after episode 4) en now they expect people to wait for FOUR MONTHS?
The only smart thing about this is that it's gonna air after The Voice again, so Im sure it will still have OK ratings, but its gonna lose some I think aswell


This doesn't seem smart (especially because the last two episodes are finally getting good). The only thing I can hope is that they told the showrunners this beforehand so they could conceivably set up the show like a British show or into like chapters (I know Grimm isn't going on a really long hiatus, but they have been clear this is a mid season finale and have at least one storyline that can end and the seed work for setting up enough of a story, but not a cliff hanger, that will keep newcomers interested). Like, they really ought to either save Danny or have him no longer be an issue (yes, kill him) and have some forward movement (like, they have added Danny, Jason, and Rachel and maybe lost someone or two and are running toward other of the nations). But they have to resolve something and leave something that makes the promise going forward good. I think both Flash Forward, Alcatraz and the Event left too much of a cliff hanger that any fence sitters were like I don't care that much.


NBC executives have killed ao many shows in the last five or six years what's another one. Seriously they should all be fired and replaced by monkeys randomly picking shows from an idea board and placing them in timeslots.


Isn't this what happened with Flash Forward and The Event...it spelled the end for both series but maybe The Voice lead in will save Revolution. It's a shame because I was curious to see who it would do without NBC's most powerful lead in.

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