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"Too bad {Kensi's] not as good at being hit on by a girl. Uncomfortable."

AMEN!!! Kensi's retreat could have been handled better than with a menacing look and equally menacing bit of dialog. C'mon writers...you KNOW there are guy fans drooling over LL Cool J in his tight-fitting henley shirts *raising hand*


You blow up someone's dad, they're going to become vengeful. It is their choice what they do with their anger, but it's a choice they shouldn't have to make. It's not liberal agenda, it's about both sides having to take responsibility.

That said. I agree, this episode was a bit convoluted. The script writing was seriously stretched here. The banter was funny and enjoyable, but the story was so far off the wall that it was a bit distracting and detracting.


we did NOT make into a killer she did on her own the sad cold hard fact is is innocent people die in war it AINT RIGHT it just makes it the way it is


Okay episode, until the end. Hettie shoots the Pakistani murderess, then sadly notes, "We made her a killer." So now NCIS has to be politically correct, taking the blame for what Evil Amerika has done to the poor, downtrodden third world. The killer chose to seek revenge and commit cold-bnlooded murder, yet Hettie says it's our fault? NCIS LA reflects the ongoing liberal castration of the military. I'll still watch the original NCIS, but I have lost all respect for the LA version.


Great episode. Nell's football obsession was great. It was funny seeing how much callen and hetti are alike like they don't fallow the rules when there suppose to. Can't wait till the next episode.


how many episodes they have???
i love that serie


i like those guyzzz

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