NCIS: Los Angeles Spinoff: Coming to CBS!

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CBS is looking to further expand the NCIS brand, this time with a spinoff of NCIS: Los Angeles.

The untitled project, written and created by NCIS: LA executive producer and show-runner Shane Brennan, will feature new characters who will be introduced in two-part episode of the drama later this season.

Brennan's proposed spinoff from CBS TV Studios, will follow a small mobile team of agents, who are forced to live and work together, as they crisscross the United States solving crimes, according to Deadline.

Gibbs and Callen

Brennan, who served as NCIS executive producer before spinning off LA, has had success with this model, successfully introducing Chris O'Donnell & Co. in a Season 6 episode of the original juggernaut.

NCIS itself was also introduced as two-part episode of JAG in 2003 ... yes, 2003.

Brennan joined NCIS at the beginning of Season 4 in 2006 and named show-runner the following season. He ran both that and NCIS: LA for the spinoff’s first two years before handing the NCIS reins to Gary Glasberg.

Now in its 10th season, NCIS continues to be TV's #1 drama series in terms of ratings. Airing ratings behind it, NCIS: LA, now in its fourth season, is a top 10 show that retains around 80 percent of NCIS' audience.

What do you think? Are you interested to see what Shane comes up with this time? Is there room within the NCIS universe for yet another spinoff? His first effort was a huge success, so there's reason for optimism.

Share your comments on this potentially big CBS development below!

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Liked the news. I would like to see Callen and a agent woman that can be in the spin-off. I want to see Callen in a novel.


I really like NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles--they are currently my favorite shows!! I think it is we learn about the characters and the way they interact with each other. It makes for a fun show---actual entertainment!! Something that us rare on TV in 2012!!!!


I love NCIS but I do not like NCIS LA much. It' not terrible but not that interesting to me. I like men with muscles but LLCool J in too tight sweaters get old really fast. And he is not a good actor. I will give a new spin- off a chance. The casting is important. And the writing. As for the Criminal Minds spin-off, some of the actors ruined it for me. Like Forrest Whitaker. He was just horrible, and all stories seemed like storys the wouldn't use on CM.


Maybe their doing these because NCIS wont do the right thing and kill some of their characters off

Sue ann

Looking even further back, there was a successful string of spin-offs from The Beverly Hillbillies, including Petticoat Junction and Green Acres. Maybe more, but those two, for sure. Mr. Drucker was the principal actor rotating between the three, with his store. Happy Days spawned Mork and Mindy, and an unsuccessful spin-off with Nancy Walker. Maybe more. Those spring to mind. I did not like NCIS LA the first two years, but with Deeks it has grown on me. I always kept watching for the wonderful Hetty. I'd be willing to give another spin-off a chance, but like everyone else, I say the casting must be superb. The Criminal Minds spin-off reeked, and I like Janeanne Garafalo.


I rarely watch NCIS:LA because if I wanted to see and hear about terrorists from other countries, I'd turn on the evening news. NCIS is wonderful, mainly because of the cast. The storyline was better in the first few years. I'll continue to watch it long as Mark Harmon is still there :)


Also, the small team solving crimes=either the A-Team, only legalized, or Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.


Don't like NCIS: LA nor did I like the Criminal Minds spin-off, either. Doubt I'll like this one :)


A spin-off of a spin-off. Do we not know that this is a bad idea? NCIS: LA was good for the first couple seasons but then I stopped watching it because all it became was Callen's hunt for his family. That gets super boring after a while. Plus, NCIS=NAVY CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIVE SERVICE. Did these guys ever do anything to do with the Navy or the Marine Corps??? NOOOOOO All they deal with is terrorists which is what the FBI does, not NCIS.


I say go for it, but you do need a good cast like the other two shows. Criminal Minds would have work if they had a stronger cast then what they did. I fell in love with Jag and was happy when they brought on NCIS & NCIS LA. Keep doing what you are doing and it will work.

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