NCIS Spoilers: Tiva to Open Up Like Never Before?

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This summer, NCIS' brain trust promised to "take things further" with Tony and Ziva in Season 10.

As always, that could mean any number of things. Ambiguity is one of the show's calling cards.

That said, executive producer Gary Glasberg offered this insight to TV Guide: “As we get into November sweeps, expect to see Tony and Ziva opening up to each other more, sharing some guarded memories that they both cherish."

"Tony will have some decisions to make as the season progresses," the show-runner adds of Michael Weatherly's character, hinting, "decisions that could leave him at a real emotional crossroads.”

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Elsewhere, Glasberg weighed in on Alex Kingston guest starring as a key character (and a redhead no less) who will catch Gibbs' eye. Miranda Pennebaker will serve as his conduit to D.C.'s underworld.

"She is someone with a bit of a shady past who knows a lot about the underground sale of things," he says - the selling of a teenage girl in this particular case. "Gibbs turns to her for information."

"They clearly have a bit of a sordid past. It's never really determined how far their past went, but there's flirtation in the air. This is the first time that they are really working together on something."

Will it be the last? Sound off on these dueling NCIS teasers in the comments below ...

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To Tiva-haters:
Ya boo sucks to you. Don't like, don't watch. Here's the thing; the majority of fans (I believe the test said over 80%) are Tiva shippers and have been wanting them to get together for a long time. (12% said they wouldn't care. That means 8% of people hate Tiva) They have to appeal to the MAJORITY of fans. They aren't just going to not have them cannon simply because of 8% of fans don't want them to. To Tivalets:
*SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* okay done fangirling :D


Look, I'm not here to put anyone down if they disagree with me but if you didn't see this coming from the minute Ziva popped onto the screen you're deluding yourself. I was reasonably young when season three aired in Australia and even I saw it. The writers freely admitted (no matter how much I try to deny it) that Tony and Kate were going to end up being the show's main romance but Sasha left and that went down the toilet. So they replaced Kate with Ziva and it was obvious what was going to happen from there. May I also mention Under Covers, Boxed In, Jetlag and every other episode where they flirt. You should have known what you signed on for when you started watching. And if you didn't that's not our fault. As someone else mentioned before, it's been nearly eight years. There is only so much alluding you can do before people get tired. If anything is going to kill this show it'll be focusing so much on the relationship between Tony and Ziva for so long and then letting it go nowhere. Sure the sexual tension is cute and funny and entertaining but there's only so much more we can take. And unless the writers pull a miracle of a plot line from somewhere Abby and McGee are way too far gone for them to ever work. So Tony and Ziva (aside from the fact they have been written as perfect for each other since her character's conception) are the show's main pairing. Cause let's be honest, Jimmy's wedding was a cute side plot for his character but we care a lot more about Tony and Ziva together or apart. Can I also say quickly, Tony is my favourite character in the show. He always has been and he always will and if him and Ziva don't get together I will be severely disappointed so I have no idea what you're talking about when you say that fans of Tony don't want them together. Lastly, I have no idea what you mean when you say that his relationship with Ziva 'diminishes his character'. As far as I understand Tony has always been funny, flirty and fiercely loyal. Not once has any of those characteristics faltered even slightly during their eight year partnership. Please note this is a comment towards naysayers in general although some of them may seem more direct. I'm going to end on a positive note here and just say that I am so glad that they're starting to get closer and learn more about each other because they've been partners for a long long time but we've never really seen much more than playful banter. Bring on the TIVA! :)


I think true fans of the show will continue to watch NCIS whether or not Tony and Ziva get together. I personally think the writers will be able to do a good job not making tiva the focus of the show and if some people can't close their eyes for maybe 3 minutes out of a 40 minute episode then they were not true fans. Also I don't think tiva is all about Ziva. Besides when he gets jealous, Ziva makes Tony become more mature and I am loving that.


GREAT SHOW----------------------------------


I just love Tony and Ziva getting closer and opening up more. This last two episodes have been so great with the TIVA scenes that I just can't wait to see what is next in store for them. I am a big TIVA shipper and I hope eventually they do get together. I do not believe the show will become boring or bad if these two get together. I mean I am a big TIVA shipper, but as long as its not like the whole show just about them, which I doubt it would be, then I think it will be great!!! NCIS has great storylines and characters that even if they do get together as long as they keep mixing in their storyline with others than it will be Fine!!!


Nothing wrong with Tony and Ziva getting together I don't care either way and I don't think the show will get ruined just because they are together that's crap people have no proof the show will be bad if they get together or not but all shows get boring eventually but it won't be boring just because Tony and Ziva are together I don't believe that I am for TIVA and I want them together but the show will be fine wether they do or not


@Mac - That is exactly what I said in my earlier post. Put these two together and the show is history. That is a fact. It is their sexual tension that makes the pairing work. I am old enough to remember Remington Steele. Once he and whatever her name of Stephanie Zimbalists' character was got together, the show was done. It didn't even get another season. I believe the same happened with Moonlighting.


If tony and ziva don't get together this season i am quitting the show. Its been 8 years already! come on!


All this Tony and Ziva stuff is complete nonsense, i just don't see why or how people think they are going to get them together, when there is nothing to indicate that. Plus in my opinion they are better off giving them each separate love interests and keeping them as partners and friends. Also once they got them together it would be all downhill from there and probably screw up the dynamic of the team. I am totally against Tony and Ziva getting together.


You can tell they dont care about the fans I mean first by putting Tony together with Ziva and we have YET to find out about Vance or Seen Tony get his own team

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Tony: One other question, I know you're an expert in English history. And I was just wondering, have you ever heard of Archibald Drummond, the 17th Earl of Trent?
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Tony: I was just wondering. Thanks.

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