Neve Campbell on Grey's Anatomy: First Look!

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A week from Thursday, Grey's Anatomy fans will get to meet yet another of McDreamy's four sisters.

Derek’s previously unnamed sibling Lizzie, played by Neve Campbell, stops by Seattle. Take a look:

Neve Campbell on Grey's Anatomy

Lizzie makes her Grey's debut in the December 6 episode, "Love Turns You Upside Down."

It’s not known what promots Lizzie’s appearance in the Pacific Northwest, but the Shepherd family reunion comes as the surgeons face increased pressure to fix Derek’s injured hand so he may operate again.

Campbell's Lizzle is the third Shepherd sister we've met over the years, following Amelia (Caterina Scorsone, who went on to become a series regular on Private Practice) and Nancy (Embeth Davitz).

The fourth, Kathleen the psychiatrist, has yet to appear or be cast on the show; with any luck, we'll get to see her as well before Grey's takes its final bow, which hopefully isn't for several years.

What do you think brings Neve to town? Are you excited to meet her character? Discuss!

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I’m curious and glad to see Lizzie and would know too what type of doctor she is. I find too that Derek, Amelia and Lizzie are all very good looking… I wonder why they didn’t need Amelia for Derek’s hand. Derek worked for fast every surgery of this type in the show, as for Burke’s hand, when Callie couldn’t do it. Why didn't Callie ask for another neurosurgeon? I always think it’s a missed opportunity of a crossover with Private Practice. I hope that Derek and Lizzie will at least mention Amelia, their mother or Nancy. We know Amelia like Addison better than her sisters. I would want to have a comment of Lizzie about her!


Wait... so Neve won't be playing Kathleen as originally thought? Sad, but hopefully Neve knocks it out of the ballpark with 'Lizzie'.


i wish she could stay as a series regular ...


Maybe she's an ortho doctor who can help Derek.

Spindae 2o

it's really odd! bUt U would reallly think she is his sister! She Cat Scorsone and McDreamy are a good looking family! With him being McDreamy, Cat being McArrogant but sexy, she could be McAngelFace! *.*


Can't wait ! Am excited to see Neve Campbell on the show !


What type of doctor is she?


Yeah. Finally Derek's sister.

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