New Girl Review: Fifty Shades of Day

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New Girl this week featured a mysterious Asian mentor; multiple examples of supposedly calming water massage; sympathy PMS; actual PMS; and guest star Carla Gugino doing her best Fifty Shades of Grey impression.

And yet "Menzies" was filled with as much sentiment as any sitcom episode you'll see this year.

Yup, that's the ridiculous beauty of New Girl.

Schmidt Gets Kinky

The show can refer to the Red Devil in Jess' belly one second, and then later turn that development into a heartfelt conversation in which Jess admits she has questions about herself as a mother. You know, because her "baby box" sabotaged her.

There's no doubt events this week will once again get viewers talking about Jess dating Nick, but there's simply no reason for New Girl to go there yet. Their relationship is perfect as is, both for the sake of humor and friendship.

And, my goodness, Jake Johnson was on fire throughout. He simply killed every scene, from Nick's everyday, over-the-top anger (at those awful doors!) to simpler expressions such as when he went with it and tossed away his pants by the pool.

Nick may have worried that the moment got away from him while he lay in the wet arms of a quiet stranger, but Johnson takes advantage of every second he's on screen, both big and small.

Schmidt is less subtle, of course, but no less hilarious. In the same way there's a fine line between sexual harassment and something awesome, Max Greenfield manages to perfectly navigate the multiple sides to this amazing character, telling CeCe the two of them sold their qualms (and used the profits to buy perfect bodies), while then adding he's a "monster" because he'll never stop wanting to kiss his NOT-nice ex.

Seriously, how can CeCe resist?!? The guy is totally absurd and unusually romantic, all in the same breath.

Even Winston had his moments tonight. I looked it up and there's no such thing as Sympathy PMS. That's just stupid (where would the tampons go?!?). But this self-diagnosis was used to reveal Winston's sensitive side. The guy is lonely. And he also doesn't like to be touched by his friend in the pool, apparently.

A terrific episode all around. Visit our New Girl quotes section to revisit the best lines and remember two things:

  1. The enemy is the inner me.
  2. Be wary of any sex contract that guarantees mercury poisoning.


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Where's the review for last night's episode? It had two great guest stars!


I didn't think this episode was the funniest, but I enjoyed it. Every episodes just leaves me wondering which one I love more - Greenfield or Johnson. Goodness gracious, the scene on the park bench killed me.


@Diana the whole episode was awful!


loved this episode!! laughed out loud all the way through. loved cece and schmidt. loved nick and the asian man. winston and jess with the PMS were hilarious. usually jess annoys me, and the interview meltdown was a bit over the top, but for the most part she was great.


Worst episode ever! Nothing made sense to me. Nick's little tantrums were childess and stupid. Who has a emonital breakdown at a job interview and that aisian guy was creepy. I think that Cece and Schmidt are gonna get back together. The person that plays Cece is a sorry actress shes just plain awful. Im looking forward to see Jess's new job.


omg, nick is really on fire this season!! i really think he is outshining his co-stars.
max is still number 1 to me, but nick is really close now :)


Oh my goodness! Talk about a hilarious episode. I completely agree with this review. Nick really was on FIRE! He had me laughing out low in every single scene. It's really a testament to his acting skills. For me, he's really on par with Max Greenfield now. The guys are really outstanding in this show. New girl has such a great cast. Can't wait for next week!!

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