Nikita to Bring Back Owen, Reclaim Time Slot

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The good news is aplenty for Nikita fans this week:

First, the series will move back to its time slot of 8 p.m. on Fridays, starting November 30. From that date through January 18, the show will lead into reruns of that week's Arrow. The shift to 9 p.m. had not been kind to Maggie Q and company, as Nikita Season 3 has barely been scratching out one million viewers per week so far.

Meanwhile, Devon Sawa returns tomorrow night as Owen! Watch the official network teaser for "Consequences" now:

Miss seeing Owen in action? We've also included a clip of him, Michael and Nikita from the same installment:

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OWEN BABY!!! WELCOME BACK!!! =DDDD and Miss Psychotic Amanda. Please capture Birkhoff so we can see his love ones kick some butts to get him back. LOL. I'm evil.


Good call! Even if it’s repeats, Arrow is another action show and makes much more sense as Nikita’s companion than ANTM. Nikita/ANTM is a completely senseless pairing, because the shows have nothing in common.
Also, going back to 8pm relieves Nikita of the competition with Fringe and Grimm, two genre shows that appeal to the same audience. It sure can’t hurt.
Honestly, I ain’t expecting miracles since Nikita was pulling 0.4′s even on 8pm in last season’s final reel, but every bit helps. This is such a fantastic show and I wish more people would watch. The cast and crew deserve more recognition for their top-notch work.


Thank goodness for the time change! I experienced the first I would rather watch Grimm than Nikita this week and even though Grimm will disappear for like six weeks, I was worried.


As smart the move is and how much I am glad it's moving back so it won't be up against other shows like Grimm, Fringe and CSI, I'm just really bothered that Nikita managed to go up in ratings this past Friday and now with the changed time slot, people won't know what the hell is going on when they tune in at 9:00 to find Arrow is on. Though I have an internet connection and TV that'll tell me about the time, NOT all people have the time to Google or focus on an advertisement long enough to know about it. I'll begin to spread the word, but it doesn't exactly inspire confidence that people will know about it.


I like Nikita at the 8 o'clock slot much better than 9....Good move C'dub

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Nikita Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

A new toast. To us. If we can survive each other, we can survive anything.


Owen: So you're Alex. The last time I saw Nikita you were on the outs. Did you two kiss and make up?
Alex: There wasn't any kissing, but yes.