Once Upon a Time Review: Keeping the NIghtmares Away

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Who knew that the thought of making it to "Tallahassee" could make someone so happy?

For the first time in her life, Emma Swan thought she would have a real home, made with a person she loved. Instead, she ended up with a broken heart, a prison record and a baby she didn't know what to do with. Emma went from expecting the dream to living a nightmare.

Swan Diving

It was such a shame. Emma and Neal has some nice chemistry as thieves on the run. Of course, with a price on Neal's head, starting a new life in Tallahassee would have been almost impossible.

But it did leave me with some questions. What was in the box that August showed Neal? The book wouldn't have shocked him into submission like that. Why was it necessary to send Emma to prison to make her destiny come true and how did August know that was the path on which he should send her? Could he see the future?

Knowing that this story would end with a prison term for Emma made her happiness as the more painful to watch.

Over in the present day fairy tale world, Emma was on to another adventure: climbing the beanstalk with Hook. 

Emma's first priority was Henry. If she didn't make it back down, she wanted to make sure that Snow made it back to Storybrooke to take care of her grandson.  Certainly a noble instinct, but Snow wasn't about to leave without her daughter, even if she had to climb that beanstalk and fight a giant herself.

The big question for Emma was whether Hook should be trusted. I didn't blame her for distrusting him. First, he's a mercenary pirate, most likely to go with whomever will pay him the most and I'm sure Cora won't make it easy to turn her down.

Second, Emma doesn't trust her own instincts. She was in love with Neal. She trusted him and not only did he leave her, he set her up to go to prison. It's no wonder Emma's heart is so wounded.

Jorge Garcia made quite the giant. He was equal parts ominous and sympathetic. We can only hope he didn't get hungry and make a snack out of Hook.

Leaving Hook behind in the lair of the giant, even for 10 hours, may have made him a dangerous enemy instead of an ally. I can't imagine that won't come back to haunt her some time soon.

Speaking of haunting, that's one scary dream that's going around. That Aurora has it as a side effect of her sleeping sickness is one thing - but Henry having the same dream bodes of something far darker.

So who do you think the scary eyes behind the curtains of fire in the enclosed red room belong to and why are they watching? What further nightmares are about to descend on Once Upon a Time?


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@Mrs.M : Aurora is the daughter of the sleeping beauty that got the best of maleficent, we still don't know yet how this sleeping beauty got cursed. Maybe the curse is transferred from mother to daughter... either way, I'm sure we'll find out eventually.


Well I missed that part about August taking the money... I guess they had to wait for king George or Regina to die before they could take legal possesion of their kingdom to become king and queen. Or maybe they did become king and queen, but since it wasn't very long before the curse, everyone was so used to call them prince and princess.


In season 1 episode 2, when Regina visited Maleficent to get the curse, didn't she mention that "when sleeping beauty got the better of Maleficent"? So if Sleeping beauty won, why didn't she get her happy ending?


Nice to know that August was keeping track on her all this time. Now we know that the mysterious guy was Henry's father (which we all guessed) but he probably wasn't Baelfire because he would have known about fairytale land. So maybe he's just a regular guy who fell in love with Emma.


This episode was fantastic and it made me hate August. I wonder how do they possible think they can take on Cora when she have magic. Hook probably can since he is a thief and known to do that. I want to know what that dream is about but I don't care for the people who dream it. I liked the giant and I am not surprise by his story since there is always two sides to every story.


You forgot to mention August/Pinocchio who can never resist temptation. He kept the money Neal gave him to pass to Emma and only gave Emma the car keys. Which left me wondering, where did he leave the car? Another question is about Snow... When she got her happy ending with Charming, didn't that make her a Queen? And Charming a King? Why are they still refering James/Charming as their prince?


My guess is the sleeping curse sends their mind in that doorless room with the red curtains. Since Henry and Aurora were cursed at the same time, Henry probably saw Aurora and maybe someone else. And when they wake from the curse, they relive it through nightmares.


Great episode. It was nice seeing Emma make friends with the giant and make 2 deals with him. I understand why Emma has trust issues now she went through a lot and had her heart broken. When Aurora had her dream didn't she say the eyes she saw where a man and in Henry's dream weren't the eyes of a woman. That what it sounded like to me so I'm wondering why they would have the same dream but see different eyes one of a man and the other of a woman. Can't wait till the next episode.

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