Once Upon a Time Review: True Love's Mistake

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Cunning vilains and blazing romance took over this week's Once Upon a Time, as "Into the Deep" dropped us into the netherworld where true love was exactly where we hoped it would be... but not what we expected.

We'll start with the villains.

Cora vs. Hook

Cora and Hook. Loyalty was a fluid thing with these two. Perhaps loyalty's too strong a term. Maybe it's that they're both working towards a common goal and willing to use one another to get it and trample over everyone else in the process.

That Cora kicked Hook to the curb certainly wasn't a surprise. She'll only keep him around as long as he's useful. But now that she has Aurora's heart, is there really a use for Hook? Either way, it certainly looked as though he'd bought himself some time.

And what's up with all of those hearts? They seemed to be everywhere. Talk about creepy.

Poor Aurora. Just when I was beginning to like her, she had to go and get her heart ripped out…literally. Finally she was brave and plucky, not whiny, and now she's under Cora's control. Sigh.

This week Mulan took over as the most annoying character. She must have had it bad for Philip to take that vow to protect Aurora so seriously. And if she learned anything, it was not to go up against Snow when Charming with their family are on the line. Mulan would have been wearing that arrow if Aurora hadn't shown up when she did.

Back in Storybrook, watching Rumple and Belle share burgers at Granny's was a wonderfully normal moment, complete with Rumple's explanation of the importance of condiments.

You should try it with ketchup. Condiments are this world's most powerful magic. | permalink

Then the woman who held Belle captive for 28 years walked in and the moment was over.

It was great to see Regina, Rumple and David forced to work together. Regina was right. She and Charming don't agree on much but protecting Henry is the exception.

Henry and Regina's conversation about her only using magic to help people was very sweet. Henry seemed to believe her but I'm not nearly as easy to convince. 

And David may have saved Henry from the fires of the sleeping curse, yet in going under one himself, he's left his grandson in the hands of Regina and Rumplestilskin. Out of the frying pan, as they say.

Charming and Snow. Oh, it was wonderful to see Charming and Snow sharing a scene together. It's been far too long. But Charming was so certain that Snow would be able to break his sleeping curse with true love's kiss that I knew something was going to go wrong.

Yet I was still disappointed when they weren't able to kiss or even hold one another. Damn you netherworld! Still, the angsty romance almost brought me to tears.  And how can anyone not love Charming's Once Upon a Time quote to Snow...

You will always find me and I will always find you. | permalink

Now Emma and Snow are more frantic than ever to get back to Storybrooke. Will they find the ink or will they have commandeer a mermaid to get more? Will Cora and Hook get there first? And how long will Charming be stuck in the fires of the mysterious netherworld?

Watch the promo for next week's Once Upon a Time winter finale and meet me back here on Sunday night to discuss all that goes down!


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Barbara Hershey looks freaking gorgeous. That woman totally aged gracefully. Seriously.

Beverly brooks

I too would like to know how Hook took Aurora's heart and how he knew about it's power. How did Aurora survive without the heart?


well it's safe to say that Aurora is as good as dead :)


Interesting episode, though I am not thrilled that Hook somehow managed to get Aurora's heart without any of the audience seeing him do it, and without us even knowing that he could...kinda a plot hole there, writers.
Loved Charming and Snow meeting in the netherworld, though I am sad that Charming will have to stay there until they can get back to Storybrooke. And I love that Charming was so intent on saving Henry from another trip to the burning netherworld that he was willing to have a sleepcurse put into his bloodstream via a spindle.


Mulan seems like the new age Disney character that just doesn't have enough "antiquity" about her to give her any relevance, and Yes, she is mighty annoying and needs to work with them, not against them...especially since Aurora is totally on board. It's even hard to follow Mulan with that ever-flowing cape, at least quickly, as seen when everyone said, "We've got to hurry!" Mulan stepped off quickly but Snow and Emma were only able to dawdle as Mulan's cape took center stage-all of it! I bet i's been stepped upon more than once during rehearsals. Moving on...charming brought on the romance and some of those Zombies from the Walking Dead appear to have stumbled on to the wrong sound stage but why not-they didn't seem to be any real threat...not like that wicked Cora and...well, I somehow have to forgive Hook his shortcomings cause he's so easy on the eye and more than a little charming himself! Regina has no more "changed for good" (to coin a phrase from Wicked, the Musical) than Mr. Gold has given up magic for his one true love...but things are coming to a frenzied state of panic and I only hope they don't leave us completely hanging with Charming fast asleep and Snow and Emma under Cora's control in a land far, far away...until next season? Say it isn't so....puleeeze!


I liked this episode, and next week looks pretty good as well! I loved the fact that Emma told Snow to have faith - that they WOULD get back to Storybrooke and to Henry and David! Emma is discovering her Charming roots :)) She really is changing and growing as a character.


okay this is one of my favourite shows and as a fairy tale base I can go along with most everything they have given us so far ....but come on...whats with a pirate 'taking' a heart?????.....when did Hook aquire the indepth magic knowledge to take someones heart leaving them alive and unknowing???....also it was a little over the top that Cora could hear the conversation that was going on between Aurura and the other 3..... way over the top for me on this one.......lets hope the writers haven't lost their way with the Hook and Cora charactors.................the rest of the show was fabulous as usual.


Not as much Mr. Gold as I prefer, but what can you do? Mulan is getting on my very last nerve. We get it. You are protecting Aurora. I sorta wish Snow would have shoved that arrow in her throat. Maybe later. I do agree that Cora would not need Hook to get Aurora's heart. She is like a heart hoarder. The netherworld scene with Snow and Charming was so sweet, a high point of the episode for sure.


OUAT is really speeding along now. Decent episode, with some pretty inconsistent character moments. I do like how they are proving the old adage, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." There may not be loyalty among thieves. But, when revenge is the goal, boy...it makes for some very twisted alliances. For a powerful magician who has been shown to be two steps ahead of her daughter and Rumple 98% of the time, Cora wasn't written very smart in this episode. Why did it take Hook to show her how Aurora could be used? Uh, no. That is NOT Cora, the woman who outsmarted Rumplestiltskin. Cora, heart collector extraordinaire, should have known this all along. BTW, Aurora's manipulation & the entire zombie army isn't consistent with what was shown previously, specifically with the Hunstman/Sheriff Graham. He didn't act like that, and he still had a conscience and his own will when Regina had his heart. Get ready for a cliffhanger next week!


Was I the only one who heard Emma blame Regina for everything after she and Snow had that conversation about guilt? What was that all about? Seems to me that Cora is, was, and likely always will be the cause of everyone's grief. If she hadn't been so fixated on getting a crown for Regina, everyone would have lived.. well you know... except her. She's OUAT's Wicked Witch of the West.

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