Once Upon a Time Sneak Peeks: A Compass Conundrum

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Following a Sunday off, what can fans expect when Once Upon a Time returns this week with "Into the Deep?"

The episode will feature a heavy dose of Cora, as she's intent on tracking down the mysterious compass and using it for her own nefarious purposes. Watch her confront Hook over its whereabouts in this sneak peek:

It also looks like Cora will come up with a plan to get what she wants. As teased below, it involves Aurora and Snow/Emma's well-meaning hearts:

Finally, in Storybrooke, David will devise a scheme of his own. It will also have a lot to do with Snow's heart, along with her lips, as he urges Mr. Gold to send him back into the slumber in which we first found him way back on the Once Upon a Time Season 1 premiere. See what we mean now:

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This episode looks incredible! Can't wait. If I were Charming, I wouldn't take a sleeping curse under Regina's watch, though.


This episode is gonna be awesome, I know it. But how on earth did Cora manage to capture Aurora?!
And David would not be smart going under the sleeping curse, Gold is right, he may never wake up and that would just throw off the whole show to have Charming not active again.


can't wait for this episode.looks like a great one.and yes hook is back:X


Yeahhhhh. Finally it is back. Any new characters in store in the next couple of episodes?

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