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"Together" was all about beginnings. The beginning of Kristina's journey into extended cancer treatment, a new romance for Amber as she began steadily seeing Ryan and Julia taking her desire to forge a deeper connection with Victor to a new level. 

Amber & Ryan

Amber and Ryan sitting in a tree! Well, playing miniature golf and hitting the sack, at least. Despite Ryan's desire to take it slow, once they kissed, speed was the only thing on their minds. They were so adorable together. I saw Amber's hesitation when Ryan popped a pill the morning after, but the real surprise is that none of the Bravermans are on any anti-depressants or anti-anxiety drugs. They're very common and nothing to be worried about. Whether something else happens to raise an alarm remains to be seen.

Sarah found out about the couple and mentioned it to Zeek, who immediately took issue. He didn't say as much, but it was written all over his face. On the one hand, he wanted him to be a part of his family and feel connected, but on the other he didn't want his granddaughter to get close to him. It was only to protect her, but if he's there to watch over them, things shouldn't get too out of hand, if they do at all.

Ryan thinking he was responsible for killing a farmer in Afghanistan was a mess. The guy was an opium farmer, and they showed him how to plant wheat. Once his farms were switched out, the opium gang killed him to send a message to other farmers. Thinking that way must be why Ryan is on medication. People have to learn to feed themselves and their society. That means planting crops that will do it. You have to start somewhere, even if the crime lords try to take it apart. It stinks, but Ryan didn't kill the farmer.

Cancer? Let's take a chicken. What on earth was with that? I couldn't believe five different family and friends brought Kristina a whole roasted chicken as a gift? I remember pot roasts, cakes, muffins, fruit baskets being all the rage. Never in my life did I think to myself, with her recent surgery, I think she needs a chicken.

Kristina wanted her own mother to be there for her, and her wish went unfulfilled. Instead she settled with Camille. She loves Camille, but Kristina wants to be the nurturer and accepting care isn't her thing. It's even more difficult taking it from Adam's mom. It was so touching when Camille caught her talking with her mom on the phone, knowing how badly she needed her mom and that she wasn't who Kristina needed at that moment, no matter how much she was willing to give.

Cut to the scene when they talked about the chemo fleece, Camille meeting Kristina for the first time and calling her Krissy. There may be only two human eyes in my house, but there definitely wasn't a dry one. 

Where are Victor's friends? When the baseball team got together after a game and Victor wasn't invited, concern about his social life grew between Joel and Julia. They wondered if he was being left out because he was Latino. I never realized where the Bravermans lived was so white bread. Victor can't be the only Latino kid in the area.

When they went to pick up Miguel, it was like a slum. So that's where Victor came from? There was never a lot of information about his adoption, but that does give us some inkling as to why the change has been so difficult for the guy. His life couldn't be more different than it was. Julia was pleased with how much fun he had with Miguel, but still wants to figure out what they can do so they can bring out that much happiness in their son.

Bring out the Rosetta Stone, and a giant smile on Victor's face.

Adam needs to unwind. Spending so much of his time lately feeling useless has put Adam into a very stressful state. In turn, he's been slowly taking it out on his family members. Two people don't let it get to them. Max, who manages to be smooth as silk under pretty much any conditions these days; and Crosby, who has prepared to have his brother's back.

When he realized just how wrecked Adam was, Crosby went into protection mode and demanded a night on the town. Nothing big, just a drink or two before Kristina started her chemotherapy - and he'd pay. Until Adam heard that, he had no idea just how transparent he was being with his feelings. He's scared to death for Kristina, and worried about how he's going to handle watching her suffer. I think anyone would feel that same helplessness, and it's typical of Adam and Kristina to be feeling so similarly.

The closing scene with Adam holding Kristina's hand as the chemo started dripping and the music stopped, leaving viewers only to the sound of the hospital machinery beeping as it faded to black, was chilling. I have no doubt Parenthood will do well by cancer patients with this story, just as it has with its coverage of autism, adoption and addiction; and it will be done with the perfect mixt of heartache and humor. 


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Before you judge so harshly and call someone's way of thinking crazy, get some knowledge about it. This show is wonderful because of how realistically they attempt to portray everything. This is NOT an exception.


Wow, this is the first time I've ever been angered by a review. Ryan's reaction is extremely accurate. I have known troops doing exactly that. The Taliban uses Opium trade as a huge funding or their operations. And they kill farmers. The logic in his feelings are no different than saying to someone "hey, you should check out this class on ___", they do, and get mugged and killed on the way. Even if you know logically that it isn't "really" your fault, your heart still does not, and furthermore this would have been something met with a lot of resistance by any farmer there, and the fact that they did do it would have meant that they placed a lot of trust in the troops convincing them. This is one of the story lines I love the most because it IS actually REALLY realistic. I will remind myself that hardly anyone knows what really happens in Afghanistan - half the country doesn't even realize we have troops there! - but still. Before you judge so harshly and call someone's way of thinking crazy, get some knowledge about it. This show is wonderful because of how realistically they attempt to portray everything. This is NOT an exception.


Drew and Amy's a disaster waiting to happen. I love Amber's character because of how perceptive and in tune she is with people. In a way she excels her mother in being mature and stable. I think she's good for Ryan and vice versa. She handled everything that came up with him rather brilliantly. I understand Zeeks concern though.
I've always loved Crosby and he was a great support for Adam. When I seen the preview for next week's and heard their "weed "exchange I about fell off the couch laughing. Si next week he'll be my awesome Crosby. I felt for kristina and the better used Camille. This was a great episode, balanced out better than it has been thankfully. More of the characters outside of Kristina and Adam got to shine.


My mom's port for her chemo is in her chest. Most chemo doesn't go directly in an IV in the arm. Maybe it was some Pre- meds or something. But most everything goes in the port. As someone who is dealing directly with cancer, I guess I'm just being picky. Maybe it's different for everyone.

Sarah silva

This was a fantastic episode!
I really miss this show when it is not on.
I really like Ryan, he and Amber are so great together, Sarah and Zeke better not mess it up, she is so great with him, the whole scene where it was the middle of the night and he was sitting there and she went over tosit in his lap it was all just great.
Amy, what is she doing? She seems sweet but she cheated on Drew over the summer now she is cheating on her new boyfriend!! Look out Drew.
Camille is such a wonderful woman, the scene near the end made me cry when she gave Chrissie the sweater.
Crosby is maturing, he let Adam rant about the mess and then he would not take no for an answer about taking him out for a beer.
Maybe what Victor needed was a small part of his old like and hopefully that will make strides in his relationship with Joel and Julia. Poor Sydney is never really on anymore.
Eventhough Chrtisina as not supposed to drive or have sweets, that scene with Max was cute too!


The little moments are so good--Adam's reaction to Crosby saying he'd pay was too funny. And nothing about Drew and Amy? I feel like that could end badly. Particularly since, as Drew observed, her new guy is a bit older and could probably beat him up if provoked.

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