Parks and Recreation Review: Twizzlers vs. Red Vines

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Not only did I briefly forget that Ben and Leslie got engaged two weeks ago, I also completely forgot Johnathon Banks was cast as Ben’s father on Parks and Recreation, which made for the perfect dose of comedy. 

The casting people utilized what Banks does so well, but for a more comedic effect than on Breaking Bad. Even though my parents got along while I was growing up, "Ben's Parents," scared me half to death.

Someone on the staff definitely had divorced parents because while most of the scenes were humorous with Ben's parents, some fell into more intense territory, which made me uncomfortable at times. But really, they were mostly fun to watch, especially Banks. Just consider: "We're a Twizzlers family." It was said with the same level of commitment Mike used to tell Walter White what he could do with his meth and grand plans. 

Tom Pitches Ron

But the best moment in the episode came when Ron Swanson and Mr. Wyatt stared each other down for the last shrimp. Who would you wager got that last piece? My money's on Mr. Wyatt. He may not have a mustache, but he's the most intense person this show has yet to meet.

Oh, Jean-Ralphio. My second favorite moment took place was when Ralphio reintroduced himself to Ron Swanson. There is no way to quote him. It was a series of sounds in typical Ralphio fashion. And whereas Ralphio was used in the past to showcase Tom's more shallow side, this week he was used to show Tom's growth. 

Ralphio wants to succeed in business without really trying, but Tom knows better. He chooses to work on his business (Rent A Swag) over going out with Ralphio and he breaks off his partnership because he is so driven to get Ron's investment. And it pays off. 

As for Chris, I love the name of his breakdown emotion: happy-sad. And how worth it for us to see Champion licking his face and Rob Lowe just being forced to take that, and in character?  his show uses animals in the best way possible. 

As always, Ben and Leslie end up being the perfect couple we always thought they were; nothing can bring them down, even Ben's miserable parents. And what could possible beat Leslie's unity quilt? Did anyone else catch the Game of Thrones/calculator square? Couldn't ask for better.

Stay tuned for next week's episode, where Leslie's biggest celebrity crush, Vice President Joe Biden cameos. In the meantime, visit our updated section of Parks and Recreation quotes.

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@Janet, Ron is a Libertarian. Jean-Ralphio always makes me laugh but I'm glad Tom fired him as his business partner.


By weekend I mean week!


I think this is by far the best show on tv. Each character really brings something special to each episode and they're all equally hilarious. I wish Leslie Knope was a real council woman in my town! Her and Ben are an amazing couple. They're so easy to relate to. I also love Andy and April. Great episode! Can't wait for next weekend!


It was mostly not funny. I loved the Twizzlers line from Ben's dad. Good for Tom!


Yeah, Ben's dad was hilarious with that intense Twizzler comment. His gf was hilarious too. Who played his mom? I liked her. Also, I have grown to really appreciate Rob Lowe. He's so good on this show. And, although I am a bleeding heart liberal, Ron Swanson is my favorite Republican. I should add that I also adore Leslie and Ben. How could you forget they were engaged? That proposal was such a great and unexpected scene!


it's Jean-Ralphio not John !
Great episode !

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Ann, you are such a good friend. You are a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk ox. Thank you, ox, for keeping this ship afloat.


Leslie: I'm so happy I want to shout it from the rooftops!
Ben: And she has. We've gotten several noise complaints.
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