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I'm sure I sound like a broken record, but Person of Interest just keeps on dishing out well written, directed and acted episodes.

Taking a creative spin and turning a lifesaving doctor into a potential killer, "Critical" even upped the ante by introducing another nemesis to Reese and Finch's rogues gallery, sending Carter deeper into Reese's secret world and getting Finch out of that dusty library he calls home.

It's tremendous how a show that could so easily be trapped within standard procedural parameters continues to explore outside them.

Reese Under Attack

There's always something new to discover, even when the episodes have already found a nice way to work in a story that's mixed with drama and humor, while incorporating captivating characters.

Take, for instance,  Leon, who humorously showed back up in trouble again. Except rather than leave him as a one-off joke, he provided useful expertise to the heroes. He's got that unique personality that's as smarmy as it is oddly charming, while making the possibility for his return both likely and welcome.

The same could be said for former MI-6 operative Wesley, in that he delivered another competent opponent for Reese. He had a posh demeanor covering up his ruthless and top notch tactics, and his unknown past with Reese made him more than just a bad guy for the episode.

In a way, Wesley seems a lot like what Root is for Finch. They both are fascinated by worthy opponents.

Reese never fails to disappoint in his abilities - and his guiding of Amy through the park with a phone, while similar to a scene in The Bourne Ultimatum, had positive results.

And of course we got to see Reese kick an enemy into a car windshield. Would you expect anything less?

But it was Finch back in the field that allowed for the drama in the hospital to be that much more enticing.

His character, while always great even when he's just telling Reese what's going on behind his computer, really opens up when he's out and about.

We get to see his distaste for hospitals, his concern for the person of interest and how uncomfortable he is when having to help assistant a surgery.

Finch even managed to have his own chance to spring into action when he bashed the backup doctor over the head. Although his best moment had to be staring in horror and saying, "Oh dear. Look at it. It's squishy."

Of course, it's a real treat that the episode, like its previous counterparts, goes beyond just saving the one person. Instead, while all of the doctor suspense and spy vs. spy was taking place, Carter was being pulled more into Reese's unknown world. She was on a parallel mission that had nothing to do with the hospital and business blackmail.

Turns out Snow really wanted to let Reese know that "she" is going to do something terrible.

As viewers, we know that "she" is Reese's former CIA partner, Kara. The question remains, though, is she just extracting revenge on the people who betrayed her or will she turn into her own formidable foe that Reese has to take out?

Similarly, Carter's interests in the whole situation really do bring up a dangerous notion that Reese pointed out. But, yes, we do really want to know more.


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It's the mind set on both coasts that everyone is cool with the whole gay marriage thing....well at least 50% of the people aren't. So the whole lesbian couple thing seemed forced and unnecesary. Could have done the show with any number of other relationships, but the producers though..lets go with cute little mannish crew cut lesbians...but cute girly lesbians. Apparently they don't live where I live because I haven't seen em. Why do the shows producers feel to need to push along the homosexual agenda? The whole concept was a bit off.


Nothing like calling distaste of gays being tired of 'Hollywood lesbians'. Yes, it was the 'safe' route to use lesbians rather than gay men for the episode. Guess what men and women still react better to beautiful women than to a handsome man, its an age old bias. Nothing in the episode was exploitative, which is all that really matters. It was another great episode. I really loved the final scene. It really brings home the feeling of loss that Finch & Reese feel even today about the choices they've taken even when they've been for the right reasons.


An average episode, however I'm disappointed that they went the "Hollywood lesbian" all Hollywood lesbians are cute slim attractive feminine women, and well..lets say reality is thats not usually the case. Touch did the same thing with 2 hot Asian lesbians. It's just tiresome that a good show feels it somehow has to push forward with an agenda that is just getting tiresome. If you're gonna do it at least be real with it.


Another excellent episode. PoI is the best thing on TV at the moment. I do hope they don't ruin it by throwing in a romance between any of the regular characters. As long as they keep the main focus fixed on Reese and Finch (and Bear!), and on the PoI they are protecting, then the stories work brilliantly.


"Reese never fails to disappoint in his abilities..." Surely not quite what you meant? :P Loved the episode - but when it comes to this show, that's nothing to write home about. PoI may have actually become my new network favourite. Certainly the best thing to come along in the last couple of years.


An average episode I would say. They are definitely at their strongest when the procedural stories are mixed in with serial elements. this week the most interesting part was the Carter angle. But because it was completely separate from the person of the week story I found the latter rather bland... I'm looking forward to the next few eps before Xmas break as there should be some big reveals about the machine.


An average episode I would say. They are definitely at their strongest when the procedural stories are mixed in with serial elements so in this case the most interesting part was the Carter angle. But because it was com


Absolutely loved this episode! And it seems to be getting better and better as Finch and Reese bring more people (and Bear) into the fold: more characters to play off each other. Truthfully, I can't figure out why more TV sites don't give this marvelous show the front billing it deserves.


The best line of the night definitely goes to Finch: "It's squishy!" I know I wouldn't have reacted any better to the situation, and I'm absolutely sure I would have at least lost my lunch! I was suspicious of the cop Fusco accosted to create a distraction because he showed extraordinarily little (read: no) respect for the detective. If I had been Fusco, I'd have busted his chops for that behavior! Of course, he turned out to be an imposter, so he got a bit more than his chops busted...


Sorry, but this episode was the worst PofI ever aired and I've watched this terrific show from the beginning. Every subplot was terrible. The lesbian surgeon who will murder a patient based on an English guy showing her some cam feeds. Yeah, right, very plausible. The murder plot itself was the most absurd way to cash in on a short position that I've ever run across. Getting a legit surgeon to purposely botch an operation? I've heard more sensible stories from giggling pot-heads. The chinese guy reappearing--most annoying character ever. Guy doing stuff he doesn't want to do because he has a bomb strapped to him: What was that? The actors floundered about with all of these bad lines and ridiculous joke of a plot. Terrible job by the writers and producers.

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Finch: Please don't touch any of my computer equipment.
Reese: If you do, the dog will kill you.

Does it look like I play video games, Leon?