Person of Interest Review: Love and Death

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Relationships can be a killer.

At the very least, when you have a problem, talk it through. It's much easier and far less dangerous than hiring hitmen to take out your respective loved ones. There's a lesson there for all of us.

"'Till Death" took the marriage vows to heart when the machine brought up two numbers and Reese and Finch discovered that a married couple wanted to kill each other.

Preventing a Couple's Murder

Mark Pellegrino, who guest starred as the husband, seems to be in everything these days. And that's a good thing. Whether he's Lucifer on Supernatural, Gavin Baker on The Closer, or least we forget, the infamous Jacob on Lost, Pellegrino nails each role.

Perhaps I would have liked to see him play an agent opposite Reese, much like Alistair in last week's "Critical," but he still did a good job at being one half of an arguing couple.

And man, could they argue! Even I was ready for Reese to just let them dangle off a roof.

Reese was in top form as always, looking ever so smooth taking down the bad guys. There's something rather fun in watching him go toe to toe with any enemy, and using a nail gun was a nice way to change it up.

As for Reese being the marriage counselor? It's a good thing Finch was there to step up before Reese decided to do anything too crazy.

In a lot of ways, Reese comes across as the ladies man, the smooth talker, the sharp dresser, so you would think that in his endless bag of tricks he'd be able to diffuse an argument. He did diffuse a bomb after all.

Yet, it was rather great seeing Finch show off his relationship skills. He may come across as less than social and more attune to computers, but his flashbacks with Grace showed why he was perfect for the situation.

From the birthday clues to their conversations, it was clear that Finch and Grace's love for each other was blossoming. These two were really making a connection, and even when Finch wanted to tell her his big secret, she told him to do it when he felt comfortable.

It's rather tragic that this hero can only see her from afar now.

Really, this episode was a great character focus on relationships.

Carter, who I've been enjoying her banter when working with Reese, has an admirer in narcotics Detective Cal Beecher. It was nice hearing Reese ask her about moving on from her husband, and Beecher seems like a great prospect. Although, my only fear is that him getting involved with her could end up getting him killed.

Even Fusco was riding the love boat, and it was rather hilarious that Reese called him out for being melodramatic and evading his calls. That, and Reese telling him that he doesn't deserve time off. Granted, who doesn't want Fusco to have his time in the sun with a pretty lady?

This was an enjoyable episode that managed to delve a bit deeper into the characters at the same time it perfectly coincided with the topic for the case of the week. And it's with those strengths, along with the stellar acting, that really does make Person of Interest continue to be a stand out show.

There's just so much to offer and clearly so much more fun to come.


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Sarah silva

I enjoy this show! I look forward to it each week.
There is always some humor, which I like.
I like Cal and would like to see Carter go on a date!
I liked watching the flashbacks of Grace and Finch.
Looks like Fusco has a new lady friend!
What could be better than a Jacob and Ben reunion! LOL


@DeAnn - I'm glad I wasn't the only one who had a sneaking suspicion about Fusco's new lady friend. Is it any coincidence that her cousin is a cop? And she sure seemed eager to stick around with Fusco when he was called up by Finch. Think about it: your date gets summoned to work a stakeout, and your first instinct is to share it with him? A guy you just met? If she's not in HR, there's a good chance she's an HR affiliate. Poor Fusco!


I liked the story enough this week and don't care if Carter and Reese get together in the future. I would prefer that they did not. However, what I did love this week were the little ticks that Carter and Fusco did regarding their "love" interests. Fusco had nailed the puppy dog look perfectly and Carter had that little breath out that indicated that she was about to jump out from a cliff before she said yes to dinner. Its those little details that make this show so enjoyable to watch.


Suncatcher, I totally agree with you and Dreamrose on the humor and the witty banter between characters, particularly Reese and Finch. And I loved (and laughed at) that excerpt from the show that you put in your comment! The more I know about the characters, the more I enjoy watching them each week. Both my son and I laughed at Reese using the nail gun during the later fight sequence, and I always marvel at how graceful and easy Jim Caveziel makes those fights look...he never seems to break a sweat, even when he's fighting more than one bad guy. I also loved seeing the tender, romantic side of Finch, whose scavenger hunt to the Guggenheim made me cry, because I could see how Grace was moved by his care in setting her up to see her favorite painting. What a sweetie!And I am glad that both Carter and Fusco have romantic interests, but I have a feeling Fusco's lady friend isn't who she seems to be. I think she's in with HR, and will get him killed.


But if John and Carter get together, what happens to poor Zoe? I really like her and I think she is much more suited to coping with Reece's baggage than anyone else. And I rather liked the look of Carter's new potential love interest. Also, Zoe could eat Grace for breakfast. See, if Carter and Fusco get second chances at love with new partners, why not Reece as well, and then Finch doesn't have to heat up the cold soup with Grace. I think he needs a new love interest, preferably a spunky, non-stereotypical librarian-type like myself, but please, at least someone less starry-eyed and a little more suited to life in the big city with a group of crime-fighting vigilantes.


You heard it here. I see John and Carter getting romantically involved down the road.


@ dutifuldaughter - I think you might have something when you say, "...what was right for the Finch of 2006 is not going to work with the Finch of 2012."
Grace and Harold were perfect for eachother in 2006 as they are both quiet people who love the arts (she is an illustrator)and taking quiet walks together. The 2012 Finch has probably been permanently changed - by Reese and Carter and Fusco and all the other characters in his new circle! Think Harold poking the guy in the eye and flaming on drugs and throwing his body on the guy at the train station to save him from Root and playing ball with Bear and much more. It's a brand new Harold. Finch has been "Reesonized!" Grace may not recognized the new Finch model.


Is it just me, or I am I not the only one who finds Grace a bit of a snooze? (It's not Carrie Preston's fault; I just don't like the way she's written.) She just seems so airy-fairy compared to the other strong female characters in the series. I'm rather hoping they don't get back together, since I think what was right for the Finch of 2006 is not going to work with the Finch of 2012. then again, I may be biased as i feel there is only one woman for Harold Finch and that woman is me. I actually thought one of the funnier lines was Finch claiming he worked as a docent at the Guggenheim. As if.


@Dreamrose - You are absolutely right about the understated humor of POI!
The all serious Finch comes across as a complete riot when he says lines like this to Reese (from last night):
Finch: You know, Mr. Reese, it did occur to me we could leave the Drakes to their own devices.
Reese: Well, that's pretty mercenary of you, Finch. I kind of like it.
Finch: If that's the case, I may have crossed some moral threshold. POI writers craft these gems - then plunk them in the middle of very serious, edge-of-your-seat episodes. You don't expect it and that makes them even funnier, I think! One of the reasons this show is such a hit is its custom tailored lines that so beautifully fit each cast member - some of which break the tension and just make us laugh out loud, while covering our eyes. : )


When I watch each week, I think "it can't get any better", but this was great! I loved the fleshing out of each character. Carter accepting the date from her coworker, Fusco connecting with a pretty lady, and Finch! Finch was so romantic and so caring with his lady! He has such a nice smile! I hope somehow, the writers can come up with a premise where he and the redhead can get back together! And lets not forget the dog eating a danish(nice play on words, Reese!) Awesome episode, as always.

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