Private Practice Review: According to Addison

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Last week’s Sam-centric episode was one of the worst in Private Practice history. Fortunately, tonight’s installment focused on the main reason we all first started watching: Addison.

The question was whether "Apron Strings" would change it up from “The Next Episode” and generate actual momentum as we inch closer to the series finale. Most importantly, would these character-based episodes continue to be a snoozefest or would Shonda and company deliver stellar stories that loyal viewers so rightfully deserved?

Return of the Mother

Well, tonight did not disappoint. The Addie-anchored installment kept me glued to my seat as Addie’s plate was certainly full with numerous obstacles.

First, Henry’s biological mother, Judi, resurfaced and asked to be a part of Henry’s life. Initially, I struggled to understand what exactly Judi wanted and really did not want her to mess up Addie’s seemingly perfect life. By the way, how awkward was the scene with Judi bringing her mom to meet Henry at the park?! Seriously, I really felt for Addie and wanted her to just take Henry back into her arms.

Although she knew it wouldn’t be easy, Addie eventually realized that Judi should play a role in Henry’s world. Henry would always have two moms and Addie said that Judi would always be welcome. Addie always does the right thing and is certainly stronger than ever.

Meanwhile, Addison found out that her mentor, Vivian, was dying. Vivian shared a painful secret about having to give away her daughter years ago, along with the pain of never knowing anything about her own child.   

Perhaps the best moment of the night was Vivian’s letter to her daughter. It was heartbreaking and perfectly written while flashing back to the day Henry was born – showing both the happiest day of Addie’s life but also quite possibly the worst day in Judi’s. It was easy to cheer on Addie as we've been rooting for her since day one, but I also found myself feeling very sad for Judi.  

Moreover, I loved that Addie was able to find Vivian's daughter in the end and pass on her mother's letter. It was a beautiful end to such a touching story.

If only that was it. Poor Addie was also being sued for the wrongful birth of a patient born with spina bifida, a birth defect in which the backbone and spinal canal do not close before birth.

A mother basically believed that Addie should have advised her to get an abortion years ago. After seven struggling years with her special needs daughter, the mother finally admitted that she didn’t regret having her daughter, but was suing Addie for money after losing both her husband and job.

Luckily, Addie convinced the mother that her daughter would never forgive her for going after Addie for the wrong reasons. Addie saved the day once again by trying to secure a job for the woman.

Other Thoughts

  • Addie proposed! Jaddison fans must have been smiling from ear to ear.
  • Our favorite doctors were back at it with their round table discussions. I forgot how much I actually liked and missed these moments.
  • Charlotte and Cooper were discussing baby names. I seriously can’t wait for their episode!

All in all, a solid way to bounce back from last week’s rare disaster of an episode. Also, don’t forget to tune in again tomorrow night for another NEW Private Practice installment. Yes, you read that right! Get excited and meet me back here tomorrow evening. 


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I loved this episode. Favorite episode this season.


Kate Walsh was brilliant during this episode. Addison is such a great mother. I love her.


This was a great episode! I cried!
Addison was awesome!


Touching episode! My favorite this season. Addison was amazing!


Cannot wait till this show ends. Amy B. no relevance. Addison: tired of the ridiculous loves and baby issues. Kaylee excellent, so is the guy who plays her husband; these two with the psychiatrist should get picked up.


@Marisa It works and fits because Addison has flown around the country doing surgeries because few can do the ones she can.


Good episode, but I am way too distracted by the HUGE inconsistency issue: if the child Addison diagnosed/delivered was seven years old, that would have put Addison in Seattle at the time. Shonda is getting sloppy.


Ok I agree that this was a great episode, but I can't agree that the one with Sam was the worst. It was a fun episode that got us to see them all in a closer and close-up light, and a little more fun-filled with the reality tv thing. So don't diss the episode, or Sam. I like Sam and was glad to see more of him and see somebody rooting for him as a doctor.


Just finished watching the episode, and I got so emotional! Seriously, what a great installment. Sad to see this show ending in a few weeks.


Excellent episode, and I, too, cried when Addison wrote that letter for Vivian, it was just heartbreaking. And I gotta give some kudos to the hottie ER doc, he was just awesome in this episode, flirting with a dying woman to help keep her mind off the pain. Good man, and good doctor. But yeah, I thought the whole thing in the park with Henry's biological mom was pretty awkward and I was truly amazed at how graciously Addy behaved when she was being ambushed by this whiny 'grandma'---I mean its certainly not Addisons fault that her daughter doesn't confide in her that she's pregnant! Sheez. Oh, and I also liked the scene between Coop and Charlotte and Coops son, where he explained why he didn't want to know his 'birth' parents.

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