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with sam proposal to addison shonda want addison say no shonda wanted too hurt addisam fan because there stop watch private practice with addison choice jake now that jake proposal to addison shonda wanted that she say yes to jake not fair way
shonda do this too sam he was with addison for three jear and say no to sam with jake
she know jake for one jear and she will marry hen not fair way because he black shonda is black to and do this too sam shame on you shonda shame what painful for addisam fan not fair sam and addison much be the endgame of this finally season
so disappoinment not fair stupid decision shonda


Marisol Nichols played the role very gracefully, Loved her.


Two episodes in two nights really hit the spot!
I am so glad that Addison and Jake are taking that next step forward. I just hope Sam doesn't try to get in the way again.
I am happy that Amelia is moving on and finding happiness, as well as Violet who seems to be trying to put the death of Pete behind her.
Everything else this episode was "meh" due to the focus on Jake and no one else. Though I did enjoy Jake's episode this week, I much look forward to Cooper's episode after this. Can't wait!


So happy for Addison and Jake!!! Wahoo!!!


Two really good episodes from Private Practice :) Seeing Addison and Jake together was great. I get more and more convinced that he's really the right guy for her.

However, I'm still not so sold on the character-centric episodes. I really loved Addison's and Jake's wasn't bad at all. But I can't help but whatever what is going on in the lives of the other characters. For example, James has been flirting with Amelia but what how Sheldon feel about that? I think it's just kind of unfortunate that in these character-centric episodes we don't really get to see the relationships of characters with anyone else but their significant other. And it's something I wish we could see as the show comes to an end.

Finally: The promo for Cooper's episode has be completely worried and freaked out. I thought CharCoop would have a happy story but I really don't know where Shonda and the writers get their definition "happy".


Funny nice episode!
I LOL-ed very much as they discussed Angela and her Teacher at the ROUND TABLE!
Jack and Addison! I really love them together! He is perfect for her! but she doesn't know him enough they are to fresh to go and MARRY! They have 6 episodes to get there. The scenes with his ex Wife wonderful! *.* Great character development! and the Patient really well written! Good work Shonda!
Even with this being a Jack centered episode! we saw such a great Addison! S1orS2 Addi would panic as hell but this is so Adult and mature!!
The proposal was tremendous!

Why did they forgot SHELDON's disease!? No one mentioned it for quite a while.
Amelia and the Tarzan looking doctor!Nice! I wanted her with Sheldon. But they have nice chemistry!
The Missing Child story is good developed and has a nice follow UP! I just hope they don't find the girl DEAD!
Missed Cooper Charlotte focus!but next week s mine! '*'.'*'


Sorry, but the last five minutes was total cheese to me.

Somewhat thrown by the power dynamic of the Jake/Addison couple. I guess I always have been and my doubt just pokes its ugly head out at the faintest cue. Shonda has always been rushing them (hah). Not that I'd want Addie to end back up with Sam (hell can freeze over before that happens), but there are still things in the Jake/Addison relationship that irk me.


Finally!!! I am so happy for addison and jake. They're amazing together!


@ Igor My sentiments exactly! #sigh.


I'm so happy Addie is marrying Jake.

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