Revenge Episode Teaser: A Fatal Mistake?

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Emily Thorne pulled off one of her boldest moves yet on Sunday night's Revenge.

As is often the case, however, the fallout will be quite dicey for her, considering:

  1. The Americon Initiative is coming to The Hamptons.
  2. Kara Clarke will now likely become more unhinged.
  3. Mason Treadwell is about to figure out who she is.

Impressive as her plan to frame Conrad for WHM's murder at his own wedding was, Emily's not dealing with garden variety adversaries here. How will she respond when all of the above factors come to a head?

On next week's episode, "Exposure," Helen (of The Initiative) confronts Daniel and Conrad at a Grayson party (obviously), while Mason digs deeper still and Kara sets her sights on some payback of her own.

Check out our photo gallery from "Exposure," then watch ABC's promo below:

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I want Aiden gone for good ASAP,but giving the actor an option for next year indicates I won't be getting my wish any time soon.


I hope it'll be Mason Treadwell thats dead on the sunken Amanda. Or that new rich guy try to rip off Jack and Declan. I'm ready for either of them to be gone!


Interesting episodes ahead, for sure. I for one, hate Mason and ship the theory that he'd be far better off six feet under. Well, certainly Emily and Amanda would. I just hope Aiden and Nolan can stop her before she screws up big time if she's planning on making an agreement with Mason. Now, just a quick note about Kara Clarke (especially with Madeleine Stowe scenes): perfect casting!

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