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1. Nolan's comment about revenge camp/Vic and Cons hand holding #classictv

2. Satisfying, it wasn't dragged out and wrapped caused the removal of the mother too!!

3. Overhyped!!! should have left her out tbh, her twist confirmed nothing nor added anything to the storyline.

4. Hot Hot and HOT! he's very easy on the eyes and a man's man.

5. Nolan as per! annoys me that ems/mandy never says thank you. he saves the show alongside con and vics anyways...IMO...

6. My Cons and Vics ofc, how could you ever compare anyone to these two!!!! grayson jnr is developing but still has a way to go

7. @arnie answer, GG3.0 is just not the same as GG1.0 but glad they aren't on it no more!! n sorry thats how irrelevant i find the porters, im talking about GG


Wasn't the episode called "Exposure", at least it was that in prior TVF and Buddy posts.


@Spindae 2.o - I reckon since the next episode is about the past, Nolan's love interest may also be a guy from his past. Don't think he is cheating on padma or at least I hope not.


1. "It feels like old times" - Nolan Ross!

2. Satisfying for now...but I want more!

3. Overhyped - she is a terrible actress!

4. Excuse me but VERY HOT! Aiden has grown on me and it was really nice to see Emily have an honest kiss for once - because this guy knows everything about her, the other two are being deceived by her.

5. Nolan. Amanda nearly ruined everything!

6. Conrad and Victoria - the holding hands was really a wow, srsly? moment

7. Hanging out with Taylor Momsen - probably talking about how their careers are not doing well after the left GG..then again at least they left before things got worse.


1. This one time...
2. Satisfying
3. Overhyped
4. Not
5. Nolan
6. Conrad/Vicky


I don't remember quotes! I say the Em Mason Jail conversation was a great QUOTE overall.
Really really good! He was madling to much and Emily did it right! So I love the fact Emily regrets everything she does, and wants to forfit after she does "her" JUSTICE!
3.Kara Clarke!
Pretty lame. The actress did a solid Job, but she is one of few bad written characters of REVENGE. A bit naive, a bit lame! I thought she was a mastermind and not a sick mind.
4.Aiden and Emily! SO not HOT!
I really miss Emily have true emotions with Daniel and Jack. Aiden and his motives are so "hard" and "unNatural". He and Kara are so poorly written! Awful! I really don't see the point of them being there.
5.Nolan or Amanda!
Both! Amanda is shown off as the bit stupid girl! And I love her stepping up! And doing things right!
Nolan is the Heart of Emily! Really can't imagine her doing this without them. Just a shame he becomes a CHEATING bastard in 10 days.
The Ice Queen and King! Their new-old found affection is really good developed and we didn't saw it coming! They have that bitchy chemistry so let's go there! :D
7.Dec and Char!?
I realized they've gone just as the episode ended!

PS I'm angry U didn't asked us about HIMYM-hottie coming by and can't wait for Em to go after him after he messes with Jakc! lOl

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