Revenge Sneak Peek: On the Front Porch ...

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... some pretty steamy stuff is about to go down on! Proceed at your own risk!

It looks like a certain couple takes their relationship to a new level Sunday.

After watching the start of Emily and Aiden's hot and highly-anticipated hookup above, one wonders what made her finally give in (besides the accent of course), and what events made this particular day so difficult.

"Rough day?" Aiden asks, checking on our beloved heroine after another Revenge-filled outing. "You keep asking me that," Emily responds when he asks if she's alright. "And you never give me an answer," Aiden says.

Looks like she finally has an answer of sorts.

Anyone else excited for tomorrow night? For more scenes from "Exposure," head on over to our Revenge clips page, then share your predictions and thoughts on Emily and Aiden in the comments below!

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Aiden has got to go...I just wish he was the body on the boat,but that pretty much has to be Kenny Ryan.


Anyone know the name of the song when they hiss from the last scene?


omg their chemistry - they are perfect! I absolutely love aiden!

Leon alexis

Unthinkable!!! I hope,she thinks about Jack kissing that one!


wow, aiden and emily are a hot couple - they should be together. Me thinks Emily might dump him later over some conflict in the revenge strategy. But I like them together, they have great chemistry and history.


I still want Daniel and Emily to be endgame! They are perfect! But for now, Aiden's not a bad choice, he still has twenty times better chemistry with Emily than Jack (he is so lame)!


yeah... victoria is always on that balcony of hers so maybe she sees?


Yay!!! Can't wait. Looove Aiden and Emily together'!!


Yay! I love these two, so much better than either Jack or Daniel. Jack is a total snuzzfest this season and Daniel isn't smart enough. Let's just hope Aiden doesn't do anything to mess with Emily. They seem like they could be good together.


Please Ditch Jack&Greyson And let Emily&Aiden have happily ever after!

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