Revolution Review: Choosing Family

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"Nobody's Fault But Mine" left us Revolution fans with quite the cliffhanger.

We now begin a four-month countdown, and it begs one big question: What happens when you bring a knife to a gun fight?

Charlie's Discovery

Why Rachel, for all her quick thinking, couldn’t just quickly do some damage to the amplifier and take the pendant back before slapping Miles might rank up there with convenient oxygen-starved tunnels in terms of plot contrivances. However, I still find it hard to fault her completely. She only had one goal: to get back to her children, even willingly going toe-to-toe with the guy even Miles finds scary.

For not having a good chunk of screen time, Rachel seems to be in almost every new storyline: she knows Aaron, her past with Miles certain isn’t amicable (although it looked like a lover’s quarrel more than anything else) and she has some serious bridges to mend with Charlie.

Speaking of, Rachel’s reunion with Charlie was definitely one of the higher points of the episode. Charlie was, understandably, still mad at Rachel for abandoning her and Danny, and the tension between them was captured perfectly in their reunion scene: Charlie stepped away from Rachel as she moved in to embrace her.

Charlie posesses plenty of baggage to carry with her because of Rachel, and none of it is being tied up with a neat little bow. Because of Rachel’s reintroduction into her life, Charlie finally has a dynamic (aside from Miles) on the show that works for her. For most of the Revolution Season 1, Charlie has felt like a lost soul that hasn’t fit in with everyone else. Here, she finally had a purpose.

The showdown between Miles and Monroe, on the other hand, was anti-climatic. There was never any real fear that Miles was going to return to Monroe, so while it was awesome to see that Miles and Monroe considered themselves to be the only family they had at one point, it wasn’t exactly surprising the Miles dumped him in favor for his real family - and in favor of leaving behind the shell of man who has lost all semblance of his best friend.

Other thoughts:

  • Aaron can't work matches, but finally learns how to start fire?
  • Miles' affection for Charlie is rather adorable, and so is hers towards him. The ending, as she was waiting for him to escape with them, summed up their relationship perfectly, especially as he yelled at her: Run, you idiot! | permalink
  • Still wondering what Grace and Flynn are up to.

What did you think of the fall finale? Can you believe NBC is making us wait until March for more Revolution?


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While I did sympathize w/Monroe losing his only family in Miles, there is still a lot of the story we don't know. For me, that means that Monroe must have done something, or broken Miles' trust so deeply, that it's irreparable. We do know one important fact - Miles was stunned to learn Monroe kept her alive after all these years. Clearly, he expected her to be dead. I think it was their plan to kill Monroe, and he had to leave her behind. That would explain why she was pissed he never returned to get her out. BTW, no mention of Tom & Julia in the review? I know a lot happened. But, that was one chilling monologue he gave to Aaron. Now that the power is back on, will he still be in a position of power? Seems to me the techies, soldiers & engineers would have an advantage over him. I did love the big smile Charlie gave to Miles when she saw him escape. The girl hasn't looked that happy since the premiere episode.


Disappointed the last episodes they promised us to explain why the electricity went out but it never happened.Shame!
I've just noticed the last couple episodes,there wasn't Randal and Grace,where are they,just waste time to make those character but never gonna be happened.Please I need them.
For me,the slap wasn,t romantic between Miles and Rachel.Miles used to be ex Militia General and how ruthless he was.I've seen one of the early episodes,Miles handcuff Rachel made it seems business like,it was the knowledge of the blackout.
And now Rachel reunites her family,the writer makes me think are going to do some complicated romantic feelings Nora/Miles/Rachel triangle hope Im wrong with it.Im preferable Rachel back to Monroe because they have unfinish business.


I read the Rachael / Miles / Monroe story a little different, although as far as I know, we haven't been told the story yet. My take is Miles made Rachael leave her family to find power in order to help monroe's cause in exchange for the kids and her husband's safety. Once Miles left, Monroe honored that arrangement for a while, trying to get Rachael help to regain power. That was the reason for the slap. She almost seems old enough to be Miles and Monroe's mother, I don't think we'll see a romance with either. I'm guessing the fat boy will end up with Rachael?


That was a really good episode, I love the relationship that Miles and Charlie share,it's really cute. I can't believe they're making us wait for 4 months!


I came away actually disliking Miles for some reason. The flashback really filled in some blanks on Monroe and I ended up feeling quite sympathetic towards him. Which is good because caricature baddies and goodies don't really exist and are boring to watch, it's much better the bad guys are shown to actually have sentiments and a history behind their actions. Call me crazy but i'm digging Monroe now. It wasn't quite the epic confrontation i was hoping for either but there's time for that.


Will love the answer to why Rachel left her family to go to Monroe in the first place. The ending was great to see the family was finally reunited, and now it will evolve into new challenges for all of them. Aaron is finally a hero, and may run into his wife later?


I loved this week's episode! I am really beginning to adore Miles, but I do agree that the confrontation was not what I expected. I can only hope there was a good reason for it besides showing us again what a sleazeball Bass is. Charlie is growing on me. At first, she was a little too doe-eyed for me, but now she is getting a bit of a backbone that lasts the whole episode.


Uuuhm, what's wrong? This week, same as last week, my comment is held for moderation?


Great episode I loved it. At the Begining I'm just wondering why Charlie's head was bleeding on the left side when the bullet grazed her right side because if the right side was bleeding I would get but since it was the left side was I was a little confused on that. It was also nice to see miles still had a friend in the militia and that friend probably got killed for letting them stay there and not telling anyone. Charlie's reunion with Rachael was great it felt real. The way she acted to finding out her mom was still alive was great every minute of it especially the part when she moved away when Rachel got close it show she is still mad at her for leaving her and Danny and I think even though there now getting along it will take her awhile for her to forgive her. When miles chose his real family over Monroe was great and it showed how much he cares about Charlie. When sorry forgot his name Monroe's scary guy asked her to choose her children and Charlie chose her self to be the one to get killed showed me how far she's willing to go for her family and how far she will go to make sure the militia doesn't get more power so they can hurt more people. The ending left with bit of a cliffhanger and the preview for when the season comes back made me excited. I don't know if I'll be able to wait 4 months for the show to come back on because I like it so much and I want to know what's going to happen.


Good episode. To be frank, only Monroe, Miles and Rachel are anywhere near interesting and the show benefits when it focuses on those three. I'm intrigued by Mile/Rachel but I'm more interested in Monroe/Rachel. That's a twisted dynamic right there and definitely fascinating. Who wants to bet we are headed for a messed up triangle with those three?

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Revolution Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Run you idiot!


You're not the same person. You're too far-gone. I see it now. We are not family, not anymore. I have a family. You are nothing to me.