Revolution Review: Where Loyalties Lie

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There were plenty of familial ties to go around in "Ties That Bind," along with some seriously head-scratching developments.

Kim Raver on Revolution

The character connections remain the strongest aspect Revolution has going for it, and it’s great to see some of the other major families, aside from the Mathesons, step into the spotlight.

Tom and Julia’s actions to get Jason out from Monroe’s clutches and keep him from being sent on a suicide mission to California were downright cunning. Their loyalties weren’t in line with the Republic, but with their family instead; because those loyalties are bound to blood, they are easily malleable.

Julia’s interests, meanwhile, are focused on making sure Tom can step up and lead. She has no investment in the republic. It’s a stark contrast to Tom, as he knows exactly what happens when something negative is said about the republic: death or disenfranchisement.

Nora’s sister, Mia (played by The Nine Lives of Chloe King and Army Wives’ Alyssa Diaz), looks at family in a completely different way: as the only ties that matter. Mia can’t see the forest for the trees; she’s so blindly loyal to only blood that she can’t see the bigger picture of Nora finding a surrogate family with Miles, Charlie and Aaron. 

Instead, Mia is willing to sacrifice all of them to save one, and she could not understand why Nora became so mad at her for that decision. Mia’s childhood is full of death and loss, but instead of honoring her sister’s wishes, she blindly made a deal with the republic, handing mass murder to one man in pendant form.

The confusing aspect came in Grace form. I can’t tell if she’s a voluntary prisoner for Flynn or not. But once again technology questions cropped up because of her. Somehow, Flynn is able to track where the pendants are, but his goals are still shrouded in mystery. We don’t know if he’s part of the resistance and wants to build the U.S. again, or if he just wants to make sure the pendants stay out of crazy hands.

And that’s not even acknowledging wherever they are.

Other Thoughts

  • Pretty crafty: get a pendant, build a generator. I wonder if power can travel outside the radius of the pendant (if it has one at all).
  • I really want to see the California side of things.
  • There's only two episode left until Revolution heads off into hibernation for four months. What are you hoping to see in these final two episodes?


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Awesome episode. Revolution is really coming into its own and becoming one of the best shows on television. I think the story is awesome and I love the acting. Billy Burke and Tracy Spiridakos' characters are both people with really good hearts, a tenacious inner passion, and an overall desire to try and help people, especially their friends and family. Tracy Spiridakos does an outstanding job as Charlie Matheson. Charlie is a kind pure soul, who has to mature quickly from an innocent young woman into a tough, spirited heroine. Spiridakos is outstanding as the protagonist of the show. She is able to make the audience both like and cheer for Charlie on her epic quest. One minute Spiridakos has to portray Charlie as a young girl who has to deal with the death of her father, and her brother being kidnapped. The next minute, Spiridakos ia able to turn Charlie into a relentless warrior. I love both Charlie and Miles' characters. I also think Nora and Aaron are really cool, well rounded characters. Monroe is crazy. Neville is a psycho and who knows about Rachel. I look forward to watching Revolution for a long time and watching these characters develop.


What is Tracy Spiridakos' function in this show? It seems she is mainly around to pout, cry or look concerned. She has a repertoire of about 4 facial expressions; I can hardly watch her. When they were advertising Revolution last summer it seemed like she would be some kind of warrior - now the show really doesn't need her at all.


Revolution really stepped up its game this episode. Really liking this show more and more with each passing episode. Neville and Julia are the best part, that's not to say you can't love Miles' snarky panache and the intriguing storyline of the pendants. I can't wait to see the next two episodes. I hope the show brings its A-game to the table. Strausser: Did you ever consider that manybe society was sick, not me?
Miles: No, I never considered that.


I enjoyed the episode. I liked seeing the spotlight on Tom and Julia, and the fact that we got to see their family dynamic a little with how they will deal with the whole sitaution with Jason and General Munroe. I liked that we got to see Nora's family and that it soon fizzled out because of how Mia turned in the pendant to the Munroe republic. I liked this episode and of course loved the direction from Guy Bee, always enjoy whatever he directs especially Supernatural... :)


Oh, so now we're covering "Macbeth"? And again, why is it that Rachel doesn't seem to care at all about Charlie? Did I miss something?
Sad to say, like "Awake", this show is getting less and less interesting with each passing episode. I mean, they've been without electricity for 15 years, by now there should be all the technology of the 19th century, and that would mean steam driven airships and vehicles.


Great episode!Love miles and nora and their adorable kiss.Also love charlie and miles and his worried "are you ok?".And cant forget miles and monroe and their best friend thing.Pretty much just love everything miles!!!Billy Burke is amazing and the true highlight of the show!


Great episode I really liked seeing Nora's story it really helped me understand who she is and why she does what she does. I was surprised that Mia was working with the militia and made a deal with them to only save her sister but I wasn't surprised when Nora got mad at her and told her not to find her again and then went back and save miles, Charlie, and Arron. I thought it was nice that Charlie kept listening in on Nora and Mia's conversation then she told Nora she didn't have to keep her promise because if she had the chance to see her dad again she would do whatever so Nora should go with we sister and see her dad. Can't wait till next weeks it looks even better.


I was happy to see a part of Nora's background story and I enjoyed watching the dynamics within the Monroe Republic. Also, with the Grace/DoD guy part this series gets an exciting angle.
I only wished the writers would have started sooner with the stuff which began to unfold last week.

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