Rob Kazinsky to Woo Sookie on True Blood Season 6

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Rob Kazinsky has nabbed a key role on True Blood Season 6.

The British actor - who has appeared on episodes of Law & Order: Los Angeles and Brothers & Sisters - will be added to this HBO smash as a series regular next summer, coming on board as a faerie named Ben who gets close to Sookie and helps she and Jason better understand their family history.

Rob Kazinsky

Last month, it was also announced that veteran actor Rutger Hauer would play Macklyn, a shady and sinister figure with ties to the Stackhouse siblings.

True Blood Season 6 kicks off in June.

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Nowhere in the casting call did it say that this Ben the Fairy will be a new love interest for Sookie. A huge part of the books is Sookie (and Jason) learning about their fairy heritage, and it looks like TB will be exploring that storyline as well in S6. There is more to Sookie's life than her love affairs.


l love Sookie and Eric !!!


claudes gay so doubt hed be a love interest for jessica


Guys, I wouldn't put too much stock into this description. The original description never said anything about him being a love interest, and it says he has a dark side which implies he is probably evil and maybe in alliance with Warlow. Besides, these descriptions are usually really misleading, remember whenever everybody thought Claude would be a love interest for Jessica based on their ONE scene description?


Yay! Another love interest for Sookie!! ...Said no one ever.


its shaun slater out of eastenders ! (english soap opera)


Great. Another guy Sookie can spread her legs for.


EVERY damn male lead on this show has a thing for Sookie! WHAT is up with that? I'm expecting Lafayette to turn straight for Sookie at this point. -.-


No more love interests for Sookie. Just plain Eric and Sookie please.


UGH! I have no problem with new characters if they are interesting, but I do not want another love interest for Sookie. Come on, lets get her and Eric back together while hes not under some witch spell that turns him into a weepy teddy bear.

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