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Tonight's episode of Scandal may have had a slightly slower pace than previous episodes, but it certainly didn't lack for a jaw-dropping ending:

Who shot Fitzgerald Grant?

Leading the Team

"Defiance" had everybody following their intuition, and if Fitz had listened to Mellie's, maybe he wouldn't have be in this position.

I keep playing that scene over and over in my head and I can't decide if Mellie KNEW something was going to happen because of the round table and cloak-and-dagger's secret meetings she's been privy to in Fitz's absence... or if she just knew on a gut level that they shouldn't get out of the car. I want to say that she's not so heartless and/or ambitious that she'd have her own husband assassinated, and this was all a big, huge serving of women's intuition. But with her, I feel like we can never be too sure.

Mellie's not capable of assassination, is she?

Is this solely the work of Hollis Doyle, who might be a more dangerous animal than Cyrus Beene? Or is there someone else out there who wants Sally Langston sworn in before sunrise? The suspense! It kills!

Intuition was also crucial for James tonight as he tracked down the information given to him by David Rosen. This is a dangerous yet awesome alliance these two are forming. I knew James wouldn't stop investigating Hollis Doyle just because Cyrus asked him to. The desire for scoop is too strong with some journalists and James has proven that he has quite the urge to uncover the truth. Watching James follow the leads to uncover the voter fraud that got Fitz elected was thrilling.

Now the question is: if Fitz survives the shooting, what's he going to do and think when he finds out?

He'll eventually learn that his election was fraudulent. He was never supposed to be President. Which means he would've been free to leave Mellie and be with Olivia.

It's certainly killing him to see Olivia and Edison together, though he's bringing a great deal of that pain on himself by having her watched in the first place. Here's a newsflash: Having a surveillance detail follow your ex-girlfriend around, even if she's your One True Love, is kind of obsessive and not at all romantic. I know he told Tom the Secret Service agent that they were supposed to back off of the detail, so here's hoping they actually do it.

I'm not sure how I feel about Olivia essentially using Edison as a pawn to find out if the President is still carrying a flame for her. Yes, he finagled his way to a nomination for Senate Majority Leader by stomping on her client, but her conversation with Cyrus about who should be the next leader and then her surprise that Fitz made the right choice (by making the wrong choice) was a little sad.

The President choosing to support the other candidate so that Edison would be chosen made sense in terms of blocking Hollis Doyle's connections and had very little to do with Olivia, unless it was some grand and secret gesture to say "Go. Live. Be free." His choice might have also been the reason for the shooting, so maybe it was the wrong choice after all.

Quinn also followed her intuition to determine that Huck, or someone like Huck, ferried her out of California on a private jet registered to Verna Thornton. She's learning the ways of the team members at Pope & Associates well to be able to hypothetical her way into so much information.

Also worth noting from tonight's episode was Harrison's ability to handle the case. Olivia trusted him to get the job done and he did, even if he doubted himself. And I think the Abby-David break-up is eating at him just a little bit, which is going to be interesting moving forward. If he starts to question Olivia, the whole thing unravels, but so far, he's the most in the dark about everything going on.

Huck, Abby, and Quinn all have pieces to this puzzle. Harrison doesn't.

What did you think of "Defiance"? Who do you think pulled the trigger? Check out our Scandal quotes page for more tidbits from the episode and then let's talk about this week in the comments!


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Who shot POTUS? is more like asking who stand to benefit the most if Fitz dies? I am not sure anyone from the roundtable had anything to do with the shooting since they went to so much trouble to get Fitz into the office so they can further their agendas. Wouldn't surprise me though if one of them was involved(Hollis or Mellie). The VP (Sally) is my main suspect. Are we sure that Billy the VP chief of staff from S1 was really killed by Charlie? He was hell bent on having Sally be the president. Other suspects would be; the governor who lost election to Fitz, someone we are yet to be introduced to or the guy who wanted to expose the spies. Going by his history, he seemed to have a grudge with the government.


I can't wait for next week! I don't know if Mellie had anything to do with the President being shot but I don't think so. I don't even know if its Hollis. What would Hollis have to gain by having the POTUS shot?? Edison, ugh, why couldnt' Shonda find a different person to play his role. He & Olivia have no chemistry!! He is ambitious though and both are using each other in my opinion. Quinn is trying to find out what happened to her and she probably will but okay then what is she going to do with that information? I dont see Quinn as a threat to anybody. Olivia was surprised that the POTUS made that choice but I feel that he just did it for her because he still loves her. He probably figured it would make her happy. I can't wait to see James next move, Cyrus is going to flip out to say the least.


oops, forgot to add as a possible suspect in the 'shooting', the Governor, who President Fitzgerald 'won' the presidency from;or maybe even the governors, now imprisoned wife. The governor was 'pretty' mad about the whole thing.... yikes, 'winning'?


I'm torn on this. 'Mellie' said SHE, would blow" President Fitgerald away; would she have risked hiring someone to do it? I think 'Billy', from season one might have had this done, f he is not 'gone' himself (ie. he and 'Charlie' ilast seen in the elevator). I think 'Mellie' loves 'Fitz', and needs to be the FLOTUS', killing him would take that away, unless she was figuring on running in his 'absence'. Finally, I feel the buildup to this was off, as there was no one incident where I could see who{m} might want President Fitzgerald gone, with the exception of 'Billy', the Vice President or 'Hollis'.


Saying Mellie knew did it would be too easy and nothing is ever that easy on Scandal, there's probably another explanation or if she did know not in the context that everything played out ( heck now am confusing myself). It'll be interesting to see everyone's reaction next week will this prompt Olivia to say the magic 3 words.


Wow! that was a hell of a ending. i knew something bad was gonna happen when melly started asking him to lets please just go home, although im still not sure if she had anything to do with it. she genuinelly seemed worried in a i dont like this something doesnt kinda way instead of a worried in a here we go kinda way. i loved quinn this episode. shes close to figuring stuff out, and her asking huck all the hypotheticals was funny. you could see he didnt really want to answer her questions so it was kinda funny when he shot her down. all in all great episode

Miranda wicker

@T, so you think she definitely knew? I can't decide if I think she knew or if something in her gut just said they shouldn't get out of the car.


All I have to say is this:
Mellie knew about the assassination attempt. I love Scandal, but when did TV get so predictable...? Shonda did that, though. SHE DIIIIIIIIIIIID THAT!

Miranda wicker

@Delilah--Fitz-bashing? Really? I have ONE sentence in there about him being obsessive. ONE. Even though he told the surveillance detail to stop and they didn't the fact that there was even one there to begin with crossed a line and was, in my estimation, an abuse of his office. We generally sneer at the government watching the every move of private citizens (there was an entire episode about it!) so why would we think it okay and NOT obsessive for the POTUS to watch his mistress? And I never called her relationship with Edison romantic, nor did I say they have the hallmarks of happily ever after.


contd. Hardly the recipe for a successful relationship, but there were people oohing and aahing as if this was a real viable option to Fitz. He wasn't and he isn't. Who shot Fitz? Probably Charlie or some dude Hollis hired to do the dirty. Don't think Mellie had anything to do with it. She was as mean-spirited (thought you were dead, a girl can dream) as ever but it would be too obvious a plotline to have her behind it. Great ep. Next week's ep looks incredible, can't wait.

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