Scandal Round Table: "All Roads Lead to Fitz"

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The votes are in! Scandal just keeps getting better and better! While Fitz was away at the G8 Summit, Olivia and Cyrus managed the Cytron crisis in his absence.

Join TV Fanatic staff members Leigh Raines, Jim Garner, and Miranda Wicker, along with Emily from ABC Scandal Fans, as we discuss "All Roads Lead to Fitz." Then add your answers in the comments...


What was your favorite scene from "All Roads Lead to Fitz"?
Leigh: Olivia and Cyrus hanging out with the wine and popcorn. I love them when they're just friends. Close second, Cyrus telling Mellie "you may be an animal but I'm a monster."

Jim: Huck and his new girlfriend sitting in the car with Huck sharing something he likes to do. It was great that not only did she not think it was strange but it made her more attracted to him. I hope their romance continues. They are so cute!

Miranda: Cyrus and Mellie in the hallway took my breath away with how very, very sinister he can be one minute and how very, very sane and rational the next. LOVE him even though I think he's probably evil.

Emily: I loved the press briefing scene with Cyrus and James! First because I love Dan Bucatinsky as James! Second, because it was just hilarious how uncomfortable Cyrus was. Third, I think James is probably the only one who can ruffle Cyrus’ feathers. It’s ironic that James is the person Cyrus truly cares about and loves, but now fears as well since James has returned to the White House Press Corps. I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble he stirs up!

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Scarier character: Hollis, Cyrus or Huck?
Leigh:  Huck is probably the most physically dangerous but doesn't want to be that way. Cyrus FTW.

Jim: Cyrus. Let us not forget he casually paid a hitman to kill a woman in Olivia's apartment last year. I wouldn't get on his bad side for anything.

Miranda: I'm actually going with Hollis on this one for the simple fact that he seems to have stupidity and impatience on his side. I get the feeling that had he waited on the rest of them, none of them would be in this mess. Never underestimate stupidity, right?

Emily: Cyrus, hands down is the scariest of the three because he knows how to get away with his “…nitty-gritty, morally bankrupt, back-alley brawling rest of the game”. Hello, Amanda Tanner?!? He has to win at all costs (“Winning is winning”) and he’s freakishly skilled and making you believe what he wants or influencing people to see things how he wants them to be perceived whether it’s the truth or not. He’s extremely calm and methodical in his plotting and to me, that’s the most frightening.  If you’re on his bad side or you get in his way, you’ll never know what hit you.

Can we trust Huck's new girl friend?
Leigh: Ehhh... I think she's just a little weird but harmless.

Jim: Not sure how much we need to trust her as Huck does a pretty good job of not sharing anything "work" related.

Miranda: After seeing that Olivia's been spying on David and Abby, I think she's a plant to keep watch on Huck. It wouldn't surprise me in the least to know that Olivia's keeping tabs on all of her employees.Emily: I’m on the fence with “Cocaine” so far. On one hand she really may just be looking for companionship, even though she does seem to be a little kooky. But I could definitely see her being a “plant” as well – maybe the CIA is trying to rope Huck back in. If it turns out to be the latter, I could see her truly falling for Huck in the process and potentially turning on her “boss” to help him.

Do you think Fitz really got elected because of voter fraud?
Leigh: I think anything is possible on Scandal, but I feel like Olivia wouldn't let herself be involved with that.

Jim: Could the glitch account for just over 4,000 votes? Sure... is there anyway to know for sure? Time will tell.

Miranda: I also feel like Olivia wouldn't be involved in something obviously illegal, but Harrison did say that sometimes the ends justify the means for her. So if that's true, and she didn't sense that the governor was capable of murder when he was running for president, what greater evil was she trying to prevent?

Emily: Based on what we know (or assume to know), I don’t think so entirely. I have a hard time believing that such a small margin of victory (4,359 votes), in one county in one state wouldn’t have raised immediate red flags. I would also think that the Governor would have contested the results considering how obviously obsessed he has been in the two years since the election – so much so that he’s willing to let his wife take the fall for murder. I’m sure there are plenty of crucial puzzle pieces still to come in this conspiracy.

We know Olivia's been spying on David, but we don't know for how long. What do you think will happen to Abby and David now?
Leigh: Abby is so screwed. David doesn't have to have loyalty to Olivia.

Jim: I think Olivia is going to give them a choice, come into the fold and protect them from Hollis or if they refuse it will be the end for both of them. I'm hoping for the former.

Miranda: I've defended Abby's lack of understanding of Olivia's silence for a while now, but after this? I can't wait to see the inevitable conversation these two women have and watch as Olivia puts Abby in her place. And please, writers and TV gods, keep David Rosen alive. I like him.

Emily: I have no idea what will happen, but I think we may see some of Olivia’s true colors. I’ll speculate that she may play Abby and David against each other to keep Abby out of the line of fire since no one else in the “Big 5” knows of Abby’s involvement.  It’ll sure be interesting to see who comes out wearing the “white hat."

What do you think about the rekindled friendship between Cyrus and Olivia?
Leigh: See my answer to one. I love it.

Jim: I think Olivia has needed someone to give her straight answers since Stephen left. While there is the whole "I had your client killed" thing that could create a rift, it's nice to see them friends for now.

Miranda: I loved the scene, definitely. But I hope this is that whole "keep your enemies close..." thing. There's a cautious comfort between them while they both remain completely aware of the capactiy for a fall-out.

Emily: I loved this scene and the interaction between Cyrus and Liv – more of their old friendship and close to an almost father/daughter love between the two. However, I hate to think how crushing it will be for Liv if/when the truth comes out about Cyrus’ involvement in Amanda Tanner’s murder.


I feel sorry for Fitz, I think he knows he's being played but is powerless to stop it.


I think that "cookie lady" is spying on Huck I think the voter machine fraud was why that murdering governor thought he had won the election....the "gang of five" found out and stopped it. If he is willing to murder someone, rigging voting machines to win is pretty low on his morality scale. I also think Abby will save David and there will be a scarey dramatic scene about it. David is about to find out just how scarey and dangerous the world he works and lives in really is! He will never be the same : ) I think that Mellie's baby was fathered by Hollis...after all Mellie is ambitious. I continue to drive myself crazy trying to figure out how Fitz and Liv can keep their jobs and still be together....having no luck at all. This show is making me nutz! and I just can't wait week to week for the next episode to begin. I relate everything in my weekly schedule to how long before I can watch Scandal again.


1. Loved the scene with Cyrus and his assistant Mary. She is funny. I hope we see more of her.
2. Mellie – I know, she is not one of the choices but she should be. The woman so far as gotten her way in all she wanted and we still do not know so much about her background as we do on Huck or even Cyrus. She is has a quiet, cold and conniving way of doing what will benefit her especially when she thinks she is being undermined.
3. No – she looks/acts sketchy and she could be a plant by David or another spy from Huck’s CIA job hence the upcoming episode. Whoever she is I just don’t trust her.
4. I don’t think so. The way they kept repeating 4359 on the show make me think that they (Governor and his wife) actually had someone look into it to make sure the votes were legit. Since Abby said Cytron was used to also manipulate casino/gambling who knows. Maybe they used Cytron to somehow fund for Fitz campaign.
5. I am waiting to be surprised.
6. It is good. But in such a cut-throat environment…….would anyone trust someone else enough to call them a friend? I don’t think so. That is why I keep hoping that Stephen will be back at some point. If not, get another character for OP to be friends with. She definitely needs someone on her corner before something gives.


James/Cyrus interactions were the best thing about the ep. Cyrus is very uncomfortable with this scenario, James and his journalistic skills are too close for ocmfort now. We all know Cyrus is utterly ruthless, the question is, will he go as far as harming his own husband to keep the conspirators' secrets hidden? Will be very interesting to see.


This gang at the Scandal Round Table is so creepy makes you wonder how many secrets they have hidden and how many they don't know bc I don't believe that all of them know everything.
Huck is scary but he was created. Cyrus is the true monster. He can smile and then kill you in an instant without batting an eye especially when it suits him
Abby is really putting herself in harms way and I believe Liv is really trying to save her as well as David from going down this path and Hollis grabbing them by the neck and not letting go.
For Cyrus/Olivia it could be both friends/enemies.
If Fitz is truly in the dark about everything (Shonda might surprise me) what will he do when he finds out?


1. Cyrus/Melie
2. Hollis because killing is his first resort.


1. Mellis and Cyrus - Don't know why Mellie still doesn't know the real Cyrus. I guess she knows now. Did you see the look on her face when he walked away. Scared much?
2. Huck - did you see how excited he got explaining how the aledged rapist was shot. Huck is now joke. He stalks people for his entertainment, like we watch TV. I love Huck, but oh he is dangerous.
3. From the beginning I have been suspicious of her, but am hoping it's all in my mind :-). I hope for her sake she is a plant, cause like I said, Huck is dangerous.
4. NO. No way the Presidency is won by 4359 votes and not contested.
5. I really have no idea. David is a white hat, so Liv will save him, I don't know what she'll do with Abby.
6. Cyrus is Olivia have always been friends. They still meet every week. He was a little pissed that he didn't know about Olivia and Fitz, and maybe that's a good thing, he might have had her killed earlier (just kidding). Scandal best show on TV, can't beat the acting and the subject matter WOW, how scandalice.


I loved the interaction between James and Cyrus. It's hilarious how flustered Cyrus can get around him on a personal level, but seems stronger when he's on the press floor. James will get his own back though. Cyrus and Olivia were sweet too. I personally can't stand Abby. There, I've said it out loud now. She's a judgemental little piece of work. Very holier than thou and she drives me nuts. It's kind of weird watching all of these different characters that had roles on Grey's Anatomy. Shonda is a loyal person when it comes to casting people. Cyrus is formidable but he was a bumbling goof as Meredith Grey's dad Thatcher. I am absolutely loving this show!


Love the questions, especially about Liv & Cyrus. They kind of had their own "one minute" which leads right back to always!!

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