Sons of Anarchy Review: Meeting Mr. Mayhem

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Sons of Anarchy introduced viewers on "Andare Pescare" to Mr. Mayhem.

No, not the moniker SAMCRO has ascribed to an act of murder. I'm referring to Jax Teller himself. The man is out of control these days.

Getting Close to Clay

It's almost impossible to remember the Jax who so desperately wanted out of Charming a year ago. He's grown dark, vengeful, paranoid and obsessed with remaining at the head of the table.

Granted, Jax is right about Clay and he ought to take every step possible to out the ex-President as a club back-stabber and killer. But Gemma gave her son a passionate speech in his kitchen. She may be trouble, but she's also clearly troubled. And with an awesome, song bird-buying man like Nero in her life, this was Gemma's chance to - as she put it so well - feel "light" for a change.

But that's no concern for Jax. He's placing fake family in front of real family and still insisting that his mother return to the man who went all Chris Brown on her just a few months ago. Forget the ramifications this may have on Gemma, Jax is solely concerned with the stability of SAMCRO.

What happens to the deal with the Irish if Gemma even gets her proof? Is Clay voted out? Does he meet the other Mr. Mayhem? Either scenario would jeopardize the club's standing with the CIA and the RICO case, which is the reason Jax isn't simply killing Clay himself... right? So I'm not entirely sure what the end game is here or how it ties into the basis for why Clay has been kept alive this whole time by his step-son.

Then there's Jax's take on Juice. We don't know his plan yet, of course, but the show at least wants us to believe at the moment that Jax has no tolerance for club members who rat. That sounds all well and good on the surface, but there are always various sides to a story. My prediction? Jax ends up confronting Juice and using the Roosevelt intel as yet another form of blackmail.

Juice will need to turn on his very shady mentor, Clay, in order for his secret to remain just that: a secret.

Those were the main pair of takeaways from a mostly slow episode. The final 10 minutes were exciting, laying the seeds for two major storylines as Sons of Anarchy Season 5 heads toward a conclusion. But the bulk of the hour was spent chasing Frankie Diamonds, only for him to predictably kick it before Jax could get him alone.

Oh, and it was also spent on Otto jerking off. Dare I call that the most moving masturbation scene in television history? Only Kurt Sutter could turn such an act into a revealing moment of sentimentality.

Yet I must say I am legitimately perplexed by Tara following self-pleasuring suit. WTH?!? She appeared sympathetic to Otto's plight during the infirmary scene, but not aroused obviously. Why does she then use the perfume for the same purpose? Because she's turned on by this dark lifestyle in general? That's quite the stretch. I'm really not sure what the series was trying to say there.

So we're left with Jax trailing Juice and Gemma treating Clay. Both developments are intriguing. Will Nero find out about the latter? What will Clay reveal to Gemma? How will this arrangement affect the battered woman? How tightly will Jax squeeze Juice? If Otto recants his testimony, will the RICO case die and, along with it, Jax's hesitation to off Clay?

Questions surround the club in this homestretch, which is where Sons of Anarchy really excels. SAMCRO may face constant external threats and pressures, but the internal battles - within individuals themselves and the club as a whole - that keeps the show's engine humming.


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Come on people! Think!! lol Jax knows Juice is close to Clay since he's around him all the time. I'm sure Jax is gonna use what he knows to pressure Juice into getting evidence on Clay's betrayal. Which puts Juice in an ugly position, because if he turns on Clay, Clay knows that he's a rat also. Juice may have to visit a stronger tree this time lol


Frankie told Juice that Clay was behind all the break ins. Juice should be telling this to Jax to honor the MC. It appears that Juice is not going to tell Jax Which now makes Juice a double RAT and definitely needs to go ASAP!!!


The show is really getting darker. I've been watching since day one, and Jax has really changed- and not for the better. I trust Mr. Sutter as a storyteller, but some scenes were stretching it a bit last night. I hope Jax gets to talk to Juice before he does something stupid. I don't think the club will let him get away with it. Gemma looks like she is really falling in love with Nero. I don't think she's used to being treated so nicely. And I don't like Jax pimpin' his Mom out. There's a reason for everything - next week looks to be great.


I think when Clay was leader and Jax was VP in a weird way there was a balance... Jax was there to counter attack Clay, question his moves and motives. Now Jax is the leader and basically no one will challenge him or question him. When Clay used to make an obnoxious request of the woman, Jax would be there to second guess him, challenge him... but, now it's Jax in this role and there is no one to challenge him and any of his decisions... There is no more balance


I agree with your whole review this week! It is so sad how Jax is treating his mother, I really like the way she is when she's with Nero..... They cannot take Juice from us so soon after Opie... 2 of the sweetest characters in one season is way too much! The last 2 episodes have pretty much been the Tarah-Gemma-Jax and Clay show... I am really starting to miss some of the other cast members.., and a bit bored of Tarah's continual grimace... also she is becoming a doormat, she does everything Jax asks her now without question. It's kind of like she's lost any self worth, and she puts what ever he wants above anything she holds dear... career, morals, even the kids (she will forgive Gemma becuase Jax tells her too)


i don't know about Gemma...this woman is responsible for the death of John Teller (directly or indirectly). She is and has been lying to Jax his whole life. For me, she is just as evil as Clay. Clay is the only thing that stands in her way, he knows the truth about her and John. Reverse this, Clay needs Gemma gone because he knows the truth about John Teller. Clay and Gemma both have the same agenda! i have no sympathy for Gemma...she says her children and grandchildren are the only good things in her life yet she knows she is responsible for the death of Jax's father! They both deserve what they get. Remember she has been endouraging her own Son to kill Clay in the past. What mother would do that and possibly have her son in jail for the rest of his life for murder? Juice now knows that Clay is the bad guy...Frankie told Juice the truth before he was killed. Juice should have NO problem telling Jax the truth. If Juice remains on Clay's side, he's worthless! i have NO idea what the heck Tara is doing! But, Tara knows the truth about the death of John, she is the only one who can put all this away by telling her husband the truth. i also think that Jax has noticed the change in Tara and i'm not sure if he likes it. Tara was the one thing that kept Jax from the dark side and now, she has been encouraging it...why? She herself is lying to Jax about her ability to perform surgery, she is keeping too many secrets... In the end, all of these lies and hidden truths will destroy them all. As for Jax, yes, he's on the dark side. But if you think back, Jax has always had a temper and has always been violent to some degree. The only difference is now, he's the leader. Did anyone notice that Jax is not delegating the dirty work to any of the others the way Clay did to Tig?


I said it once and I will say it again, the rest of the season and the way it all ends is going to be directly linked to Jax extorting his mother. When you tell your mother in so many words" You either sleep with Clay or your gone from our family...both of them," that's extortion! Gemma is smarter than Jax. Read this again...Emma will prove to be smarter than Jax. If I am right, it will be so interesting as to how it all enjds. And sadly I dont remember Hamlet from High School. Let us know if it turns out that way. But maybe there can be a happy ending. Lets use the typical Hollywood formula:Take the 2 sweetest people and have them fall in love and live happily ever after. That means Nero and Gemma walk away together, and many of the Sons many get killed by the Cartel and/Or Russians. Maybe Gemma stokes a few coals. I say,at this point, she soon will choose Nero over her son as she sees her son really doesn't love her anymore and she will say something like "I created a monster." Truthfully Id like to see Jax die BEFORE Clay because the other way around is too predictable. And if Clay and Jax actually get into it, will Clays arthritic hands prove to be his achilles heal? There has to be a purpose why they gave him that ailment.


People really need to understand the background of the show. The show is based on Hamlet if you have ever read Hamlet the same can be said. His character gets darker and has allot of wtf moments as the story moves along. Basically most of the main characters probably won't make it. Its a tragedy about consequences and even if there are good intensions there will always be consequences. Its a show that's probably not gunna have a happy ending. This makes me love it even more Sutter like Shakespeare is not afraid to piss people off he keeps it real. Keep up the great work.


People really need to understand the background of the show. The show is based on hamlet if you have ever read hamlet the same can be said. His character gets darker and has allot of wtf moments as the story moves along. Basically most of the main characters probably won't make it. Its a tragedy about consequences and even if there are good there will always be consequences. Its a show that's not finds have a happy ending. This makes me love it more Sutter like Shakespeare I'd not afraid to piss people off he keeps it real. Keep up the great work.


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