Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "Darthy"

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Only 90 minutes remain on Sons of Anarchy Season 5.

Before we arrive at the finale, however, our TV Fanatic Round Table of Christine Hinton, Chris O'Hara, Carla Day and Christina Lethig (of are here to breakdown "Darthy." Jump in and join them, readers!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Christine: The final scene, where Jax injects his ex with drugs and warns her never to threaten his family. It was horrible. I never saw it coming and it was a bold reminder of how vicious Jax can be.

Chris: Clay having his ink taken out was one of the most intense montages I can recall. Anyone who has ink themselves knows how much Happy raking that gun through Clay’s skin must have hurt. Then there was the emotional toll it took on all those watching. Bobby eventually couldn’t stomach it and left. On the lighter side of things, I loved when Gemma told Lyla her backside looked “like a snack.”

Carla: When Jax beat the crap outta Clay. It was a long time coming. I hoped that release of rage would help Jax move on, but that certainly didn't happen.

Christina: That's an easy one: Happy blacking out Clay's Tattoos. With all the brothers watching.

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Do you feel any sorrow for Clay?
Christine: Goodness, no. He's dug his own grave, so to speak. Unfortunately, I can't say that literally. Yet at least.

Chris: I did for a moment when I imagined the shame he will carry for the rest of his life each time he looks at those blacked out Sons tattoos, but he deserved it all and then some.

Carla: Maybe a teaspoon worth. Not because he didn't deserve everything that happened to him, but I have a soft heart. When he finally broke down, I did feel a little sorrow for him... until I remembered all the horrible things he did and then even that teaspoon worth went away.

Christina: I never felt any sorrow for Clay. JT and Piney's murders... Tara's attack... Gemma's beating... the dirty Nomads... all of his lies. He is the catalyst that set Opie's murder in motion. Sorrow? No, that's evil in its purest human form.

Would you have voted to kill Clay?
Christine: Yes, as bad as that is to say. Clay is simply too dangerous to keep alive. He will always find a way to make trouble.

Chris: Yes. The guy tried to have Tara killed! He went behind the club’s back and killed Piney. How is he still alive?!? I understand what Bobby was saying about trying to keep Jax from turning into Clay... but dang Bobby. It took clay all of five hours to move on and work out a plan to start his own crew, recruiting members of the club. He needs to go.

Carla: That's a difficult situation to consider from a personal standpoint. I would never sit at that table, so I would never be in that position. So, I'll answer it this way: The people sitting at that table, with the exception of Bobby, voted to kill Clay because that is the SAMCRO code. And, based on their code of justice, he earned every single vote to meet Mr. Mayhem.

Christina: Yes. Someone get Mr.Mayhem on the phone!

Will Gemma and Nero live happily ever after?
Christine: I wish, but I doubt it. Gemma has two men who want her, one who treats her well and the other who's bashed her face into the floor. Unfortunately, Gemma's never been about making smart choices.

Chris: I don’t think it will be happily ever after, but he is the better choice over Clay. Nero is back in the game. Boardwalk Empire fans know, you can’t be a halfway gangster, so Gemma won’t want for drama. I lost some respect for Nero, though, who could have walked away and taken care of his son but chose the thug life over fatherhood.

Carla: This is SOA, so absolutely not. Charming may have the same name as a fairy tale character, but there is no fairy tale ending.

Christina: I'd like to think so. Nero and Gemma are good for each other. He keeps her crazy at bay, if you will. But if these two are smart, they'll watch out for Clay. He's not going to just lay down without a fight.

Make one bold prediction for the finale.
Christine: Jax and Tig team up and take out Pope. I think Jax was sizing up Pope's right hand man as the guy who would take Pope's place.

Chris: I agree with Christine. Jax mentioned how he hasn’t felt the same since losing Opie. Pope may have signed his own death warrant when he offered up his take on revenge to Jax, who, I don’t think, has satisfied that visceral need yet. As for a prediction of my own: That gun Clay gave Juice will take the life of at least one Son. Juice will use it on Clay to get back in Jax’s favor and give Jax his “payback by proxy” or Juice will use it on himself. Or maybe both.

Carla: Pope being taken out by Jax would be bold, that's for sure. How would that fit into the Charming Heights deal with the mayor, though? Situations and relationships have become so complex on Sons of Anarchy that something has to give. Even bolder? Juice will save Jax's life in a way that will wipe away his misdeeds.

Christina: Jax isn't going to hand Tig over to Pope. He's been playing Pope all season long and he'll team up with Tig to take the gangster down. I see one more "I got this" coming


Does anyone else worry about Jax? He seems to be going deeper and deeper into violence and cruelty. He used to show more signs of humanity, I worry he is losing that. Did he forget everything is father wrote? I guess this is what Bobbie was trying to warn him of with his vote against killing Clay. For me, this has been the most disturbing development in season five. He is becoming harder and harder to like. Will this continue?


@Angel: I think Donel Logue's character is, in fact, an ex-Marshal; however, I think he lost his badge because of a substance abuse problem. Did you see that scene near the end there, where he is sitting on the floor, cleaning his gun, and then the camera pans to a tote bag that has a plastic bag full of prescription bottles?


Pope goes down but by his own right hand man with the help of Jax. Jax told Juice you know what the penalty is for killing a club member, yet they did not carry that out on Clay. Should of been done without a vote just for killing a member. Just my thought but the Marshall is not a marshall. I think we will find out that he had some dealings with the club a long time ago, and Otto screwed him and not it is time for revenge. Nobody else from the club dies this year, they loss to many already. Would love to see Nero become a major force, and he may be the one to take Clay out next year, when Clay tires to force Gemma to go with him. Sutter is a sick SOB, and I love it. Hate there has to be a break should be on like normal TV shows. SOA ALL THE WAY. One more thing they should of burned Clay's tats off like they did to another ex member earlier in the season.


I really am wondering about the "Marshal". I don't think he's even a former US Marshal. I think it's something completely out of left field that we don't see coming. Why would this woman's brother pop up? Makes no sense.


Favorite scene: Clay losing his ink. Clay got what he deserved but still needs to meet Mr. Mayhem.
Gemma and Nero. I say no go.
I think the gun that Clay gave Juice is the gun that killed the sheriffs wife.
Tig will live and Pope should die.
Prediction: we will be led to believe that Clay is dead and find out next season that he is alive.
Next season is going to be a rough one for a lot of people.


I don't want Tig to go!!! The only reason Tig is in trouble with Pope is because he thought he was avenging Clay's shooting because Clay lied!! Clay is one bad ass motherf@ker... It kills me to see him out of the club but he is just bad to the bone, even after all that happens, he is making deals with the Irish... I just Jax has something really cunning up his sleeve to save Tig and kill Pope. And I have a bad feeling about Tara, she has been losing it season by season, I think this is it for her. Doesn't bother me too much but what it will do to Jax does bother me. Love Gemma, love Gemma, love Gemma. Can't believe this season is almost over. Ended way too soon...


Favorite Scene - tie between Jax beating the crap out of Clay and Clay having his ink "inked" out. Ron Perlman has owned the last half of this season!
Sorrow for Clay - no, although I felt pity for him as he sat and cried alone in the office.
Vote to kill Clay - duh! YES!
Gemma and Nero - no happy ending there, although I would love for Nero to stick around. Clay already warned Nero that he would kill him if he gets between Clay and Gemma, and Nero has not heeded that warning.
Bold prediction for the finale - Tara will go to jail.


What kind of a complete idiot responds to the question: what would you do, with: well I would never be in that situation? REALLY? I thought the writers on TV Fanatic might by hardcore bikers that may one day ascend to head of the table at some real world MC! JC..could you be any dumber?


1. Chris and Christina's answer. 2. Christine and Christina's answer. 3. Yes. 4. No. 5. Gemma dies saving Nero. â˜


By the way, what's with the title? In my translation it means "I've received this". Does someone speak french? Maybe it's the french version of "I got this"? Does that make sense? Who the hell comes up with these weird titles anyway!

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