Supernatural Review: Heads Will Roll

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There's just something that feels perfectly right with a Supernatural episode airing on Halloween.

Sure, you may have been scarfing down treats and carving pumpkins, but Dean decided to spend his time scarfing Toblerone and carving vampires. A lot of vampires. As in, so many headless vampires and even a few decapitated Leviathan just for added kicks.

We all have our different definitions of a fun evening, right?

Dean on His Own

While last week's episode divided the fandom, "Blood Brother" got back on track with Sam and Dean at the forefront and the ever-so-slightly revealing flashbacks of that missing year.

And did I mention lots of vampires getting their heads chopped off?

I guess it was only a matter of time until Dean's Purgatory buddy, Benny, came to call driving the Winchester brother to act elusive before running off on "personal stuff."

Secrets don't make friends, Dean.

I am a little shocked that in coming back into focusing on Sam and Dean, the episode split them up, but Dean and Benny's storyline was interesting enough that it was okay. But let's be clear, from now on, let's keep keep the actual blood brothers together.

Ty Olsson (Benny) brings a great many layers to his character that under perhaps less talented hands might fall apart into cheesy forced territory.

There's a real camaraderie between Benny and Dean, which is nicely contrasted with the Purgatory flashbacks in which the two guys need each other, as opposed to being friends with each other. You get to see a level of growth between the two but also specifically in themselves.

Sure, Dean's got no problem swinging that beast of a weapon through his blood-sucking enemies with an effortless cool, but at the same time he's willing to potentially throw himself in the nest for a friend.

But is Benny the exception to the rule?

I'm curious to see how that relationship evolves, especially with Sam thrown into the mix.

Benny's story of falling in love with Andrea and having nothing else matter was instantly reflective of Sam and his time off. It seemed that for both of them, everything else before just didn't matter and they become lost in love. Although I'm still waiting to really see that in Sam and Amelia, but it was a great cross reference.

Except it is interesting that Benny coming back and being that changed person ended up with the girl he loved getting cut through by Dean. That makes another girlfriend monster killed by Dean, doesn't it?

Does that mean that there's no hope for Sam and Amelia?

I'm still having a hard time with Sam's flashbacks and I'm not sure if they just seem so tame compared to Dean fighting off enemies with Castiel or because the idea of watching Sam do fix-it things with his time seems unnatural.

And I get that of the two brothers, Sam makes the most sense in being comfortable and settled in the "normal" world, but after having watched Sam do pretty much nothing but hunt the creatures of the night for eight years, it feels so not normal.

And I'm still on the fence about Amelia. She's got Sam pegged as a person and he seems to have her pegged as well, but I'm waiting for their relationship to blossom into being able to understand the thing that would cause Sam to give up the hunting life. I guess we will have to wait and see.

That said, Sam finally getting to meet Benny for the first was a great moment. I had no idea how he would react.

Would he understand? Would he be pissed?

He was certainly shocked and confused. A vampire for a pal? This is Dean "a monster is a monster" Winchester after all.

Those two have a lot to talk about and I think allowing the brothers to more openly discuss to each other the dramatic changes will be a great furthering step for the season.

That and finding Kevin Tran of Advanced Placement.

When it comes down to it though, with all the bouncing heads, deep-seated secrets, and scary Vampirate goodness, there's just nothing like getting to watch Supernatural on a Halloween night.


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The only thing about the ep I didn't like was how easily the Leviathan overpowered Castiel. Human Dean stops them by cutting it's head off. Last season the alpha vampire shoved Edward around. Ghost Bobby could shove Dick around. But a powerful Angel can't even manage to do that? Yes, the Leviathan are more powerful than Angels, but it's a stretch that Castiel was totally helpless against them and couldn't put up any kind of resistance.


Just watched it. Great ep! And the Leviathan seem a lot more menacing.


I keep thinking that when this series finally ends, it will end with Dean's death and Sam finally finding a normal life. Dean is scarred beyond repair (remember Frodo's words at the end of RotK? "How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on, when in your heart you begin to understand there is no going back? There are some things time cannot mend. Some hurts that go too deep that have taken hold.") To me, that's Dean.


I have to say this was my favourite episode of the season so far. I really enjoyed getting some of Benny's backstory, and honestly can't wait to see more. I really enjoyed the Purgatory flashbacks, especially the slow motion, start and stop flashes Dean had during his drive to find Benny. Guy Bee did an amazing job directing this episode, and loved the writing from Ben Edlund. It was also interesting to see Sam and Benny finally meet, and I for one can't wait until Sam and Dean have a big blowout because of Dean trusting a vampire. I have to admit that I still need to be convinced of Amelia and Sam making a good couple, however I am warming up to her and am very interested to find out what her deal is; considering she is also alone much like Sam is during that year. This season is really heading places, can't wait for next week's episode...


I hate to say this as much as I love supernatual but I think the writer's was asleep on this season so far. I don't like it when the guys have secrets and fighting. I don't watch for that, it's when they get along is what I love and love the jokes to. Love to see them happy together not fighting.


Everybody seems its ok for Sam to have a normal life when Dean was gone because Dean had a normal life when Sam was gone. The difference between the two is Dean only took that change of a normal life because he PROMISE Sam he would!!! Even while he was trying to have this normal life he still looked for a way to get Sam back. Sam NEVER even tried to find Dean!! It was like when Dean disappeared after killing Dick he felt he was finnally free of Dean - something he been trying to do for a long time. I have wonder many times during the 7 years if Sam really did love his brother. I know he said he did and that he would die for him but all I ever see is all the times he as hurt Dean, lied to Dean, and left him to go do what ever it was he wanted to do. Dean has a right to upset with him.


Finally, the Supernatural is BACK.


After last weeks abomination,im thrilled that SUPERNATURAL has returned with a solid episode.Im sorry but to me Sams flashbacks still come off as if they're laundry detergent commercials.Too much day-glow takes me outta the momemt and i find myself starting to roll my eyes. My one gripe in regards to Benny so far is that at times it can be difficult to understand everything he is saying. I’m not sure if it is the accent or that he just mumbles in general, but there were a few times I was grateful I had a DVR and could rewind.


Looks like I'm in the minority here since I do like Amelia. There's a mystery with her. Anyway I liked the Sam flashbacks just as much as the Purgatory flashbacks because for me they offer balance. Clearly even when he's not hunting Sam is still hearing monsters in the walls. As far as Benny goes I like him and I hope he sticks around for a while. He's an interesting guy. Did anyone else catch his comment about not being sure this was real and Dean assuring him it was?


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