Supernatural Review: The Bad Penny

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They say a penny saved is an angry confederate soldier ghost earned, right?

Well, we did technically get to follow the journey of some possessed spare change on Supernatural, but the grudge-obsessed spirit was far less interesting than the character drama that seemed to be influenced - or at the very least surrounded - by the case of the week.

It's certainly no stretch of the imagination that Sam and Dean are still having conversational issues concerning not opening up to each other. Plus, both of them have their particular problems with what went on when time was spent apart.

Everything really seems to go wrong when they split up and work on their solo careers, huh?

Garth and Dean

It was nice getting DJ Qualls back as Garth and adding his more lighthearted spirit to the mix, especially with the two tense brothers. Garth was a lot less goofy than his previous appearances, but he still retained some of that quirky attitude with his Texas Ranger outfit and his M.C. Hammer ring tone.

And while Garth has kind of played second fiddle to the brothers, "Southern Comfort" had him essentially filling the Bobby role with his astute observations and helping hand. He wasn't the complete klutz anymore.

But what? You can't replace Bobby!

And the sentiment is entirely true, but in reality Garth was less of a replacement and more of an honest following of the trucker hat wearing hunter. It was funny seeing Garth try and say "idjit" and "balls" or help out other hunters with their monster problems, all while carrying on his own personality.

It was certainly easy to think like Dean and get frustrated with Garth, but he explained it perfectly in saying that Bobby didn't just belong to Sam and Dean. He was there for everybody and Garth just wanted to continue doing what a great person had done before him.

In a lot of ways, Dean's anger was more aligned with his feelings of everyone around him either being gone or letting him down. Bobby was no longer around, Castiel kept leaving and Sam didn't look for him.

It's understandable he turned to Benny and it's reasonable to be upset, but at some point he does have to get over it. His brother still and did care for Dean, and dwelling on the past isn't going to fix anything.

So, while we did witness a great fight sequence between Sam and Dean with Dean airing all his grievances (and I loved the reference to Sam's demon blood days), I'm glad Sam finally told Dean to cut it out and get over it.

That and Garth pulling his Sega Genesis zen attitude to save the day. He's just too calm and collected to let things bother him.

There's definitely pros and cons when it comes to Sam and Dean's arguments and I understand their reasoning behind their decisions. Although, I've got that itching feeling that Benny and Sam might square off in the future. Or Dean may get stuck having to pick between his brother or the vampire who helped him Purgatory.

Either way, I like to think Dean is ready to move forward, but knowing the brothers, something's bound to pop up and cause friction.

And while I liked that the glow of Sam's flashbacks were less dream sequence this time, and we did see that part of their bond comes from their similar loss of family, I just can't get on the Amelia love train.

Sure, the concept of the flashbacks do open up what we missed out on and we do get to see that Sam isn't frolicking happily without his brother, so he's not just openly forgetting Dean. But I feel like we're missing that blazing passion that should be coming from both Amelia and Sam.

Maybe it's too early for us to see that take place as they are slowly opening up to each other and maybe Sam's attraction to Amelia is less about his physical desires and more about connecting with someone who understands his loss. Or maybe it just won't ever happen. (But I'm still trying to hold out hope.)

Overall, a decent episode with a good premise and execution, but after dealing in cases of the week for a while, I'm ready to get back on track to finding Kevin Tran. Let's hope the brothers can put their differences aside and work together to save the world.

What did you think of the episode? Were you glad Garth was back? Is there hope for Sam and Dean down the road?


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@Sharon - Sam went into the cage with Lucifer with absolutely no hope of ever getting out again. None. At all. Remember, he was not pulled out of there by anything *he* did. And everything he did for the following year was colored by the fact that he was soulless. It's really rather unfair to hold him completely responsible for those actions. On the other hand, you can definitely hold Sam accountable for the demon blood and secret (d)alliance with Ruby.


Loyalty to friends and family are paramount to Dean. Even Benny knows that about Dean after only a year. Yet, Sam, who is supposed to be Mr. sensitive, is totally clueless and insensitive. Sam has betrayed Dean over and over again. And let's remember that Sam went to hell for one day to soothe his own conscience but Dean went to save Sam.Just because Sam is family it doesn't mean it's okay for him to be a self centered jerk with Dean. I was thrilled when Dean finally let it all out. I just wish he hadn't back tracked at the end when Sam , as usual, threatened to leave. As far as I'm concerned the writers are on thin ice with Sam. He's becoming my least favorite character. It's too bad because I like Jared Padalecky. The show needs to wrap up this issue once and for all. Find something else for the brothers to argue about or not. Remaining a loyal fan.


Go Garth!


Tyler - The difference is that Dean never stopped looking for ways to get Sam out of the cage, but Sam never even bothered to try and look for Dean. It doesn't make any sense for Sam to think Dean was dead, as Sam said in the past "people don't just disappear" but Sam was just willing to let Dean disappear without trying to find him. Dean has every right to feel hurt and betrayed by Sam for that.


I get bored when Sam and Dean are at odds with each other.Its not fresh anymore and it happens far to many times on this show..... I agree about not on board the love train either.Also thank Odin the day glow was lower during those flashback scenes as well.


... the brothers they're meant to be.


To be quite honest, I blame both Sam and Dean for what's happened. How many times do they have to go through this? The writers continually go through the same storyline, but switch the character. Dean went and had a normal life after season 5, why couldn't Sam? When Dean went to hell, Ruby helped Sam while he was away, so why can't Dean have Benny? They both seem to keep their secrets from one another for every season now and for the way the writers have handled their relationship, I understand why. Eight seasons later and it's still the same old crap between them. They both seriously need to act their age (34 and 30, respectively) and build a bridge and get over it. They're the only family they have left, so why continue to be so passive aggressive to one another? Every time one has underlying feelings, they seem to coincidentally get possessed by a demon who then is the cause for the spilled secrets. After 8 years of this, I've officially lost all hope for these two to ever become the brothers they're meant to be.


get over himself, really? would you get over it if your brother let you rot in purgatory? + all that other crap dean took on from sam the past years? that's too much to swallow down. & purgatory abandonmend was the cherry on the cake. & may i remind you that dean went to hell to bring sam back in life? & took the sabbatical year because sam asked him to do so, but he continue to search for a way to get him out of hell(when actually sam was back soulless?)dean had every right to be ungry but of course, as usual, sam turned everything against him, once more, what else is new


Dean just needs to git over himself. I think he forgot that he also had time off from hunting when he thought sam died and went to hell (For him)

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