Teen Wolf Casting Scoops: New Twins, Female Alpha

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With fans still reeling over the rumored departure of Colton Haynes, we have an update on new characters headed to Teen Wolf Season 3:

Charlie and Max Carver (Desperate Housewives) have been cast in the major recurring roles of twins Ethan and Aidan, a pair of alpha wolves that help comprise the pack coming to Beacon Hills.

Snake Eye

Elsewhere, according to Deadline, Felisha Terrell (Days of Our Lives) will portray the drama's first female alpha, a ruthless young animal named Kali.

Finally, Australian actress Adelaide Kane will play Cora, a 17-year old with a connection to the Beacon Hills werewolf line.

MTV is yet to announce a premiere date for Teen Wolf Season 3, but look for the first of 24 new episodes to kick off in June.

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Supposedly, Colton left because his people and MTV couldn't come to an agreement about his contract. He wanted a guarantee of a starring role in a show of his own, in the future, in addition to a salary raise, IIRC.


I cant wait till June Dammit !!


"over the rumored departure of Colton Haynes"? I thought it was confirmed that he HAD left and that the spokespeople at MTV, as well as the people at Teen Wolf have no idea why.
As for the casting, hopefully Adelaide Kane has improved her acting over the years, because last time I saw her on TV, she was absolutely atrocious.
The twins on the otherhand is a great casting move, seeing as they played a great part on Desperate Housewives. So

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