The Big Bang Theory Review: A Chicken Pecking for Corn

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This week's installment of The Big Bang Theory, "The 43rd Peculiarity," wasn't bad - but it wasn't particularly high on the funny chart either.

I'm trying to figure out why, but I can't quite put a finger on it other than there weren't as many great quips as usual. Bernadette and Amy weren't seen, but that was okay by me. In the end, it was an enjoyable episode built around two specific scenes.

Following Sheldon

Weeks after Penny wondered if Leonard was for her, in the midst of an argument, she threw the "I love you" out into the world. It was the perfect moment for her to recognize and acknowledge her feels for Leonard. While Leonard probably shouldn't have been jealous of the British classmate, it was only natural for him to feel that way. His relationship with Penny this time around was never clearly defined.

Penny: Leonard, why do you always do this? Listen to me, you are the one that I'm with. You know that I love you. So, will you please relax, because you are driving me crazy. | permalink

Their parting afterwards to keep from crying was the perfect response. I don't know about you, but when she said those three magic words, my eyes welled up. While Leonard was worrying about Penny, she should still be worrying about Sheldon's assistant. She is hot for Leonard! He may not know it, but eventually she will make an unmistakable move. How will he handle having a beautiful, smart woman throwing herself at him? Penny's never even done that!

The other main storyline surrounded Sheldon's mysterious disappearance each day at exactly 2:45 p.m. That he kept to a particular schedule was not odd, but where did he go? And why? Raj and Howard couldn't let it go. It wasn't clear why now all of a sudden they noticed it or cared, but oh well. It made for an intriguing mystery with a brilliant and funny payoff.

When Howard and Raj broke into the storage room, they found nothing but the number "43" on the chalk board and went into investigative mode. What did the "43" mean? 

The real payoff came from their next attempt to spy on Sheldon. They put a camera in the room and witnessed a miracle. Sheldon was creating a wormhold to look into other worlds. When he came out of the black hole with that creepy creature thing on his face, I laughed so hard. It was shocking and hilarious! What made it even better was that he was standing behind them watching their reactions. Sheldon played a trick!

It's not often Sheldon gets into his trick mode, but he did here and it worked. He freaked them out and it made for a classic Sheldon moment.

After all Howard and Raj went through to find out what Sheldon was up to, it ended up being something quite simple. Hacky sack! Sheldon liked to chill out alone for a period each afternoon and try to beat his record of 43.

While this wasn't the overall funniest episode of The Big Bang Theory, it had two moments that will be forever remembered. That made the episode well worth watching! Plus, there was this line and Sheldon's chicken movement!

Sheldon: The mind's a mysterious thing, Leonard. He could be having the time of his life, while she thinks she's a chicken pecking for corn. | permalink

What did you think of Sheldon's fake out for Howard and Raj? Hilarious, right? And hacky sack? What about Penny's "I love you?" Glad she finally said it and in that way?

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What seemed significant about this episode was Sheldon explaining to Raj and Howard how difficult the social interactions of everyday life can be for him, and how tiring it is for him to not get sarcasm and to not talk about his interests as much as he would like to, and how he is really trying to change his behavior to fit in this social world that confuses him. It seemed almost touching, the way he explained it to them...and that he needed some time alone each day to do whatever to recharge for the constant onslaught of the social cues that slip by him.


I was so happy about Leonard and Penny when she said the L word and then he said "she loves me" when he was alone ...that moment I was about to cry until he read the text message and a facepalm came to me xD
I't wasn't the best episode but has great moments and the chiken thing hahahahahaahahahahahaha priceless :D


Like a chicken pecking for corn was one of the funniest lines this show has ever had. I couldnt stop laughing. Overall i like this episode it had some great comedy in it as well as progressing the relationship of Penny and Leonard. I think its great that Leonard has someone with a crush on him for a change instead of Penny, who general hooks up with lots of randoms.


This was hilarious! I was dying along with Raj & Howard to find out what Sheldon was up to. Never would have guessed hackey sack! Somehow I had it in my head that it had something to do with Amy. I almost cried along with Penny & Leonard after her I love you - especially when he got back inside his apartment & said "She loves me" in that awe-struck, yet so happy voice. :') @Derek1314, I did notice Ryan Cartwright! I love him in Alphas. I knew he was British because of his briliant role as Vincent Nigel-Murray on Bones.


the funny part was all about sheldon and the number 43 the not-funny and unlike part was leonard, although i agree with him, with his current situation no wonder he acts like that


Now that's the show that i love, no Amy, no “Shamy� just classic TBBT with just Penny and the guys. This show is just so much more enjoyable without creepy Amy ruining the dynamic (i have nothing against Mayim, i loved her as Blossom, but Amy just screws up the show, please do more episodes without her or here is a thought… GET RID OF HER LIKE, NOW!). This was by far the best episode of season 6 so far and i just adored the “I love you� from Penny to Leonard, what a shame that TPTB are going to break them up yet again. Oh well they will end up together by the end of the show, so it's all good i guess.


Just curious, no one here a fan of Douglas Adams? 42 is the answer after all. Maybe Sheldon came up with 43 lol. Funny that the writers picked this number, I think it was on purpose for the sci-fi fans... Any thoughts?


One of the best. No Amy or Bernadette, thank god!


it was a worm hole not a black hole, how the heck you can get those two confused i have no idea as they are mentioned in about every tv show or movie that has anything even romotly to do with science. also did anyone else realise the english guy was Ryan Cartwright who plays Gary on Alphas, i didnt even realise he was english till i looked him up just now to check if it was him.


Not Sheldon -- oops, Leonard!

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