The Big Bang Theory Review: Long Island Iced Tea Therapy Session

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When I first turned on The Big Bang Theory tonight, I thought it was a re-run of the "Fun with Flags" episode, but no, Sheldon's web series was brought back for another edition, Star Trek style!

The previous Wil Wheaton appearances have been both hit and miss. On tonight's "The Habitation Configuration," his inclusion was well-crafted and provided for plenty of laughs.

Sheldon In The Middle

It's been quite awhile since Sheldon and Amy had a real disagreement or had to deal with a relationship issue. It finally happened when Sheldon sided with his friend, Wil, over his girlfriend. There's been much discussion in the comments about whether Sheldon should grow or remain the same. While I don't want him to lose the uniqueness of his character, I also don't want him to remain stagnant.

An evolving Sheldon opens up new opportunities for humor. The roommate agreement, the relationship agreement, disregard for others and so on will eventually get boring. I loved the Sheldon we saw tonight. His lack of understanding about what it means to be in a relationship rang true, but also did his drive to fix the problem once he recognized it.

The bonus was that it was Leonard that proved him wrong. While Sheldon's gift of the full series box set of Star Trek: The Next Generation failed, he didn't give up. He went to the one person who understands women, Penny. You had to love that she introduced Sheldon to a new tea, the Long Island Iced Tea. A drunk Sheldon is an amusing Sheldon. With a few drinks in him, he was able to self-reflect, while also exposing his true Texas roots.

The best part of Sheldon's trip to Wil's house was the delay in recognizing he only knocked twice. Sheldon was really out of it to not even do his methodical triple knock. Though, I could have done without the throwing up in the bushes. I hope Sheldon's friendship with Wil isn't over now. I'd love to see Wil return again at some point.

However, I'm guessing a visit to "Fun with Flags" is forever out of the question. The appearance of LeVar Burton was the perfect substitution - and for a free lunch too! Still, Sheldon may want to consider retiring the show or finding a new director. Sometimes, it's better to not mix show business with your personal life.

While Sheldon hit a relationship road block, Howard was dealing with one of his own. Bernadette finally put her foot down about moving out of his mother's house. No more splitting time between her apartment and his childhood home. It was about time this happened, but it didn't last long. Howard's heartbreaking magic trick story brought out Bernadette's sympathetic side and she demanded he move some stuff back home.

Their conversation at the restaurant was quite hilarious, especially Bernadette calling Howard out for eating a bacon cheeseburger. Another highlight was the interaction about the secrets that Howard's wall knows all to well about. This storyline was a nice companion to Sheldon's relationship woes.

Here are a few of my favorite lines from the episode:

Amy: You'll have to forgive me. This is my first time directing. I just want it to be good.
Wil Wheaton: So, do I.
Amy: Great. So, this time let's try more real boy and less Pinocchio.
And action.
Wil Wheaton: And cut. | permalink

Howard: So, this one's on God.
Bernadette: That might be a little more convincing if you didn't have a mouth full of bacon cheeseburger.
Howard: My religion's kinda loosey-goosy. Basically, as long as you have your schmekel clipped and don't wear a cross, you're good. | permalink

Howard: Boy, if these walls could talk.
Leonard: They'd say, "Why does he touch himself so much?"
Howard: Yeah. | permalink

Sheldon: Get the Mad Hatter on the horn, I'm having a tea party.
Penny: You might want to pace yourself.
Sheldon: I drink tea all the time. I think I know what I'm doing.
Penny: Far be it from me to criticize a man with a full pubis. | permalink

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What was your favorite moment of the episode? Anything make you burst out in a laugh? Are you glad we saw some character growth from Sheldon?


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Another fail! Will is the worst guest character in the entire show and the Amy is worst regular character in the show. So how do the writers make a good episode? Bring them together!!!! Seriously, what were they thinking? It was just nasty comments, dry humour and Sheldon showing up at Will's house and then puking. There were lot's of funny parts in between but overall the story line was a fail. On a side note - can the writers get rid of Amy already? How can Mayim Bialik bring herself to stay on when the majority of the fans are saying her character sucks and she needs to get of before the entire show ruined?


i want sheldon and amy to break up because i hate amy and she needs to go. i hate whatbeing with amy has done to sheldon. when we frist saw sheldon he was an breath f fresh air yes he was self center and self fish and always thught of his self and so many other things. we not seen to many tv charcters like that on tv. and now they pair him with her and thay chang some things of and started to make an cookie cutter charcter like so many we have seen on other shows we are losing the sholden theat so many of us like, that is why i wnat sheldon and amy to break up and off the show and away from him i want my sheldon back and the only we seen if is when she is not on and she is away from him


Yeah, Fun with Flags is back!! Wow, people are being way to harsh on this episode. This has been my favorite of the season by far. This is a great great cast and Amy and Bernadette are perfect additions. Penny needed some balance in her life from some girlfriends. She couldn't just keep hanging out with the boys across the hall. I've always like the show better when people from outside their small circle come in like Bernadette, Amy, Stuart & Will Wheaton. I say add more, Raj needs a love interest. Can somebody explain why they would want Amy and Sheldon to break up. They are perfect for each other. Sheldon will never be one for physical intimacy, but maybe after a few long island ice teas that will change. He admitted he is a self obsessed egomaniac. The only person in his life that can call him out on it is Amy. None of his other friends could do that. Only Howard has grown more as a character than Sheldon since the first season. The character development I have been most disappointed with has been Penny. The writers have to make up their mind about those Penny and Leonard. I guess if they are both happy then there is no tension or story lines, but if they break up for good isn't that really what they series has been about since the beginning, the nerd/geek and cheerleader.


"When I first turned on The Big Bang Theory tonight, I thought it was a re-run of the "Fun with Flags" episode" Totally agree Carla, I was so disappointed that I almost close the ep :). Contrary to many comments I actually liked this episode very much. Again it was carried by Sheldon, one of the best acting from Jim Parsons lately. A bit sad that Raj didn't feature much but overall it was a very enjoyable episode.


MAN Big Bang Theory is better then Ever between season 1 and 3 it was like watching a rip off of Home Imporvement rules now it seem like the show has come into it own


i want the old sheldon back. i want sheldon vs penny back too and the 4 guys and just penny and howards wife from time time and amy needs to leave now. and the comic book store guy need to stay at the store


This show is basically Friends with new characters now. The geek stuff is gone, Sheldon's character is basically just a normal annoying person now and its all about the relationships. Any part that was once unique and original left after season 3 when the writers decided to give the guy who refuses to touch other people "on general principle" a girlfriend - seriously... what were they thinking?


This episode had many funny parts but for me it failed by bringing together the two most loathed people on the show - Amy and Will. Nothing said between them was funny. The only thing that came out of it was the funny situation it put Sheldon in. Once again Sheldon was unlike his old character. People keep wanting to see him "grow" but since the writers have begun doing this the jokes have gone downhill. Not a single episode this season (and maybe even lasts) has been as funny as any from season 2 or 3. It's not just his character that changed, it the way he talks. He use to throw in scientific terms, not he barely uses a word or term that I don't know the meaning if. Amy needs to go ASAP and the show needs to get back to Sheldon and Penny with Leonard in between. Then maybe Sheldon will win the Noble Prize ;)


I like Amy, I think she's a great addition to the show but I was annoyed by her in this episode. First of all, she treated Wil like crap and when he wouldn't take it, she whined to Sheldon. Girls in real life do this enough, they don't need to see positive re-enforcement. I did like the scene in the bar with Sheldon and Penny, always a great duo. Sheldon naming the reasons that he loves Amy. It was cute and I liked seeing this side of him but Amy was way out of line. Also, she knows that Sheldon doesn't get sarcasm, so its no wonder that Sheldon went out with Wil and didn't think anything of it. While, I agree that Sheldon is a lot to put up with, he's doing the best he can in his own way. Amy either has to be accept that or move on.


i don't get it why was evryone on sheldon's case about sticking for amy. she strated and brought it on her self she just kept her mouth shut and let sheldon and well do the show then her horron well be ok sorry not an amy fan hate her with sheldon the only time she is ok isshe is with the girls

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The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Amy: You'll have to forgive me. This is my first time directing. I just want it to be good.
Wil Wheaton: So, do I.
Amy: Great. So, this time let's try more real boy and less Pinocchio.
And action.
Wil Wheaton: And cut.

It's called "Fun with Flags." They're not at half-mast, nobody died. Let's try and keep it upbeat.