The CW Cancels Emily Owens, M.D.

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The CW has pulled the plug on Emily Owens, M.D.

Although boasting a terrific cast, led by Mamie Gummer, the freshman medical series struggled in the ratings since its premiere, debuting to just 1.7 million total viewers. That figure dropped to just one million for this week's installment.

Emily Owens M.D. Cast Pic

Like ABC with recently-canned Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue, a network insider says The CW will likely air all 13 episodes before taking Emily Owens off for good.

Earlier this month, Beauty and the Beast, which benefits from its Vampire Diaries lead-in, was picked up for a full season by The CW.

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great show, wrong network


I saw a petition to save this show! Hope this actually does it. I love Emily! and I need to see more of her and Will! http://www.resuscitateemilyowe...


I do really hope that this excellent show could carry on broadcasting!!!A large number of Chinese audience like me love this show very very much!!!


Noooooo! I wish I had found out about this earlier so that I would have not watched it at all!! I love this show. Shows like this and Nikita are refreshing to watch amongst all the teen angst and obsession with everything un-human in CW.


UGH, first with Last Resort, now this? I am never ever watching a new series unless I know it's already picked up for at least 1 full season.


Can't believe they could cancel such a great show. I can't wait for every week to come on, all the people are so great and just enough drama to keep you happy. Hope they decide to change their minds. Hat is good but not as good as Emily. Keep this show.


It breaks my heart that this show is being cancelled. It is almost impossible to find female characters who are successful due to their brains and not just their looks. I loved Emily's introspection, quirks and insecurities, too. And what great acting all around! I'm going to miss this show.


mother f*ck*r i was just getting ready to watch Emily Owens MD and i find out its cancelled ?!!?!??!? this is the highlight of my week!!!!!!!!! why are they taking this away from me :'( !!! I hate gossip girl it sucks !! and seriously i can't believe the bad acting in beauty and the beast still got picked over the hilarious and totally real performances in this show. If there is any way i can help bring this show back please just tell me what to do and ill do it.


This got canned and Beauty got picked up?!
C'mon. Change the spots. This show is funny and awesome and i wanna see Emily and Micah


This show is my new guilty pleasure. It sucks that another good one gets cancelled. BTW, I don't have CW and in fact, I don't even live in the USA. I wait patiently here in my country for new episodes. If the ratings there are bad, CW should also check the reception of this show overseas. My last plea... Please Reconsider CW!