The CW Cancels Emily Owens, M.D.

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The CW has pulled the plug on Emily Owens, M.D.

Although boasting a terrific cast, led by Mamie Gummer, the freshman medical series struggled in the ratings since its premiere, debuting to just 1.7 million total viewers. That figure dropped to just one million for this week's installment.

Emily Owens M.D. Cast Pic

Like ABC with recently-canned Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue, a network insider says The CW will likely air all 13 episodes before taking Emily Owens off for good.

Earlier this month, Beauty and the Beast, which benefits from its Vampire Diaries lead-in, was picked up for a full season by The CW.

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i really liked this show! it was on the wrong network, it was for an older audience on a younger network i knew this would be a problem after watching the pilot. i heard there was a week left of production, i wonder if they can rewrite the last script at this point :(


Well that means Micah and Emily need to get together quickly. There's no time to waste.


it was depressing.. i like emily owens md and now they are cancelling it?! :(


This was one of the few shows where I was really rooting for the characters and really admired them. It is too bad it never caught on. I hope the actors get new work soon!


That stinks, not surprising, but still. Last night's episode was really good too, I wish more people had been watching.


I enjoyed this show! The only reason I don't watch it on Tuesdays is because I can watch it online the next day whereas New Girl and The Mindy Project (which are one at the same time) you have to wait a week for.


I'm sad! I enjoyed this show, gutted it has been taken off. Hope they replace it with something decent. Wish it was beauty and the beast instead that got canned!


Truly enjoyed this show, so sad (but expected). I think they've finished filming or at least writing the 13 eps, so I hope they saw this coming and did their best to wrap up storylines and end the show well rather than have a cliffhanger or something.


It wasnt a bad show and if it was still on i would have carried on watching it. Having said that i dont feel particularly sad that it has been cancelled.
I am however worried that there will be only NCIS to watch on Wednesday (From England so watch day after online) once private practice and Emily Owens ends.